Married at First Sight Chapter 1884 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1884 by desirenovel-Ben greeted Zachary and Serenity again, and finally sat down beside his beloved wife.

Everyone chatted a few words, and it was time for dinner.

Because of the visit of distinguished guests, the members of Johnson’s family dined in the main house in the center, and the meal was lively and lively.

The two old ladies were the happiest, maybe because they were older, they both had the same thoughts, and they liked to watch the scene full of children and grandchildren.

At night, Serenity coaxed her nephew to sleep, and she also fell asleep.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, she sat up and saw Zachary pushing the door open.

“You haven’t slept yet?” Zachary asked her gently, and said, “I chatted with The nightclub for a long time. I thought you fell asleep.”

Serenity: “Take Sonny to sleep, I almost fell asleep too.”

Zachary came over, and Serenity asked him softly: “What are those incomprehensible patterns on Titus’s back? I think they are tattoos. Titus tattooed those things on his body at such a young age. How painful it must have been for him at that time. Ah.”

After Zachary was silent for a moment, he said, “If there is no way out, who would want to tattoo those things on their own flesh and blood.

Titus’s life experience is a mystery, but it is not simple. The night club couple regard him as their own, but still send him away and dare not keep him by their side. It’s not that they can’t protect Titus, but because they are too involved, and Titus is too young to protect him blindly. He laid the groundwork.”

Dr. Carden fell in love with Titus, and Grandma Johnson sent Titus there, and let Dr. Carden’s mentor and apprentice be both teachers and mothers, raising Titus. The group of eccentrics like the genius doctor, now the few younger generation hear about them anymore, but there are many legends about them.

Touching one person will implicate a group of people, and few people dare to touch that group of old seniors, besides, they are all gods and dragons. They come and go without a trace.

Titus will be much safer if he follows them.”

Serenity was startled when she heard that, and she asked softly, “Could it be that someone is going to chase and kill Titus? He’s still a child who is less than three years old.”

Zachary looked at the sleeping Sonny, Sonny and Titus played so well, and the friendship between the York family and the Johnson family became deeper and deeper, and when Elisa married into the Johnson family as the fifth young mistress Now, the relationship between the two families is getting closer. If something happened in the future, with their powerful families, couldn’t they protect Titus comprehensively?

Zachary: “The nightclub didn’t say much, it’s my guess. I guess everyone in Titus’s family is dead, and he’s the only one left. He bears a blood feud.”

Serenity’s face turned pale, she asked, “His family is not a gangster, is it? He was wiped out by the enemy?”

Zachary: “I don’t know. even the Houston family can’t find out about Titus’s life experience. The nature of the Houston family is similar to that of our Bucham family in Wiltspoon. The couple in the nightclub must have known about it, they picked up Titus, adopted him as their adopted son, and treated him as their own, so they would not reveal Titus’s true identity.”

Serenity: “Oh, it’s the genius doctor old gentleman?”

Zachary nodded, and told his wife: “Seren, Titus’s life experience is not trivial. We saw the secret behind Titus without knowing it. You can’t lift Titus’s clothes anymore, and the pattern on his back can’t be seen by others.”

“Sonny is still young, please don’t tell him anything, otherwise it will bring death to Titus.”

Serenity nodded heavily. “I will.”

She didn’t know the twists and turns of Titus’s life experience, and she didn’t know that there was a secret behind Titus’s back. She was worried that Titus would fall on his back, so she lifted up Titus’s clothes to check, but she saw something secret.

The stakes were high.

This kind of thing really couldn’t be said again in the future.

Serenity: “Sonny is very sensible, I told him, he will definitely remember. won’t say it.”

Zachary said softly: “Sonny is still a child after all, children are very curious, he also saw Titus back and the secret. When they play together, maybe Sonny often lifts up Titus’s clothes to see what’s going on, and Titus doesn’t know that he is carrying a blood feud.”

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