Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1001-1010

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1001
Lana looked at the figure that was reflected behind her and felt her heart skip a beat.

She turned her head slowly, and immediately, Jeremy’s handsome yet terrifyingly grim face was reflected in her eyes.

The man was standing with his back against the light. His very being was exerting a tremendous amount of pressure on them, as if there was an iceberg on their shoulders. At this moment, he was emitting a terrifying aura.

Lana felt her heart skip a beat, but she quickly calmed down and remained cocky. “Jeremy, did you kidnap me? Let me go now!”

Her tone was as cocky as usual. Of course, she knew she would not be able to fool Jeremy anymore as he had remembered everything.

Lana looked at the emotionless man and lifted her head as much as she could.

“Jeremy, you’re such a smart man, yet don’t you know who’s more compatible with you? Eveline’s not a match for you. As long as you stay with me and agree to be my man, I’ll let you experience the real joy of being a man—”

Slap! Jeremy directly slapped Lana across her face.


Lana yelped in pain, yet Jeremy still had no emotions on his face.

However, the colder and calmer he was, the more one would feel that this was the calm before the storm.

Lana did not know how many slaps she had received these past few days. Her face felt hot, and she started tasting blood in her mouth again.

Jeremy had exerted so much strength into that slap. It was clear how much he despised her and wanted to chop her into pieces.

Before Lana could register the pain, Jeremy yanked her up by the collar.

The man’s close-up features made Lana’s heart throb.

However, the coldness in Jeremy’s eyes woke her up, and at that moment, she was petrified.

“Jeremy, don’t do anything stupid. I did manipulate you when you lost your memories, but when you almost died on the ship, I was the one who saved you—”



Jeremy slapped her again, and Lana felt her muscles start to cramp from the pain.

“How dare you say that you’re the one who saved me?” Jeremy grabbed Lana’s collar and slowly took away her freedom to breathe.

The man’s eyes were dark and icy. Looking into his eyes, Lana could see the fiery flames of fury and the murderous intent in his frightening stare.

“If you hadn’t tried to get close to me so shamelessly and used Eveline’s trust of Adam to make her take the pills she shouldn’t have taken, I wouldn’t have needed to take her to the island.

“I know Eveline resented me at that time, but she still cared about me. As long as she gave birth to the child safely, I wouldn’t even care if she blamed me, but what did you do instead?”

Jeremy’s eyes became sharp.

“You wanted to kill her.

“You wanted to kill my Linnie!”

“Jeremy, l-let go…” Lana’s face was red, and Jeremy’s grip around her neck was getting tighter and tighter.

“For the sake of Madeline and the children’s safety, I was forced to ask her to leave the ship with the children. I knew that Linnie was in a lot of pain and was reluctant to let me go, but she had to. I could imagine how much pain she was in when she thought I had died at sea.

“However, I didn’t die. I was saved by an evil woman like you out of your ‘so-called’ kindness. You even manipulated my memory loss and made me believe that we were dating. Heh, dating?”

There was a look of mockery in Jeremy’s eyes.

“Lana, you’re pathetic. Even though I had lost my memories and even though I thought you were my woman, I never once touched you at all!”

“…” Lana did not expect Jeremy to mock and humiliate her at this moment. In her torment, she felt humiliated as well.

She was extremely confident ever since she was young and thought all men would be attracted to her. Even if it was not all men in the world, at least the men she was into would worship her like she was a goddess.

However, Jeremy was an exception. No matter how she tempted him, he was still like an iceberg who was unable to be melted by her charm and passion.

Naomi was shaking in fear as she listened to every word. She knew Jeremy’s target was Lana, so she pretended to pass out and play dead at one side.

When Lana thought Jeremy was going to suffocate her, he let go of his hand.

“Cough, cough!” Lana lay on the ground in a fetal position while coughing violently.

However, after wheezing and gasping for air for a moment, she was smacked in the face with a pack of cigarettes.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1002
Those were the cigarettes she smoked and also the ones she gave Jeremy back then. However, the ones she gave Jeremy was added with something else.

