Married At First Sight Chapter 3113

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3113-“Kathryn, I am your eldest brother. Is there anyone like you who can be your sister?”

“Instead of looking towards my brother, I look towards outsiders. Even if she is your sister-in-law, she is still an outsider.”

Marco accused Kathryn of not being towards him.

He came to Kathryn now because he actually wanted her to help him persuade his wife.

The children were so old; why should they get divorced?

He just needed to go out less and fool around in the future.

“Do you want your nieces and nephews to lose their complete family? You should help me persuade your sister-in-law not to divorce. Do you think she is still very young? After divorce, can she still get married? Even if she can get married, she can only marry an old man.

Young man, who wants her? I am different. I am a man, rich, and successful in my career. Even if I divorce, I can still find an 18-year-old partner. Can your sister-in-law marry an 18-year-old?

Besides, the children are so old, why get divorced? Isn’t she afraid of embarrassing or hurting her children?”

Kathryn held her cup of coffee, but instead of drinking it, she threw a cup of coffee at Marco.

Marco didn’t expect Kathryn to do this.

He had no defense at all.

Then Kathryn splashed him.

Even though it wouldn’t burn his skin off, the coffee was still hot enough to make him jump when splashed on his face.

The coffee continued to drip down his face, leaving stains on the white shirt he was wearing underneath and even on the outside of his suit jacket.

“Kathryn, what are you doing?” Marco wanted to pick up his cup of coffee and throw it at Kathryn, but under Kathryn’s cold glare, he didn’t dare. This sister, Kathryn, was just like his mother. When she becomes cruel, she will not be recognized by her relatives.

Kathryn cursed coldly, “Are you speaking human language? Marco, do you still have that face? You actually have the nerve to accuse me. Did I cause the husband and wife to divorce? Now you have asked my sister-in-law to take into account the feelings of your children. When you cheated and when you and Shiloh were fooling around, did you ever think about your children and their feelings?

Under your guidance, they have always been close to the fake aunt, Shiloh. If they knew what their biological father and the aunt in their hearts had done, would they accept it? Have you considered their feelings again? For a sc*mbag like you, my sister-in-law wants a divorce, and I support her with all my hands and feet.

I only help with the affairs, not the marriage. You don’t take care of me. You cheated on her during marriage. I’m sorry for my sister-in-law. You think you can still marry an eighteen-year-old girl; why are you afraid of divorcing my sister-in-law? If you have the ability, divorce and marry an 18-year-old girl, and let me see! Splashing you with coffee is an easy move. If you weren’t my eldest brother, I would have kicked you in the face!”

Marco was speechless.

Kathryn continued: “Marco, if you are still a man, just get together with me and my sister-in-law, and don’t make it too ugly. If there is a divorce lawsuit and my sister-in-law reveals that you cheated on her and many other things that outsiders don’t know about, your reputation will be ruined.

Yes, mom is still here; she is still in charge of the family, and she will still protect you. However, mom is already seventy and will be seventy-one soon. How much energy does she still have to clean up the mess for you? Do you want me to help you clean up the mess? Just dream!”

Marco pointed at Kathryn but couldn’t curse.

Kathryn’s indifferent look was so similar to Matriarch Farrell’s.

Kathryn seemed to see Matriarch Farrell when she was young.

“Get out! If it’s your private matter from now on, don’t bother me. I don’t have time to deal with your bad debts!”

Kathryn really didn’t want to deal with the bad debts of her elder brother and sister-in-law.

If Marco hadn’t come to her shamelessly, said so many stupid things, and even accused her, she wouldn’t have wanted to pay attention to him.

Marco said, “If your sister-in-law comes to see you later, please advise her to give me another chance. I promise that I will not do anything sorry to her again and ask her not to divorce for the sake of her children.”

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