Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1021-1030

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1021
Everyone in the banquet hall turned to look at Madeline.

Suspicious and doubtful gazes roamed over her.

“She was the one who stole the money?”

“No wonder her worker came to stop her from calling the police. They were all in on it.”

“I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I never expected this from Mr. Montgomery’s daughter, of all people. What a disgrace. How is he and Mrs. Montgomery supposed to rest in peace?”

Hearing such disdainful comments, Madeline felt fury rise within her. Yet, she forced herself to keep her cool.

However, she could no longer stand hearing people involve Sean and Eloise’s names.

“30 million is nothing to me. Do tell why I would risk my reputation for such a small amount?” Madeline asked back, turning to that person in charge. “Nothing happened to my personal account, so there’s no way 30 million could’ve been transferred from the company’s account.”

“Are you still going to deny it, Ms. Montgomery?” she sneered at Madeline, “It’s not my first time here. I have eyes, and my eyes told me that the transfer details of the 30 million was to your personal account! Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you spend that kind of money?”

“Exactly! How could you do such a thing? You’d kill Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery with your insolence if they were still alive!”

Madeline balled her fists, not wanting to hear them use her parents’ names to taunt her.

She tried her best to control her emotions and calm herself down. Looking up, her eyes fell on Jeremy who was standing not too far away as he watched indifferently at everyone throwing their accusations at her.

Standing beside him was a mirthful Lana Johnson. Jeremy merely watched the scene play out.

Madeline felt her heart chill when she suddenly heard Ryan standing up for her. “Miss Montgomery would never do such a thing. I hope all of you can give her some time to investigate the matter at hand.”

“Who are you to guarantee that, Mr. Jones? From what perspective do you stand, and who are you to her?” someone asked in dissatisfaction.

“To be honest, I don’t think Eveline Montgomery ever had the right to sit on that spot at all. She has no experience and no qualifications at all. She’s only there because she’s her parents’ daughter.”

The leaders who were dissatisfied with Madeline’s position in the company began to rub salt in her wounds.

Madeline merely smiled and fired back without restraint. “You’re right. I don’t have the experience nor do I have the qualifications. However, the reason that I stand here today is more than just because I’m my parents’ daughter. If you think you’re so great, then I wish that you’ll reincarnate into a better family in your next life. You’re not getting paid for being judgemental here.”

“What… Eveline Montgomery, how could you say such a thing?”

“I think it’s best you distance yourself from the matter, Mr. Jones, lest you find yourself with a handful of crap!”

Madeline knew that they were picking on her, and she did not want to drag Ryan into this.

However, Ryan stepped up and took Madeline’s hand in his before giving the guests a sincere and humble smile. “I’m here today as Eveline’s boyfriend, and I can promise you that my girlfriend would never do such a thing.”

He replied and turned to look gently at Madeline who was at loss.

“I know that someone is framing you, Eveline. You’d never do something so immoral.”

“Ahaha! Has this woman ever done anything that wasn’t immoral?” Mocking laughter sounded from the banquet hall’s entrance.

Naomi rushed into the room and huffed. “This two-faced woman is the reason why you deserted me, isn’t she, Ryan?”

Her use of the word ‘deserted’ garnered the pity of many.

“You’ve already been caught hugging and being close with Ryan by the media, Eveline! Are you still going to deny it? Are you still going to argue and say that you didn’t?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1022
“You stole my fiancé, you wh*re!”

Naomi slandered Madeline with horrid vulgarities.

Her hatred for Madeline was evident from the look in her eyes.

Ryan frowned and pulled Madeline behind him. “It’s no one else’s fault that we broke up, Naomi Lionel! You were the one who revealed how heinous a woman you were. I refuse to date a person like you, let alone get married to you.”

Naomi continued to rage as her eyes fell on Madeline’s hand in Ryan’s and how he was defending her. “What’s wrong with a woman like me? How am I worse than this b*tch? She just got divorced and she’s already your girlfriend? That just means that you’ve been together before she got divorced!

“Hmph! She acts like this dignified and kind lady when in truth, she’s the kind who’d even steal from charity funds! Eveline Montgomery, you’re nothing but a fake b*tch!”