When Jeremy smacked the cigarette box on her face suddenly, Lana knew what was going on.

“What did you put in the cigarettes?” Jeremy asked coldly.

Lana did not dare answer. She could only pretend to cough from shock.

Jeremy did not have time to beat around the bush with her, so he walked to the other side coldly.

When Lana saw this, she lifted her leg to kick Naomi who was playing dead.

“Get up! Bite the ropes off for me!” she ordered in a low voice.

However, Naomi continued to play dead. She thought Jeremy was only going to seek revenge on Lana. She only followed Lana into the car groggily after she drank too much. She was a victim here.

“Naomi!” Lana shrieked. When she was about to kick her again, she felt cold liquid pouring from her head to her toes.

“Ah!” Lana yelled.

Naomi bolted up abruptly since Jeremy was also pouring the liquid on her.

Then, when they took a whiff, they realized it was not ice water. It was gasoline!

Lana and Naomi were being drenched in gasoline!

“Jeremy, Jeremy, please let me go! Let me go now!” Lana was horrified, her face turning red and white simultaneously.

Jeremy towered over her with no emotions in his eyes.

“I want you to get a taste of how my in-laws died.”

“What?” Lana widened her eyes. “How dare you, Jeremy?! I’m Miss Johnson of the Stygian Johnson Gang! If something happens to me, my brother will never forgive you! You—”

“Do you think I’m scared of your brother?”


Lana was stunned. As she looked into Jeremy’s calm eyes, she knew Jeremy was not scared.

This man was not afraid of anything.

The only thing he was scared of was losing Madeline.

At this moment, Lana saw Jeremy taking out a matchbox from his pocket and reaching out for a match.

Lana backed away in horror. However, she still threatened him arrogantly, “Jeremy, do you really have the guts to kill me? If I’m dead, you’ll be finished! Do you know what I added to your cigarettes? Slow-acting poison!”

Slow-acting poison?

Jeremy’s eyes darkened.

Lana laughed while feeling pleased with herself. “You can only treat your confusion and delusions by continuing to smoke the cigarettes I gave you. If not, the poison will seep into your bones slowly, and eventually, you’ll be tortured to death by the poison!

“I can also tell you that Adam was the one who created this slow-acting poison that has the ability to control people. There’s no cure for it at the time being! You have to depend on the cigarettes, or else you’ll die! So, are you still going to keep me tied up? If I die, you’ll die too!”

Lana’s cockiness triggered Jeremy to strike the match. “Since I won’t be able to continue living, then I’ll send you off first.”


“No! This has nothing to do with me!” Naomi finally said something, “Jeremy, no, Mr. Whitman, it has nothing to do with me! This is between you and Lana. Why do you have to involve me in this? Please let me go! Let me go now!”

Lana kicked Naomi angrily. “Are you going to just think of yourself at a time like this? Naomi, don’t forget how you treated Eveline back then!”

Naomi was fuming as she lifted her leg and kicked Lana. “I was only carrying out your orders! Lana Johnson, you’re killing me!”

“Naomi, how dare you kick me! You…” Lana yelled angrily when suddenly, she saw a spark from the corner of her eyes.

She lifted her head and saw that Jeremy had already lit a match.

“Lana, my in-laws are waiting for you. Remember to repent your sins when you see them.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1003

Lana was so terrified that she started blabbering. In the next second, she saw Jeremy throwing the match on a stack of wooden boxes on the side.

It was as if the boxes had been doused in gasoline as well. The tiny flame on the match suddenly grew and started spreading all over the place.

However, before the fire could approach them, Lana and Naomi were scared frozen. Cold sweat started to form on both of their bodies.

Jeremy looked coldly at Lana. At this moment, she was so scared that her face was completely white.

“Lana, I won’t let you die just like this.”

Even more intense flames were burning behind his sharp eyes.

“You used me to kill my in-laws and caused me to never be able to be together with Linnie. So, I want you to slowly walk toward death while you’re in fear. I want you to experience how it feels to be framed and tortured.”


