Married At First Sight Chapter 3362

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3362-Jim said, “They are probably coming for you.”

“I wonder if it was my great-aunt’s handiwork or her sons’?” Liberty analyzed, “I don’t think my great-aunt would make such a low-level mistake. If she arranged it, she would speed up and hit me when she was about to get close to me, and then I would have little chance to dodge. It’s impossible for Kathryn to do that. Kathryn and I have a good personal relationship.”

Although the two are competitors in business, either she steals Kathryn’s business or Kathryn steals her orders.

But, putting business aside, the two of them got along well. If Kathryn was not the young mistress of the Farrell family, perhaps the two of them could have become good friends.

Liberty liked Kathryn’s personality very much.

Liberty said, “The three young masters of the Farrell family must have wanted to kill me, especially the eldest young master, Marco. I sent photos of him and Shiloh to his wife, so he guessed it was me. Now that Shiloh is dead, maybe he wants to avenge Shiloh. My great-aunt has gone away again. She doesn’t want me to live, but her method is quite clever.”

Jim said thoughtfully, “Let’s go investigate.”

Liberty said, “Well, don’t tell Serenity until you have investigated it thoroughly, so as not to make her worry.”

Liberty didn’t want Serenity to know that she had almost had another accident.

Fortunately, it was she who came over. If it were Serenity, she would have fallen to the ground, and it would be unknown whether the baby in her belly could be saved.

Jim said, “Miss Hunt, we know that the eldest master arranged for us to follow you, protect you, and listen to your arrangements and instructions. We will not tell the eldest master about small matters without your consent.”

If it’s a big deal, like when Liberty was injured, they wouldn’t wait for Liberty’s consent but would tell Zachary.

If something really happened to Liberty, they couldn’t bear the responsibility.

They knew how deep the relationship between Serenity and Liberty was.

From the flash marriage of Zachary and Serenity to now, Jim has been a witness.

Liberty knew that Jim and the others knew their limits.

She also sent messages to the bodyguards assigned to her by the Lewis family and the Stone family, asking them not to pass the news on to Wiltspoon for the time being and to wait until the investigation was thorough.

After reminding the bodyguards, Liberty recalled the scene just now and was still a little frightened.

It seems that some people really don’t take human life seriously. If they fail to dodge in time, everyone in her group will be knocked down, and there will be serious casualties.

After all, she had a secretary and several administrators with her, as well as a group of bodyguards following behind her.

After thinking about it, Liberty called Kathryn.

Kathryn was the young mistress of the Farrell family. After Clarissa went on a long trip, the Farrell family was temporarily handed over to Kathryn to manage so that Kathryn could investigate her brothers faster.

Kathryn didn’t have a deep relationship with her brothers, and Liberty believed that she would check it out.

Kathryn quickly answered Liberty’s call; she said, “Liberty, what’s the matter?”

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  1. Thank you for getting back to the main characters. I was getting close to loosing interest but now I can’t wait to read the update. I also believe that Carie or Mrs Abe is a distraction which need to be kill or eliminate from the story.

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