Married At First Sight Chapter 3118

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3118-She was unwilling! She paid so much and sacrificed so much, but in the end, she was back to where she started.

“You like the colorful world outside so much. Divorce will liberate you. No one will care about how many girlfriends you have outside. But if you get divorced, you should have sterilization surgery to prevent you from remarrying and having children. Having children after a divorce is not beneficial for my grandchildren. When children have a stepmother, they also have a stepfather. I have to ensure the interests of my grandchildren while I am alive.”

Marco: “Mom, I am your biological son. Besides, even if I remarry and have children, aren’t the children still your grandchildren? How can you be so partial? Aside from that, they are already teenagers. When I remarry and have children, they may be adults. “Are they still afraid of being bullied and abused by my stepmother?”

Matriarch Farrell was too lazy to listen to Marco’s excuse. She said coldly, “This is Mom’s condition. If you get divorced and remarry, you must have sterilization surgery. I have a lot of grandchildren, and there is no need to add more. Unless Kathryn gives birth to a daughter, then I will accept it. You already have a son and a daughter; there is no need to have another one.”

“Even if your children are now teenagers, after they have a stepmother and the stepmother blows your pillow every day, you will become a stepfather, and your property may be given to the children you will have later. It’s very unfair for my grandchildren now.”

“In order to protect the legitimate interests of their original children, you should have sterilization surgery immediately after the divorce. If you don’t do the sterilization surgery, you should not remarry and have children. Once you let me know that your other woman is pregnant, you will not take her to have an abortion. I will force her to have an abortion!”

Matriarch Farrell, accustomed to her dominance, would not tolerate Marco’s resistance.

“If you don’t want me to take care of you, you can sever the mother-child relationship with me, break away from the Farrell family, and return the benefits you have received from my Farrell family in an appropriate amount, and I will divide all the family property you return equally among your children. In that case, whether you want to marry an eighteen-year-old or a twenty-year-old, it has nothing to do with us.”

Marco was speechless.

Normally, it seemed that Matriarch Farrell’s attitude towards her children was just average. She was only kinder to Marco because Marco was Matriarch Farrell’s eldest son, the first son.

Unexpectedly, when Marco was about to divorce his wife, Matriarch Farrell would ask him, the son, to have a sterilization operation for the sake of her grandchildren.

Marco said, “Mom, if I get divorced, I won’t get married or have children, so that’s okay.” He also had feelings for several of his children. If he doesn’t want to have children, just have them. Anyway, the youngest child is in junior high school, and the eldest is a senior in high school. He will soon be an adult, and he will have a successor.

Matriarch Farrell said coldly, “I can do what I say. Don’t think I’m joking.”

Marco said, “Mom, I know.”

Matriarch Farrell never jokes.

Marco assured, “Mom, don’t worry; the grandchildren you love are my children. How could I, as a father, not consider their future?”

Matriarch Farrell: “It’s good to know. Once your father leaves the hospital, he should reside in the home of his third oldest brother. Your three brothers will take over his care from now on. Anyway, you all have houses under your name. You will take turns picking him up to live there for a while. If the amount of your father’s expenses for your little family is appropriate, I will pay for those expenses. “You just need to take care of him and accompany him.”

Marco asked carefully: “Mom, my dad has done that; can’t you forgive him? Now that Shiloh is dead, the debt will be wiped out after his death, so you can forgive my dad. The same thing happened with my dad and Shiloh.”

If he had known that there was medicine in the half-bottle of wine, he would never have given it to Holden.

“cannot! When I see your dad, I will remember that he has done something sorry for me. Your dad also hates me in his heart. Since we are tired of seeing each other, we should not meet each other again.” Matriarch Farrell made it clear that she wanted to separate from her husband.

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