Married At First Sight Chapter 3122

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3122-Whether it was cooking skills—oh, cooking skills were still unknown—after all, she had only eaten snacks made by him.

She hasn’t tasted the food yet. Maybe he is good at making dim sum, and his cooking skills may be better than those of ordinary chefs, but compared with the Ormond family’s chefs, there may still be a gap. If the food he cooks cannot be compared with the current chefs in Ormond’s family, he will not be able to work in Ormond’s family.

Elora said, “I will tell the butler later and arrange for him to come over for the re-examination tomorrow afternoon. I will go home for dinner tomorrow evening and try the food he cooked. No one should help him; let him prepare the food by himself.”

He must make all the rice and dishes by hand.

It was not just the dishes.

Tinsley smiled and said, “Then let’s all go home and try his cooking tomorrow night.”

Although Elora was changing chefs, the sisters were also very good at eating and often ate at their uncle’s house. Their taste also determined the quality of the new chef’s cooking. Naturally, they couldn’t miss the chance to retest and taste the delicacies made by each other.

Elora said, “Except for the few who live on campus, call everyone back to have a try.”

Mentioning the cousins who live on campus, Tinsley said with a smile, “Only three or five of them can taste it. Almost all of them are still studying and living on campus. It’s too far to go home, so we won’t ask them to come back.”

Even the two young masters of the Ormond family were studying in schools far away from home and only went home once a month.

Of the seven fairies in the Ormond family, only three have currently entered the family company and are managing the family business, while the other four have not graduated.

Although the elders were also careful eaters, they were not picky eaters.

They often talked about Elora, saying that she was too picky and how she would get married in the future. Who could have such a good chef who could cook the same food every day that she could eat?

In the Ormond family, Elora was the head of the family. When her brother grew up and could take charge of his own business, she, the head of the family, would give in.

When she was still the head of the family, she could enjoy delicious meals brought by high-end chefs, but she had to get married. Would her husband’s family obey her?

She will replace the chefs she hires after less than a year, even if she has the capital to do so due to her discriminating taste. It will take a long time to find another good chef, mainly because she is famous for her picky mouth.

No matter how high the conditions were, there would only be a very few candidates.

Elora smiled and said, “Then don’t worry about them. As long as they can pass my test, no one will have any objections.”

She was the pickiest eater in their family.

As long as she could eat it, it was a delicacy to them.

“That’s right, we all respect you, eldest sister. Whatever you say is okay. Eldest Sister, is this snack delicious?”

“It’s delicious. It would be better if it wasn’t so dry and you didn’t need to drink so much water.”

It was a bit dry. She also ate several snacks and drank half a cup of warm water. Now she doesn’t feel hungry anymore.

She didn’t have to worry about making empty plans when she had a meeting later.

“By the way, what’s the name of the new chef who’s here for the interview? “Where is he from?” Elora asked.

Tinsley said, “He came from Wiltspoon in Province G, and his name is Tatum York.”

“G Province, it’s so far away.”

The Ormond family’s business was so big that they also had business in G Province. Professional managers consistently oversaw Elora. She had never been on a business trip to G Province. It was too far.

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