After he said that, Lana saw his tall and slender figure walking further and further away without any concerns until he had walked out of the abandoned factory.

The fire was getting closer to them, and it felt like the heat was going to get into contact with their faces at any second.

Naomi yelled at Lana in terror, “Lana, you dumb b*tch! You want to die, but I don’t!” She screeched, then yelled at the door, “Jeremy, don’t go! You have a chance to get back together with Eveline because…”

“Shut up!” Lana shrieked and stopped Naomi.

She was so scared that her hands were shaking. Beads of cold sweat were pouring from her body.

Of course, she wanted to live. However, it would be difficult to stay alive in this situation.

If she really were to die, she would want to hide the truth of Eloise and Sean’s deaths forever.

“I won’t let Eveline get the man I can’t get!” Lana yelled hysterically. “I want Eveline to be in pain, and I want them to never get back together!”

Yorick had prepared a plane and was about to send Lana back to F Country in the morning.

However, Lana had not come back since last night.

He was worried that Lana would cause trouble again, so he asked his men to find her. After they looked all over, they discovered that Lana and Naomi were taken away by Jeremy when they were in the bar last night.

When he remembered what happened three months ago, Yorick sensed that something was amiss.

He handed the information he got to Fabian and asked him to contact Madeline.

Madeline was changing her son’s diaper when she suddenly received a call from Fabian. On the other end of the phone, she heard Fabian’s anxious voice saying, “Eveline, can you ask your husband to release my sister since I’ve saved Lily before?”

Madeline was confused, but she sensed that something was wrong.

After she knew that Jeremy had kidnapped Lana and Naomi to an abandoned factory, Madeline immediately called Jeremy.

At the same time, Jeremy sent her a message.

There were only a few lines in the message. [Linnie, I’ve avenged our mom and dad. Please don’t be sad anymore. You should find a good man and marry him. Don’t tell Lily that I’m her birth father. There’s no need for that.]

At the end of the message, he confessed to her once more. [Eveline Montgomery, I love you.]

Madeline felt her body going cold after she saw this message.

She immediately handed her child to Karen and drove to the address Fabian sent her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1004
After arriving at the location before Fabian and the rest, Madeline watched the flames engulf the factory and understood what Jeremy meant by revenge.

She quickly ran through the metal doors to take a look at what was happening inside. Upon entering, she was met with Jeremy standing before the factory like an exquisite sculpture, rooted in place as he watched the flames feed aloofly.

Madeline felt her heart sink.

She quickly called the fire department and ran to stand in front of Jeremy.

It was then that the man realized Madeline had arrived. His dim eyes sparkled.

“What are you doing here, Linnie? Quick, leave.” Jeremy quickly pulled Madeline away, not wanting her to be scorched by straying flames.

Madeline slapped his hand away, her eyes filled with worry and concern.

“What do you think you’re doing? Have you any idea at all?”

“I know,” Jeremy replied curtly, the flames reflecting in his frosty eyes. “She deserves to die.”

“Yes, she deserves to die, but you don’t have to play the executioner!” Madeline panicked, wanting to run inside to look only for Jeremy to hold her back.

As she was struggling, Madeline’s eyes moistened from the heat or something else she did not know. “You must know where Lana and Naomi stand! You can still stop before it gets beyond that point, Jeremy!”

Jeremy’s hold on Madeline did not loosen. “They’re not worth your pity, Linnie.”

Madeline did not know how to explain to the man that she could not possibly pity Lana Johnson or Naomi Lionel.

“You’re not avenging my parents, Jeremy. You’re destroying your entire life! Stop!”

Yet, the man merely smiled by her ear. “My life turned dark the moment I lost you, Linnie.

“Once Lana dies, I’ll surrender myself. I’ll tell the police that I was the one who set fire to the Montgomery family, that I was the one who destroyed your home and killed my own parents-in-law.”

Madeline shook her head, her tears falling from her glistening eyes due to the breeze. “Are you even listening to me, Jeremy? Let Lana and Naomi out now!