Ryan, who was rarely angered, was now enraged.

However, Madeline held him back and replied calmly, “Ryan and I are an upright couple, Naomi. Don’t just go around spitting lies and slander. As for the charity funds, do you have any proof that I was the one who stole it?”

From afar, Jeremy’s focus faltered the moment he heard the first half of Madeline’s defense.

His heart hurt, but he made sure not to show it.

“Isn’t the transfer details enough proof? What more are you trying to deny?” Naomi pointed at the receipt in the woman’s hands.

The woman was furious as well. “Stop lying already, Eveline! How could you do such a thing as the new heir to Montgomery Enterprise and the person in charge of tonight’s charity gala? You’re a disgrace to Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery.”

“If that’s the case, then let’s call the police.” Jeremy’s voice cut through the crowd.

Watching him approach, a few people started to whisper among themselves. “I didn’t think Jeremy Whitman would come.”

“Isn’t it awkward, coming to the charity gala his ex-wife is hosting?”

Ignoring them, Jeremy walked toward Madeline with a light smile. “I don’t think my ex-wife’s the kind of person who’d do such a thing either. Let’s call the police. If you didn’t do it, then why fear investigation?”

While Madeline did not want to see Jeremy, his words spoke of her thoughts. She had intended to call the police since the beginning.

Eve began to protest nervously. “No, we can’t. We can’t call the police, Ms. Montgomery.” She was even winking at Madeline as she spoke.

Madeline did not understand and instead heard Naomi press after Eve. “Why can’t we call the police? What’s this? You can’t possibly be in on the crime with Eveline, right? Don’t you know that this amount is enough for you to spend the rest of your life in prison?”

Naomi threatened, but she did not expect Eve to suddenly fall backward onto the floor. “It’s not my fault! I already told her we shouldn’t, but… But Ms. Montgomery said she wanted to! She forced me! I don’t want to go to prison!”

Eve pointed at Madeline. “It’s her, it’s Ms. Montgomery who told me to do it! She said she’d pay me 100,000 in return! I didn’t lie! You can check my bank account. I just got the money from Ms. Montgomery two days ago!”

Hearing her, the person in charge quickly called to check.

She found that Eve had indeed received 100,000 dollars two days ago.

It was wonderful. Now nobody present except Ryan and Jeremy believed Madeline.

Lana smirked sinisterly by the side as the scene unfurled just as she had imagined.

Both witnesses and evidence pointed at Madeline. Whatever she was going to say next would only be an excuse.

She would make Madeline into a two-faced wh*re who liked to steal charity funds. Every bit of her dignity that she lost that day, she would make Madeline pay for it!

Yet just as Lana thought that Madeline was about to lose her status and image, she watched Madeline turn to look at her with a deep smile. “What a flawless set-up you have here. What a shame that there will always be miscalculations.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1023
Lana’s expression shifted, and her heart grew uneasy.

No way.

Her plan was sound, and she had even used cash when she bribed Eve. How could she have miscalculated?

Lana thought that Madeline was bluffing.

She could not help but fan the flames. “Your accomplice has already admitted it, Eveline. There’s no use in arguing.”

Madeline knew then that Lana was the person behind this entire play.

However, she was Eveline Montgomery, not Madeline Crawford. There was no way she would just forgive and forget when someone was trying to frame her.

“You’re right, there’s no use in arguing at all. Which is why I’m calling the police.” Madeline pulled out her phone and made a report in front of everyone.

Still sitting on the floor, Eve’s eyes flashed to Lana before she quickly got up to keep acting. “You can’t call the police! How could you set me up, Eveline? You were the one who said you’d keep me safe even if they found out. How could you—”

Instead of getting angry, Madeline smiled and consoled her. “Oh, silly. Since you’re so adamant that we both worked together to steal that 30 million, then aren’t we technically on the same boat? Of course, I’ll keep you safe.”

“…” Eve was shocked, wondering if she had heard her wrong.

Did Eveline just admit it? That they were working together to steal from the charity funds?

What was she playing at?

Lana did not understand. Instead, she found it strange.

