Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1771

Magic Doctor CEO Lady’s Humble Husband

Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1771-It was a day of family reunion, on the eve of the Spring Festival, but what happened on that day was very tragic.

At that time, Geng Donghai, who almost completely lost his mind, attacked his wife and children, biting them like wild animals.

Finally, in order to protect Geng Jie, her mother was killed by Geng Donghai.

Geng Donghai was killed by the bodyguards of Geng family.

Midway through, Chen Fei walks through a row of offices. His eyes suddenly come to see that in an office, Sun Xi is sitting at a wooden table. A man and a woman are two military officers. They ask Sun Xi what he wants and drink sternly from time to time.

On the bus, Chen Fei and them went to the military camp of the military region and were taken to the office of a building.

“Please The lieutenant is very polite now.

Chen Fei sat down for a while, then got up and said, “let me go with you.”

The lieutenant was afraid to speak. He could only stand where he was and say nothing.

Hearing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help sneering: “more detailed information! Is it Xiangdong’s business? “

The lieutenant said, “company commander Huang has reported to the higher authorities, but the leaders still want more detailed information.”

“About Erlong village! Huang Lianchang should know the situation. Didn’t he report it? ” Chen Feidao.

The lieutenant did not dare to put on the airs before, and quickly reported to his family, “we are from longjiang District of Jiangnan military region. This time we come here, we want to invite Mr. Chen to our place to help investigate the Erlong village.”

Looking at the sweating lieutenant, Chen Fei said, “come on, who are you?

What’s the purpose of coming here?”

It is because of the strong feeling of Chen Fei that the lieutenant let his men put down their guns and didn’t start. Because he can feel that Chen Fei’s words just now are not threats, but probably true.

This is just the result of Chen Fei’s hand pinching just now.

The Lieutenant’s forehead was cold and sweaty. He looked down at the pistol on his waist. Hard guns, now turned into a ball of iron knots, completely unable to see the shape.

Seeing this, Chen Fei removed the dagger, sat back on the sofa and said coldly, “you have made a wise choice, otherwise, you are all dead now.”

Although the men were puzzled, they put down their guns in the face of the order.

“Stop, no shooting, everyone, put down your guns!” The lieutenant quickly ordered.

And his soldiers, clattering for a while, nervously took out the pistol and aimed at Chen Fei.

The lieutenant was stiff and stood still.

But before he finished, Chen Fei flashed and rushed directly to the lieutenant. A fruit knife was put on the captain’s neck.

“Do you dare to fight with us? Do you know — “the lieutenant frowned and yelled angrily at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei’s eyes sank, and his breath of true yuan shook the soldiers away.

Then he said in a cold voice, “you’d better make clear your identity and purpose, otherwise, I don’t guarantee that I will be lenient.”

In an instant, several soldiers came forward and set up Chen Fei to take away.

The leading Lieutenant’s eyes fell on Chen Fei and said coldly, “are you Chen Fei? Take it away Chen Fei was meditating in the room. Hearing the news, he came out of the room. At a glance, I saw this group of intruding soldiers. I couldn’t help looking cold, “what are you doing?”

“You can’t just break in, you –” cried Wang Ma, but it was their opponent who was pushed away.

The lieutenant didn’t answer Wang Ma’s words, so he rushed into the villa and said, “go in and catch Chen Fei.”

The leader is a middle-aged man with a serious face. The epaulet on his shoulder shows his rank. He is a lieutenant on the same level as Xiang Dong.

Wang Ma opened the door to see a group of soldiers at the door, can not help but startled, “you, what are you doing?”

But on that day, a team of uniformed soldiers went to the sun family and took Sun Xi away. Then the personnel came to Chen Fei’s side.

In the next few days, Chen Fei comforted Sun Xi, and finally let the little girl recover from the shock.

Chen Fei knows that Geng Jie is worried about Xiang Dong’s affairs, and understands that the other party’s intention is good. After taking the business card, he sent Geng Jie away.

Of course, before going back, Geng Jie did not forget to leave contact information for Chen Fei, saying that if there is anything in need of help, he can be contacted.

Geng Jie also knew his current strength and could not intervene in this matter at all, so he was ready to return to Donghai city the next day.

But now there is no clue, even if Chen Fei suspected, but there is no place to look. Only to comfort Geng Jie a few words, and then let him go home.

Geng Donghai’s temperament has changed greatly. I’m afraid it has something to do with the people of the skeleton society. Chen Fei has to doubt what plot it is.

After listening to Geng Jie’s story, Chen Fei can’t help but think of the deceiving corpse. He is even more suspicious.

So, with the opportunity of winter vacation, Geng family came to Longjiang city.

There’s the next thing.Until a few months ago, he found clues from his father’s old things, and finally found Erlong village.

therefore, after Geng Jie became an adult and used his family resources, he had secretly investigated the matter.

As a result, during that time, his father became like a beast, completely changed himself, and even killed his mother, which was unacceptable to the Geng family.

Because, in his impression, his father has always been gentle and kind, not to mention beating people, and even quarreling with people are less.

But for Geng Jie, this matter has been printed in his mind, let him linger, has been insisting on finding out what is going on.

With the passage of time, the Geng family’s prosperity, Geng Donghai things, also seems to dissipate slowly in the Geng family, no one mentioned.

Because the incident was so weird, the Geng family father handled the funeral of his son and daughter-in-law hastily, and then blocked the incident. It became a taboo of the Geng family, and no one was allowed to mention it again.

What scares him even more is that at his parents’ memorial service a few days later, Geng Donghai and his wife, who had been dead for a long time, suddenly pretended to be dead, frightening the people at the scene. In the end, it was the old housekeeper around the old man who managed to solve the problem.

The instant loss of his parents was a huge blow to Geng Jie, who was only a teenager at that time.

Sun Xi where has seen this scene, frightens the small face to become white, the body all started to tremble.

See, Chen Fei suddenly angry, step a turn, directly rushed into the office, “Xiao Xi!”

When Chen Fei saw you coming, he cried. Whine – “


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