“I’ll avenge my parents myself! I don’t need you to do it for me!

“Do you hear me, Jeremy Whitman?”

Just then, Fabian and Yorick arrived at the scene as well. Staring at the burning flames in front of them, a bad feeling crept up.

Fabian covered his mouth and ran to the window to take a look. “Lana and Naomi are both inside. The flames haven’t gotten to them yet, but they’re unconscious!”

Hearing him, Yorick immediately came up with a plan to get Lana out.

Jeremy watched coldly from the side as he carried Madeline and turned around. “Go, Linnie.”

“I’m not going anywhere!” Madeline struggled out of his grip. “If you’re just leaving like this, Jeremy, then don’t appear in front of me again!”

She glared at him with her reddened and wet eyes.

“There’s a back door we can use, Yorick, but I can’t open it.” Fabian’s voice drifted from afar.

Madeline reached out to Jeremy. “You must have the key to the back door. Give it to me!”

Jeremy remained stoic.

Madeline ran toward him and reached out to rustle through his pockets impatiently. Instead of the key, all she found in his pockets were the rainbow shell he had been keeping carefully and the wedding ring Madeline had removed.

Her vision blurred as she stared at the man whose gaze grew colder by the second.

“Give me the key, Jeremy! Give it to me!”

Jeremy raised a hand to wipe her tears away lovingly. “Are these tears because of me?” He smiled. “Don’t cry, I’m not worth it. Ryan’s not bad for a significant other. I’m sure he’ll be someone you can lean on in the future.”

“You don’t even know who it is that I want to lean on the most! It’s you, it has always been you. Jeremy, please! Wake up and give me the key. Come back to me. You don’t have to make another mistake!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1005
Watching Madeline’s eyes that were red from crying, emotion finally flashed through Jeremy’s gaze.

He could not ignore Madeline’s plea, let alone continue to go against her wishes.

“It’s under the door,” Jeremy finally said.

Madeline quickly shouted for Fabian, “It’s under the door!”

Fabian squatted and groped around, surprised to find the key.

Opening the door, he and Yorick then ran inside to carry out Lana and Naomi who had passed out.

As both Lana and Naomi had been doused in gasoline, embers of flame managed to catch on them while they were carried out.

Thank goodness for the firefighters who arrived in time and extinguished the flames.

Lana and Naomi were sent to the hospital where both were declared to not be in any life-threatening danger.

However, the ends of Lana’s already short hair were burnt and became choppy. The scent of smoke filled the strands of her hair.

Knowing that Lana and Naomi were alright, Madeline got into the car anxiously.

She could only imagine how much Jeremy must have hated Lana and himself to do such a thing.

Madeline reached out for a picture of Eloise and Sean, tracing it with her fingertips.

“Will you blame me for stopping Jeremy, Mom and Dad?”

She frowned, feeling conflicted.

She felt a boulder lodge itself on her chest at the idea that the man she loved had become her parents’ murderer, putting her in a suffocating situation.

The more she thought about it, the more remorseful she felt.

There was no way she could erase the fact that Jeremy had killed Eloise and Sean, but here she was worried about their future together.

At that train of thought, Madeline felt guilty.

After buying a bouquet of white chrysanthemums and carnations, she arrived at the cemetery. Before she could walk over, she was met with the sight of Jeremy bending down to light candles and incense before Eloise and Sean’s graves.

Madeline walked over to replace Jeremy’s flowers and candles with new ones.

Jeremy stood rooted in place. His deep eyes were staring at Madeline who was paying him no heed.

“Can I have a day with the kids, Linnie?”

He was pleading, but Madeline ignored him to light candles quietly.

“I’ll redraft the divorce papers. You can have custody over the kids and every asset and property I own. I know they don’t mean anything to you, but it’s the last thing I can give you.”

At that, Madeline heard Jeremy walk away.

Pretending not to hear him at all, Madeline continued to light the candles. However, she could not hide the tears that were trickling from her eyes.