The police arrived at the scene in no time and began to investigate. They brought Madeline into the lounge and began a one-on-one interrogation.

Eve was frantic. She thought she only needed to listen to Lana’s instructions and slander Madeline for the 100,000 dollars to be hers.

She never thought that the police would be involved!

She was sitting limply on the floor, pretending to be afraid despite having slandered Madeline earlier.

However, she was truly terrified now!

She did not want to have a criminal record, nor did she want to go to prison!

She had finally met a great boyfriend, so how could she go to jail now?

Eve was anxious as she stared at Lana who was standing by the side. She wanted to align their alibis, but there were too many people in the banquet hall waiting for Madeline to come out.

After a while, Madeline exited the lounge.

Her complexion was bad, and her eyebrows were knitted. The main point though, was that there were handcuffs around Madeline’s wrists!

Both Jeremy and Ryan’s expressions changed at the sight.

Jeremy felt his heart ache as well.

He remembered how Madeline had spent three years in jail for a crime she did not commit.

He did not want to see her framed again.

Both Lana and Naomi were shocked because they had not expected Madeline to actually be brought away!

Surprised as they were, the two were also elated.

Watching the scene, the person in charge sneered at Madeline, “You had this coming!”

Leaders of Montgomery Enterprise who disliked Madeline began to talk among themselves as well. “See? That’s our new president. What a disgrace! Had it not been for Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, how else would she have gotten the right to sit at the top?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1024
The crowd began to berate her, saying, “How vile must you be to steal from the charity funds? She has to spend at least a few years in jail for this!”

A few years? In jail?

Eve’s heart raced at the words and she asked in disbelief as Madeline walked past, “Did you admit it, Eveline Montgomery?”

Madeline halted to shrug hopelessly at Eve. “You already identified me, didn’t you? What more can I deny?”

“…” Eve was stunned by Madeline’s expression of acceptance.

Staring at Eve’s conflicted expression, Madeline continued, “Although the police did say that they haven’t found any evidence that I was the one who instructed you, so I might not be charged in the end. I’ll be out in a few days, but I can’t say the same for you…”

Madeline paused intentionally as she stared at Eve’s frantic expression meaningfully.

“The police found camera footage of you transferring the funds, so you most definitely would be charged. The transfer is quite the amount, so you might spend at least a decade in jail. Weren’t you the one who claimed that I stole the money with you? Is this the result you wanted?”

“What?” Eve’s complexion paled. If she went to prison, then it was goodbye to whatever future she had!

After Madeline was done speaking, she left with the police nonchalantly.

Eve was terrified. “Stay where you are, Eveline!”

She yelled at Madeline’s retreating figure. Madeline’s steps came to a halt as the corner of her pretty lips lifted slightly.

Lana had a bad feeling.

She did not expect Eve to run up to Madeline the next second. “Are you trying to end my life, Eveline Montgomery? You just want to see me in prison, don’t you? Why are you admitting to something you didn’t do?”


Lana cursed internally at Eve’s claim.

Everyone in the banquet hall was confused. What was this woman talking about?

Madeline turned her head innocently to look at a frantic Eve. “What are you talking about? Weren’t you the one who claimed that we stole 30 million dollars from the charity funds together? Now that I’ve admitted it, so should you. It’s 30 million. That’s at least ten years of prison!”

“…” Eve did not know how Madeline could be this calm when she was petrified. “You… You really are trying to screw me up, Eveline Montgomery! It’s the things I said back then, isn’t it? That’s why you’re using this opportunity to take revenge! I won’t let you get away with this!”

Eve rushed to the police. “Don’t believe a thing Eveline Montgomery said, officer. The both of us never teamed up to steal any charity funds at all. It was a lie!”


“A lie?”

Everyone was confused when they heard Eve’s frenzied explanation.

“Someone bribed me, officer. They made me say those things tonight, that Eveline and I teamed up to steal from the charity funds. I was used, officer! It has nothing to do with me!”

“What? She was framed?” The crowd was split into fury and suspicion.

Lana then realized that this was Madeline’s f*cking counterattack!

Eve had already taken the bait, the fear of spending ten years in jail urging her to tell everything.

