Married At First Sight Chapter 3114

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3114-Marco was very angry, but he still expressed his request.

Kathryn said coldly, “I told you, I don’t have time to care about your bad things.”

Marco glared at her fiercely for a moment and went out angrily.

Kathryn was still a biological sister!

There was no such thing as him as a biological brother in her eyes!

Marco’s arrival seriously affected Kathryn’s mood.

She sat on the sofa for two minutes, then got up and walked around the office.

She poured herself a large glass of warm water and drank it. After a while, she suppressed her anger and calmed her mood.

“Dmn thing!” Kathryn scolded Marco, “Such a scmbag. Even if my sister-in-law doesn’t divorce him, I will look down on him.”

Keep it for the New Year?

She didn’t know how Matriarch Farrell taught their children. None of them were good.

Maybe Matriarch Farrell’s upper beam was not straight, and the lower beam was crooked.

Erika did not come to see Kathryn.

She had gone back to her parents’ home a long time ago and had a showdown with her parents, saying that she was divorcing Marco.

In front of her family, she didn’t hide anything and told them all the bad things Marco had done.

When they heard that Marco was fooling around with Shiloh, Erika’s family was very angry. Especially Marco, who actually wanted to kill their daughter for Shiloh.

How could the parents of Erika take such a breath? They agreed with Erika’s divorce.

Although their family was not as good as the Farrell family, they were not afraid of it. The fault was Marco’s, and it was not their daughter’s fault.

Marco kept cheating; no one could accept it.

It’s true that like father, like son!

Holden was that kind of sc*mbag, and the three sons he gave birth to were nothing.

With the consent of her natal family and having her natal family as a backer, Erika came back from her natal family and returned to the Farrell family mansion. She first looked for her mother-in-law.

Matriarch Farrell was packing her things and getting ready to go out.

Everything she wanted to bring was related to that person, and she should be impressed when she sees it.

Used this to determine her identity.

There were not many things, so she simply packed them up and went to the study room to practice calligraphy.

When she was in a bad mood, she should practice calligraphy and force herself to calm down.

“knock, knock, knock.”

There was a knock on the door.

Matriarch Farrell did not raise her head or answer, waiting for the people outside to speak.

The butler stood at the door of the study. After knocking on the door several times and getting no response, he knocked on the door again and asked, “Madam, the eldest mistress is back. The elderly mistress wants to talk to you. Are you willing to see the eldest mistress?”

The butler knew what happened last night.

Erika did not deliberately hide it this time. She had a huge quarrel with Marco at home, and they knew it.

They knew that Marco was fooling around with his former young mistress, Shiloh.

They also knew that Erika was going to catch an adulterer. Who would have thought that Marco would actually help Shiloh instead of Erika?

Then Erika said that she was extremely heartbroken and determined to get a divorce.

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