Time ticked away, and Madeline fell to her knees lifelessly. With her head falling forward, she started to sob.

Not too far away, Jeremy’s tears fell with hers as he watched Madeline’s kneeling and crying figure.

‘When we first met, even the wind that blew tasted sweet. I promised to protect and keep that happy smile on your face forever, yet I ended up being the one to destroy every bit of that sweet smile.

‘I’ve finally understood, Eveline, that loving a person doesn’t mean you’ll get to be with them forever.

‘It’s not because I don’t love you enough, but because I’m not worthy. You deserve much better than me.’
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1006
Jeremy gulped. Giving Madeline up, he forced himself to turn around.

He used the day to spend time with the children.

Lillian still called him ‘Mister’, but it was good enough for him.

The sky darkened, and Madeline returned.

Jeremy placed the newly signed divorce papers in front of her and felt dizziness wash over him.

Assuming it was the slow-acting poison Lana talked about, he suppressed his reaction to it and gave Madeline a gentle, small smile.

“I don’t want you to suffer anymore, Linnie,” he stated gently, “Having gone through so much, I’ve come to understand that true love doesn’t mean possession. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. That’s enough for me.”

Hearing her son, Karen asked worriedly, “What are you saying, Jeremy? Are you actually breaking up with Eveline?”

She asked, but Jeremy did not answer.

Karen then walked to stand beside Madeline. “Mom has done so many horrible things to you before, Eveline. Yet you’ve forgiven me despite my horrendous acts. Will you not forgive Jeremy this time?

“Yes, he made a mistake, Eveline, but he lost his memory and was under Lana’s control. That evil woman—”

“Even if Linnie forgives me, I still can’t forgive myself,” Jeremy interrupted Karen.

Staring at the divorce papers, Madeline took the pen and signed her name at the bottom.

Karen sighed hopelessly as she watched.

Jeremy’s heart fell into the void as frost began to shroud his entire being.

Pretending not to realize, Madeline took the papers and stood. She looked down and fixed her bag to avoid his gaze. “I’ll have a lawyer process this immediately. You can visit the kids any time you want, but I don’t want Whitman Corporation. I’ll move out tomorrow. From now on, we are no more but strangers.”

She quickly turned and left, fearful that her tears would soon betray her desire to stay.

“Can I hug you one last time, Linnie?” Jeremy’s plea sounded from behind.

Madeline halted, her hands balling into fists as she closed her eyes. However, all that surfaced in her mind was her now ruined home. Ignoring him, she walked away.

Jeremy looked down despondently at the wedding ring on his finger before slowly taking it off.

The impression on his finger once the ring was removed was a testament to his reluctance to end this marriage.

Ever since he married Madeline all those years ago, he had never taken off the ring—not even when he thought she died.

However, everything would end today.

Placing the ring on the coffee table, he left silently.

Soon after, he arrived at the police station and claimed that he was the one who set fire to Montgomery Manor.

The chief superintendent recognized him and thought that Jeremy was joking when he confessed.

“Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery were your parents-in-law, Mr. Whitman. How is it possible that you killed them? Plus, our investigations have already shown that the fire was an accident and not arson.”

The superintendent stressed, refusing to accept Jeremy’s confession.

Jeremy had always been an aloof man who hated repeating himself, especially when his mind was still in a daze.

Thinking that it might be the slow-acting poison, Jeremy went to the hospital.

He had not planned to care about it, for the two lives he took were more than enough for a death sentence. He did not care if he was sick, but the police station refused to put him behind bars.

As such, he went to the hospital and did a blood test. While he waited for the results, he found a familiar figure flash before his eyes.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1007

Jeremy followed after the figure and indeed confirmed that it was Adam.

Adam looked no different than how he did before—still gentlemanly with his glasses.

Yet, such a kind-looking man had also taken someone else’s life as an experiment subject.

How could Jeremy possibly forgive Adam for what he did to Madeline?

She had believed Adam, thinking that he was genuinely helping her when she was nothing more than a subject of an experiment to him.