The police stared at Eve with suspicion. “You were the one who claimed that Eveline Montgomery bribed you with 100,000 to transfer the funds. Yet now you’re telling me that was a lie? What’s real and what’s not?”

“Someone did indeed bribe me with 100,000 dollars, officer, but that person isn’t Eveline!” Eve rambled as she raised her hand to point at Lana who was making her escape.

“It’s her! She’s the woman who gave me 100,000 dollars, officer! She was the one who told me to say those things too. I was just a tool. I didn’t know anything else. She used me! Arrest her instead. She’s the one who should be imprisoned!”

Lana’s footsteps came to a sudden halt.

Eve quickly ran toward her and raged with a finger pointed at Lana’s nose. “It’s her, officer! She was the one who gave me money and told me to frame Eveline for stealing the charity funds!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1025
Feeling the suspicious gazes of those around her falling on her, Lana knew that she could not run. Instead, she put on a wronged and lost expression.

“I don’t even know you, miss. Please don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do!”

“What do you mean you don’t know me? You were the one who waited by my office last Friday and called after me! You were the one who told me to work together!” Eve accused, getting progressively frustrated. “You were just using me to deal with Eveline Montgomery, weren’t you? How could you be so sinister?”

Hearing this, Madeline turned to whisper to her secretary, Coco, who was standing by her side.

Coco nodded and quickly walked off.

Madeline looked up to stare at Lana but found her eyes landing on Jeremy who was standing behind the woman instead.

Their eyes met and Madeline coldly averted her gaze.

Lana’s composure had completely fallen apart by now as she glared at Eve to tell her to shut up. It only enraged Eve further.

“What are you glaring at me for? Are you denying that you weren’t the one who instructed me in the first place? You also told me that there’d be another woman who’d come and work with me to destroy Eveline! It’s her, isn’t it?”

Eve pointed at Naomi.

“You sinister plastic surgery btch! Don’t fcking use me just because you want to make Eveline pay!”

Slap! Lana sent a harsh slap across Eve’s face in mortification. “How dare you claim that my face is fake? Do you want to die?”

Eve cupped her face and returned to the police officer’s side. “You saw it too, right, officers? She hit me and won’t even let me tell the truth!”

Lana walked over to deny. “Don’t listen to this crazy woman, officers. I’m someone with status and power. How could I possibly do such atrocious things? She’s framing me. I don’t even know her at all. She’s lying!”

“You’re the one who’s lying, Lana,” Madeline interrupted in displeasure.

Startled, Lana turned to find Madeline easily releasing her wrists from the handcuffs that had never been locked in the first place!

It was Madeline’s plan all along!

Lana was enraged.

She was the one who wanted to set Madeline up, yet now Madeline was the one setting her up instead.

“You claim that you don’t recognize Eve, Lana, but I just had my secretary copy the surveillance footage from the company’s entrance when you two met last Friday.”


“I must say that you have quite the eye-catching short hair that you can even be recognized from inside the car.”


Lana ground her teeth harshly as she watched Madeline take the phone and reveal the scene of her sitting in the car as she talked to Eve.

The footage was not of high quality, but her silhouette was clearly identifiable.

Eve got excited as she saw the image. “You see, officers? I didn’t lie about this. She’s the one lying here! It’s her, she’s the one who created this entire set-up tonight. I was just being used, I’m innocent!”

“The most innocent one here is Eveline.” Anger fell on Ryan’s otherwise gentle features. “Please bring this woman in for investigation immediately, Officer Flo.”

Lana glared at Ryan. “How dare you ask someone to arrest me, Ryan?!”

“What? Am I supposed to be afraid of you?” Ryan was calm. “Let me remind you, Lana Johnson. This isn’t F Country.”

“You…” Lana was about to protest when metal handcuffs were wrapped around her wrists.

“Lana Johnson, you’re under arrest for a serious case of abetting crime. As the amount involved is of a substantial amount, please follow us back to the police station for questioning.”


Lana had never had handcuffs placed around her hands before, let alone experienced life in prison. She turned to look at Jeremy for help.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1026
Jeremy glanced at her calmly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of if you’re innocent.”

“Of course I am!” Lana exclaimed, then turned to glare at Eve.

She merely rolled her eyes when another pair of handcuffs were brought to her wrists.

She was dazed. “Why are you arresting me, officers? I already told you everything I know. Why are you still arresting me?”

“Who else would they arrest, then? Me?” Madeline smiled and fired back. “You say you’re innocent, Eve, and that you’ve been used. But none of this would’ve happened tonight if you didn’t have the heart to harm me in the first place.”


Speechless, Eve stared at Madeline’s tranquil expression. Not only was she feeling like an idiot for being used, but she had also completely lost to Madeline.

With Lana and Eve brought away, Naomi was left to stomp her feet in infuriation.

She watched with eyes reddened by envy as Ryan defended Madeline.

Everyone who spoke ill of and suspected Madeline went up to give their sincere apologies.

The person in charge who had given Madeline the biggest earful flushed in embarrassment. “I’m really sorry, Ms. Montgomery. I should’ve investigated everything clearly before I accused you of anything. I’m really sorry.”

Madeline merely curled her lips into a shadow of a smile. “It’s alright, I’m used to being framed anyway.”

She smiled and looked down for a while. When she raised her gaze, it was much brighter than before.

“My parents may have left me and I may not have people who’ll defend me with everything they have in this world anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’m free game for those who want to hurt and bully me.”

Jeremy’s heart bled as he heard Madeline speak in the crowd, but he took the feeling in a stride.

He watched Ryan walk up to Madeline and hold her hand gently in his. “You’ll have me from now on, Eveline. Let me wholly protect and love you in place of your parents.”

Jeremy felt his heart aching. Forcing his reluctant gaze away from Madeline, he left without a trace.

Faced with Ryan’s blatant confession in front of everyone, Madeline did not know how to reject him.

She did not want Ryan to lose his dignity in front of so many people.

Thinking back to her past, she could not imagine being worthy of such a perfect man.

Seeing Madeline’s conflicted gaze, Ryan smiled and changed the subject. He turned everyone’s focus back on the charity gala.

Madeline took the opportunity to walk outside to take a breather.

The early autumn wind had grown cold without her realizing, and Madeline could not help the sneeze that came up as she stared dazedly at the starry sky.

Jeremy exited the doors and took his jacket off, approaching her reflexively when he saw Madeline sneezing by the flowerbeds. Just as he turned to walk, Ryan appeared beside Madeline and placed his jacket over her shoulders.

Jeremy’s hand slowly fell as his gaze dimmed.

‘The warmth that I can no longer give, Linnie, I’m glad someone can give it to you instead.

‘I won’t be here for much longer and you won’t need to see me either, nor will you see me and think of your parents’ tragic deaths.

‘For the years to come, I hope you find true happiness.’

Madeline was about to remove and return the jacket to Ryan when she turned to find Jeremy staring at both of them not too far away.

Jeremy gave a nonchalant smile and walked over.

Seeing him approach, Madeline turned to face Ryan. “You’re right, Rye. I really should give myself a chance to start over. You’re my boyfriend now, okay? I’ll be in your care.”

She reached out to hold Ryan’s hand.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1027
Jeremy’s footsteps came to a heavy stop and he could not take another step.

He watched as Madeline smiled at Ryan, her lips spreading as dimples bloomed on her face. Oh, how he wished that the smile was for him.

Yet Jeremy knew that he was no longer worthy of such a smile.

Taking Ryan’s hand, Madeline turned and stopped by Jeremy’s side as they brushed shoulders. “Why are you still here? Go and bail your girlfriend from the police station already. With a boyfriend as skilled as you, I’m sure she’ll be out in no time.”

Jeremy knew that Madeline was mocking him.

Smiling nonchalantly, he looked at Madeline’s dignified and distant eyes. “Thank you for the reminder, Miss Montgomery. I shall fetch my girlfriend home, then.”

Fetch her home.


Madeline’s hand in Ryan’s tightened slightly as the chill blew through the riddled holes in her heart.

Ignoring Jeremy, she turned to smile at Ryan.