Madeline still had no idea why he was so averse to her taking the pain medication Adam gave her.

Adam had returned to his office to get his research. However, he had not expected Jeremy to appear before the door the moment he sat in his office.

Panic flashed through Adam’s eyes, but he quickly calmed.

“Jeremy Whitman? How can I help you?”

Locking Adam’s office door behind him, Jeremy walked toward Adam with a domineering gaze in his eyes.

“You don’t even have the most basic medical ethics at all, so how can you even call yourself a doctor? You have no right to wear that lab coat!”

Adam looked confused. “What are you talking about Jeremy?”

“You know what you’ve done!” Jeremy grabbed Adam by his collar. “Eveline believed you and even saw you as a friend, yet you treated her as an experiment subject! Damn you, Adam Brown!”

Jeremy sent a punch across Adam’s face, flinging the man’s glasses across the floor.

Adam frowned in pain and picked up his glasses. After putting them on once more, he smiled as if nothing was wrong.

“Shouldn’t you worry about yourself, Jeremy Whitman?” Adam showed his true self. “So what if I treated Eveline as a test subject? Had it not been for me, she would’ve died long ago in prison. Hmph. Don’t forget that you were the one who sent her there in the first place, Mr. Whitman.”

Adam was well aware of Jeremy’s weakness and aimed right at it. He chuckled when he saw the change in Jeremy’s expression before reaching into his drawer to pull out a bag of small and thin pills.

Jeremy recognized them as the pain medication Adam told Madeline to take.

“The pills Eveline Montgomery took were made with the same ingredients as the cigarettes you’ve been smoking over the past three months,” Adam explained.

Jeremy’s expression changed. “What?! You gave Eveline a slow-acting poison?”

“She didn’t take much, and with her pregnant body, it wasn’t that bad. Her symptoms seem to have already vanished as of now,” Adam’s reply placated much of Jermey’s worry, but then he suddenly broke into a smile.

“So she isn’t my test subject anymore. You are.”

Jeremy relaxed greatly.

As far as he was concerned, he was content with Madeline being safe.

Adam saw through the cause behind Jeremy’s shift of expression. “You must love Eveline so much. It’s a shame you’ll never get to be with her again.”

He spoke as his computer showed the results of Jeremy’s blood test.

His eyes fell on the report, and Adam smiled.

“It has only been three months, but Lana sure is a cruel woman. She made you smoke that custom cigarette every day to make you stay. Your blood has already changed to the point where you only have two choices before I invent the antidote.”

Adam listed out slowly, “Choice one, you return to Lana’s side and be her man. Continue to smoke that cigarette and slow the poison, though I don’t suppose you’ll take that option.

“Choice two, you wait for death to take you.”

He smiled and continued, “Because even if I do invent the antidote, I can’t give it to you. You’ll never understand how rare it is for a mad scientist to be given the support—monetary and tactical—to do his own research, but the Stygian Johnsons do.”

The Stygian Johnson Gang.

All hope vanished from Jeremy’s heart at Adam’s mention of the gang.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1008
As a mad scientist, nothing brought Adam more joy than achieving the results he wanted.

However, the only place that could give him the tactical support he needed was the Stygian Johnson Gang.

Adam himself did not have the ability, wealth, or power.

Jeremy did not completely believe Adam’s proclamation, so he took his report and went to consult a professor he knew only to receive a similar reply.

The professor told him about the mutation in Jeremy’s blood and advised him to do a full-body check-up so that the cause could be found.

However, knowing the cause, Jeremy also knew that treatment was close to impossible.

Thinking back to the two choices Adam gave him, Jeremy had already made his own decision.

He could very well hunt Adam down and kill him, but Madeline’s frantic words deterred him. “Jeremy, please! Come back to me, you don’t have to make another mistake!”

‘I won’t make this mistake again, Linnie.’

Throwing the test results into the trash, Jeremy left the hospital.

A black Rolls-Royce stopped before him just as he made his way to the car park.