“You know, Rye, my last marriage was an absolute failure. Well, essentially, I got married to a f*ckboy.” Madeline’s glistening eyes sneered at Jeremy. “I know you’re a great man, Rye, but that marriage has left me with some ugly scars.

“I’ve placed all my passion and feelings throughout my entire life for that man, but he has never even given me a single day of happiness. Nor did he even care if I was happy at all. I don’t think I’d survive another marriage like that, Rye.”

Madeline’s soft and pretty voice caressed Jeremy’s ears, every word piercing into his heart like icicles while Jeremy felt numb from the pain.

After all, he had indeed hurt her.

Ryan knew what Madeline was saying, and he knew that she was saying it for Jeremy to hear.

He took Madeline’s hand and promised with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t let such a marriage happen to you again. I’ll be a husband worthy of you, and I’ll give you the happiness you deserve.”

“Hmm, I believe you.” Madeline looked at Ryan and curled her lips into a small smile before she turned to look at Jeremy’s indifferent expression. “You’ll give us your blessing, won’t you, ex-husband of mine? I’ve finally found myself a great man who loves me.”

Jeremy smiled, but hiding in his peach blossom eyes was indescribable pain.

“Of course.” His expression was calm as he stared at them. “I wish you and Mr. Jones a life of blissful happiness.”

“Thank you.”

Madeline thanked and linked her arm with Ryan’s.

“Let’s go, Rye. Come entertain the guests a little longer with me.”

“Sure.” Ryan nodded and followed Madeline.

Madeline did not look back as she brushed past Jeremy, their scents mingling in the air for a moment before it dissipated into the night forever.

Ryan looked at Jeremy from the corner of his eyes and an interesting look flashed through his starry gaze.

The man frowned slightly as regret sparked before vanishing just as quickly.

Jeremy was rooted in place. He only took the small transparent bag out of his pocket when he felt that Madeline had walked far enough.

In the bag was pain medication.

He took a pill and swallowed it dry.

However, the ache in his chest did not dissipate. Instead, needle-like pain spread to every corner of his body. He felt the pain suffocate and numb him.

He could no longer tell if the pain was because of the poison or if it was from the regret of losing her.

As he returned, Jeremy heard a song playing on the radio. “How could I know, one day I’d wake up feeling more, but I had already reached the shore. Guess we were ships in the night…”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1028
‘Why did I have to reach the shore?

‘It’s not your fault, Linnie. I never deserved you to begin with.

‘I hope you’ll never think of me again, the man who made you cry countless times.’

Jeremy made sure not to bail Lana out. Instead, he made sure she stayed the full 48 hours under police custody first before he went to bail her out.

When Lana returned to the villa, she began to scold Madeline to the heavens.

“Your ex-wife sure has quite the tricks up her sleeve, Jeremy.” She mocked, saying, “Is she not afraid that I’ll kill her one day?”

Jeremy’s brows knitted as a flurry of frost flashed through his eyes. “Eveline and I are already divorced. Why must you give yourself unnecessary trouble by going to bother her?”

Lana ground her teeth indignantly as she walked toward Jeremy with suspicion in her eyes. “You still love Eveline, don’t you, Jeremy?”

“I fancied her before, yes. After all, she’s a beautiful woman.” Jeremy’s tone was unfeeling as if he was talking about a random person. He also kept his descriptions of Madeline strictly on her appearance.

Lana curled her red lips and walked up to him. “So you only liked her for her face? But am I not prettier than her?”

Her tone went up as she praised herself. She was staring besottedly at Jeremy as she waited for his praise.

Jeremy raised his sharp and enchanting peach blossom eyes to look at Lana, yet all his mind could think of was Madeline. “Of course. It’s the prettiest face I’ve seen.”

Thinking Jeremy was praising her, Lana immediately smiled. “I was almost bored to death waiting inside, Jeremy. Had it not been for Eveline, I would never have suffered like that. You’ve got to make it up to me.”

She went to hug Jeremy, but the man frowned instead. “Go take a bath first.”

Lana tilted her head and took a sniff. Indeed, she smelled bad after two days without taking a bath.

She quickly entered the bathroom but made sure to turn her head and give Jeremy a wink. “Give me a bit, Jeremy. I’ll be out before you know.”

Jeremy gave her a vague smile and poured himself a glass of red wine by the open bar before he lit the incense.

Then, he went to make a call at the balcony before turning to leave.

The night deepened.

Ryan was sending Madeline home when he realized that she had fallen asleep mid-way.

After turning the air conditioning on and adjusting it to the correct temperature, Ryan’s gaze grew warm as he stared at her exhausted and sleeping expression.

He reached out to move a long lock of Madeline’s hair by her ear. “The people who trouble you will be punished very soon and you’ll get to live a calm and peaceful life.

“However, can you truly let him go?”

He asked into the night. Just then, his phone vibrated.

After taking another glance at Madeline who had fallen asleep and was leaning against the car seat, he alighted the car to answer the phone by the roadside.

“What is it?” he asked. The person on the other end said something and mirth graced Ryan’s expression, only for him to frown solemnly the next minute.

“Is there really no way to improve his physical state?”

With a reply, Ryan could not help but glance at Madeline who was sleeping away in the car.

He hung up the phone and was about to get back into the car when a shadow suddenly sped past him and took his driver’s seat instead.

Madeline was dreaming away when she was jostled awake by the bang of the car door.

Her eyes snapped open, and by the time she heard the car doors lock, the car suddenly sped away.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1029

Ryan was too late to stop it and quickly hailed a cab from the side of the road, wanting to chase after the car.

He immediately dialed Madeline’s number, but as soon as it connected, he was cut off.

Worried about what crazy thing the people in the car would do, Ryan did not hesitate to return the call that was made to him just now. “Deploy Team A immediately. Get online and track my vehicle. Make sure that the people in the car are not in any danger!”

The person on the other end received Ryan’s instructions and immediately followed suit.

Currently in Ryan’s car.

A shiny dagger was pressed against Madeline’s neck, and in front of her, she saw Naomi clutching the steering wheel with one hand and squirming away frantically.

She drove the car awkwardly and had run a few red lights.

Madeline had just settled the matter of the charity night two days ago and only spared some time today to have a meal with Ryan. She did not expect Naomi to come to troubling them again at this moment.

Madeline felt exhausted at first and was even more exhausted now. She remained calm and composed, however.

“Naomi, even if you wish to kill me, there’s no need to pay for it with your own life.”

“Eveline, shut up!” Naomi shouted at Madeline to shut her up ferociously. She turned her head and glared at her. “Eveline, you made me a joke in front of all those netizens, so I’ll make you the laughingstock of the society today!

“If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been Ryan’s wife and the young lady of the Joneses! I’ll have my revenge today!”

Listening to Naomi’s hysterical words, Madeline thought that Naomi was a little crazy.

She saw a car following closely in the rear-view mirror and guessed that it was probably Ryan. She could not guess where Naomi was taking her, though.

Naomi drove the car to a remote place and stopped. She forced Madeline out of the car, turned on her phone, and pointed the camera at Madeline.

“Eveline, take off your clothes!” she threatened with a dagger, “Quickly take them off!”

Madeline understood Naomi’s methods to make her a laughingstock, but of course, she would not listen to Naomi.

“Naomi, if you really dare, then just stab me. It’s not as if I haven’t experienced any pain in this life. Do you think you can threaten me with this?”

Seeing Madeline being so calm and composed, Naomi became furious.

“Eveline, are you really not afraid? Alright then, I’ll ruin your face first and see how you’ll seduce Ryan in the future!”

Naomi waved her knife and was about to cut Madeline’s face when Ryan just arrived.


He shouted at Naomi to stop, his handsome and gentle face filled with sorrow and worry.

Naomi reacted quickly, pulling Madeline’s dagger against Madeline’s neck.

She was jealous of Ryan being worried about Madeline and yelled at Ryan unwillingly, “Ryan, you were never this worried about me before!

“Did you ever truly like me in the two years you were with me?!

“I love you so much, but you! You like this divorced b*tch who has already given birth to children! What’s so good about her?”

Naomi became more agitated as she spoke and accidentally cut the skin on Madeline’s neck with the dagger.