The window rolled down, revealing a kind face behind it.

“Can we have a word, Mr. Whitman?” asked the middle-aged man politely.

Jeremy looked at the man. “Aren’t you from M Country?”

“Quite the fine observation, Mr. Whitman. Can I have the pleasure of chatting with you in the car?” The man invited courteously again.

Jeremy rejected. “I’m sorry, I’m a little busy.”

“Please wait, Mr. Whitman,” the man called out and alighted the car, handing him a name card. “Please look at this, Mr. Whitman.”

While giving it a cold glance, Jeremy’s mind quickly supplied him with something at the sight of the four-letter contraction.

The middle-aged man smiled and invited him again. “Please get in the car, Mr. Whitman.”

Jeremy did not reject him this time.

Upstairs, Madeline stayed dazedly in the room until she received a call from Ryan. Walking downstairs, she found the wedding ring on the coffee table.

Madeline was stunned for a while before she went to take it.

The person’s warmth had vanished, leaving the ring cold to the touch. The cool metal spread from her fingertip to the depths of her heart.

He had taken his ring off.

He had truly decided to let go this time.

Madeline’s heartstrings tugged at the thought as her eyes fell on the letter ‘L’ that Jeremy had engraved inside the ring through the blur of her tears.

He had engraved her name on the wedding ring all those years ago.


Taking the ring, Madeline walked out to find Ryan already waiting for her.

Sitting in his car, Madeline gripped Jeremy’s ring in her hand.

“Is something frustrating you, Eveline? Did Lana come and bother you again?”

“She didn’t.” Madeline snapped back to reality. Staring at Ryan’s side profile while deep in thought, she asked, “You said I saved you before, Mr. Jones? I do believe that I’ve met you somewhere before now that I think about it. When did I save you?”

At that, Ryan gave a bashful smile. “It’s a little embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing?” Madeline was even more curious. “What happened?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1009
Madeline asked curiously, only to find a bitter smile on his gentle features.

“Do you know how I became an amateur artist?” Ryan asked.

Madeline shook her head and smiled. “Do tell.”

Ryan turned to look at Madeline. “You made me who I am today.”

“Me?” Madeline was confused as Ryan began to tell her what happened years ago.

Back then, Madeline had just graduated high school. It was the summer break before university started.

Madeline had found a part-time job at a dessert shop, and when she walked out one day, she found an art stall by the road.

At that point in time, Madeline had not begun to pursue jewelry designing just yet, but art was something that piqued her interest. Walking over, she found the artworks rather interesting.

As such, she picked one up to take a look.

Just then, a boy came over to ask calmly, “Do you want it?”

She was shocked, but the boy continued before she could reply, “Just pay however much you think it’s worth.”

“…” Madeline was still an innocent lady, too embarrassed to place the art down after picking it up. As such, she rummaged through her pocket only to find a one-dollar coin. She could have paid using her phone, but that money was only enough for her school fees.

She placed the coin down, saying, “I’m sorry. I only have this coin on me now.”

She then encouraged him. “There’s a unique feel to your art style. Keep going, I’m sure you’ll improve and achieve breakthroughs beyond your imagination.”

Madeline then left with the piece of art, leaving the boy to pick up the coin she gave him with a smile.

At that, Madeline finally understood what Ryan meant when he asked if she still remembered the coin.

She forgot about this encounter long ago and may not have remembered it at all had Ryan not reminded her.

However, it only made Madeline more confused. “The Jones family is one of Glendale’s four major rich families. Why would a young master like you be selling his paintings by the street?”

“I loved art and wanted to pursue it overseas, but my parents wanted me to take over the family business. We had a big fight that day.

“In a rage, my father called my art unorthodox and claimed that no one would buy it. He said that as long as I sold one before four o’clock that evening, then he’d let me study it overseas.

“Ten minutes before the deadline, you appeared.”

Madeline finally understood.

While Madeline still thought that claiming she ‘saved’ him was a bit much, Ryan believed it just right.

“Your coin meant the world to me, Miss Montgomery. It’s thanks to it that I managed to make my dream come true. Had I not left the country to pursue art, I might have regretted it for the rest of my life. A person’s dream is priceless, after all.”

His gaze grew serious, but he quickly broke into a smile. “While my profession now has completely veered off the path of art, I’m content with the fact that I got to make that dream of mine come true.”

“What’s your profession now?” Mulling over the thought, Madeline realized she had no idea what Ryan did for a living.

When Ryan came to her in the beginning, it was merely to design a wedding ring and bottles of perfume as door gifts for the guests who would be attending his and Naomi’s wedding—not for his company.

“What do you do for a living, Mr. Jones?” Curious, Madeline could not help but ask.

Ryan simply gave a mysterious smile. “Perhaps you’ll find out one day.”


It was as if his profession was a secret one.

Yet, Madeline’s gut told her that Ryan was not a bad person.

He brought her to an art gallery.

Madeline found her spirits slightly lifted.

Entering through the company doors as the only heir to the Montgomery Enterprise, Madeline placed her mind on work to distract her from her heartache.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1010
It had been an entire month and Madeline did not know where Jeremy was. She heard from Fabian that Yorick had given Lana a scolding and she was back in F Country now.

Still, how could a scolding be the end to the things Lana had done?

Madeline had not forgotten her parents’ tragic end.

While Lana spent the month in F Country mingling with her ‘bosom friends’, they would sometimes ask her about the woman with the name of Eveline Montgomery who she had knelt and apologized to. Whenever Eveline’s name was brought up, Lana would be ashamed of herself.

No one had dared to make fun of her ever since she was born, yet now she was everyone’s laughing stock!

Lana did not want to stay in F Country anymore. Everywhere she went, it felt as if everyone around her knew of how she had knelt by Eveline’s feet to apologize.

The more Lana thought about it, the angrier she felt. Without telling Yorick or Fabian, Lana secretly returned to Glendale.

Upon her return, the first thing she did was ask around about Jeremy. Knowing that he was no longer with Madeline, she was relieved.

Not that they would be together again when Jeremy was the ‘culprit’ behind Madeline’s parents’ deaths.

Madeline had no idea that Lana was back in Glendale as she had spent the month spending time with her kids and working. Sometimes, she would join Ryan for a meal as well.

She would still end up thinking about her late parents and missing Jeremy Whitman when she was alone in bed in the dead of the night. As of this moment, her eyes were closed and she was ready to sleep.

Her mind drifted over to Jeremy’s text: [Find a good man and marry him. It’s alright if Lillian doesn’t know that I’m her biological father. There’s no need for her to know.]

‘There’s no need?’

Madeline shot up in bed. Had he thought of a way to atone for her parents’ death?

Madeline’s heart raced uneasily.

‘He wouldn’t.’

He would not go to such extremes.

‘He wouldn’t.’

Madeline repeated to herself quietly as she hugged her blanket and lay down again.

In the dead of the night, the nightclub was bursting with activity.

Having had a few drinks, Lana began to fool around with a few strangers on the dance floor.

Under the flashing lights, her eyes fell on the man sitting alone in the corner.

The lights over him were dim, but one look was all it took for Lana to know that it was Jeremy!

There was no other man with such an ethereal appearance.

Still, Lana was wary as she remembered the forceful look in Jeremy’s eyes when he poured gasoline over her and tried to burn her alive.

While she still wanted to approach him, the hellish persona he took upon that day gave her shivers. She made her way to leave.

She feared that Jeremy would try again since he did not succeed in burning her alive the previous time.

She could not believe that despite knowing he had been slowly poisoned, Jeremy would rather wait for death than be her man.

Was she that horrible a choice?

Could she not compete with Eveline Montgomery?

Indignant, she decided to leave the bar.

It had only been a few steps when the man she was thinking about suddenly appeared in front of her.

Lana staggered backward. “Jer-Jeremy Whitman!”

Afraid, she wanted to run but was surprised to hear the singular word Jeremy said…

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