Madeline felt a little bit of pain. She wanted to counter Naomi, but Naomi was out of control and could easily be triggered to act out of desperation.

Ryan, however, did not want to stay still for a second longer when he saw Madeline’s bleeding wound.

Although he was very anxious, he was still very calm and composed.

“Naomi, don’t do anything that you’ll regret even more in the future. Tell me, what will it take for you to release Eveline?”

“I want you to marry me and take me as your wife!” Naomi said her request.

Ryan’s eyes darkened slightly. “It’s impossible for me and you anymore.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1030
When Naomi heard this, she was obviously irritated.

“It’s impossible for you to be with me, is that right? You want to be with Eveline, is that right? Alright, I’ll die with her now!” It was as if Naomi had been possessed by the devil. She held the knife and was about to swing the blade down to stab Madeline in the heart.

When Madeline was about to dodge, she suddenly saw Ryan reaching into his suit and pulling out a revolver from behind him. He aimed it at Naomi’s knife and shot.

The bullet landed precisely on the handle of the knife. The impact caused Naomi to immediately let go from the pain, and the knife fell to the ground.

While Madeline was still shocked by Ryan’s action, Ryan had already run up to her, took out a handkerchief, and pressed it on her bleeding neck. “Eveline, are you okay?”

Seeing that Ryan was so worried about Madeline, Naomi picked up the dagger, got up, and wanted to hurt Madeline again.

Naomi’s hand that was raised suddenly rubbed against the hot bullet.

She screamed in pain. The knife fell aside, and there was a fiery pain in her palm.

Ryan turned his head and realized that he had been negligent just now, almost allowing Naomi to hurt him and Eveline. Fortunately, however, someone was protecting him in secret.
Just then, his mobile phone rang. Ryan answered it when he saw the incoming call. He then said to Madeline with his back facing her, “Let’s return to the team.”

Although his voice was very soft, Madeline still heard it.

Without too much delay, Ryan grabbed Madeline’s shoulders and took her back to the car.
Naomi cried out wildly with jealousy, “Ryan, I’m also injured! Why do you only have her in your eyes!”

“You are to blame.” Ryan did not even look at Naomi and left a warning. “You should behave yourself.”


Naomi gritted her teeth before grabbing the dagger and stabbing it fiercely into the mud.

Ryan took Madeline to the hospital to treat her wound. On the way back, the atmosphere in the car was too quiet.

“Eveline, do you have anything to ask me?” Ryan took the initiative to break the silence.

Madeline nodded, then shook her head again. “I’ll ask when you wish to tell me.”

Ryan looked at Madeline unexpectedly and felt extremely happy all of a sudden. “Eveline, thank you for your understanding. It’s indeed not the time now, and the less you know, the safer you will be.”

Hearing this, Madeline felt that Ryan’s background was not as simple as it seemed. It probably had something to do with the profession he talked about last time.

Madeline did not ask any more questions. After returning to Whitman Manor, Karen informed her that the child had fallen asleep in her room.

Madeline returned to her room and saw the little babies sleeping peacefully on the bed. At this scene before her, she felt content.

Being too tired these few days due to what was going on, Madeline picked up her pajamas tiredly and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Not long after she entered the bathroom, the door was gently pushed open.

Jeremy walked to the cradle, looking like a thief. He was stealing this moment to spend it with the little baby.

The sleeping baby seemed to be hungry and opened his sleepy eyes in a daze.

When he was about to cry, Jeremy then saw the baby bottle that had been placed at the side and quickly picked the little baby up to feed him.

Looking at the little baby drinking comfortably in his arms, Jeremy’s vision was clouded with mist.

“Pudding, I don’t know how many more times Dad can visit you, or maybe this is the last time. You have to listen to your mom. When you grow up, you have to help me protect your mother with your brother and also your sister, okay?”

He had just finished speaking when he heard Madeline coming out after taking a bath. He quickly put the little baby back into the cradle, but the little baby had not drunk enough. His fleshy little hands wanted to grab the bottle.

Jeremy swallowed his heart. He picked up the bottle and put it back to where it was, then turned and left.

The little baby behind him cried with a wail.

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