Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1769

Magic Doctor CEO Lady’s Humble Husband

Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1769-“Why, who are you?” The old man in black was shocked.

Chen Fei sneered: “you don’t deserve to know who I am.”

Immediately, Chen Fei’s right fist was shocked. Before the black robed old man wanted to retreat, he smashed his right arm.

Soon, Chen Fei found the entrance to the basement and stepped down.

A little exploration, Chen Fei found that these breath from the ground.

Go on and come to the house where the old man in black robe came out last.

Chen Fei entered it and felt a cold and bloody atmosphere immediately.

Entering the houses in the village, Chen Fei found that almost all the houses were empty, no one was visible, and even no bodies.

Chen Fei enters the village and starts to explore carefully.

“Well!” Company commander Huang nodded, and then directed the soldiers to start the aftermath work.

Chen Fei takes Sun Xi over, finds company commander Huang, and says, “you can deal with the aftermath. I have to go to the village to see if I can find any useful clues. “

Qin Ziyu’s legs were even softer, and they stood up.

After the final crisis was solved, people on the scene could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Many people are pale and full of fear.

At this time, Chen Fei finally “healed” and jumped to the body of long hair blood corpse. With a Shua, he cut off the body of long hair blood corpse and died instantly.

Until the hairy bloodied corpse moved the target and came towards them.

Several people suddenly face big change, quickly turned to flee.

Not far away, Qin Ziyu, Xie Yu, Zhang Sen and others were stunned. They were completely stagnant and did not dare to move.

Instant, “pa” of a burst open, red and white things everywhere, Xiang Dong can not die again.

See that ferocious blood corpse lift right arm, boom, like a heavy hammer general, mercilessly fall down, bombard on Xiang Dong’s head.

This speed can’t avoid the attack of hairy blood corpse.

Only ten seconds later, Xiang Dong’s arm was torn off, his clothes were tattered, his body was covered with blood, and his leg was broken. He was lying on the ground and could only crawl.

However, it is inevitable that there are more and more wounds on the body.

For a time, Xiang Dong’s pressure increased greatly, so he could only gnash his teeth to meet the attack of Changmao blood corpse. After all, he had the realm of the later stage of Xuanji. He carried it several times, but he didn’t die for a while.

Soldiers are not fools. They will never do such a thing as to let themselves die.

At this time, Xiang Dong can’t carry the attack of Changmao blood corpse. We can only keep ordering the soldiers to come forward and block.

Chen Fei snorted coldly and looked at Xiang Dong colder.

At this time, Xiang Dong also found out Chen Fei’s intention. He was full of resentment and said in a gnashing voice: “if I die, you will definitely have no good fruit to eat. My Xiang family will never let you go. “

After hearing this, company commander Huang stopped talking.

Chen Fei moved and walked towards Xiangdong. At the same time, he said in a voice: “I naturally want to save him, but I was injured in the battle just now, and now I need a period of time to heal, so -“

Huang Lianchang on one side seemed to understand Chen Fei’s idea, and reminded him in a voice: “Mr. Chen, Xiangdong, he is a member of Donghai Xiang family. His grandfather used to be a retired general. You — “

see this, and you see the long hair blood corpse approaching him. Xiang Dong is really anxious,” help me, help me. I can give you whatever you want, quick – “

hearing the speech, Chen Fei’s eyes are colder. Standing in the same place, I didn’t mean to start.

Xiang Dong saw that Chen Fei didn’t move. He couldn’t help frowning. He instinctively wanted to scold him, but then he thought of Chen Fei’s skill and had to say, “Mr. Chen, you save me. My Xiang family won’t treat you badly. At that time, you can choose whether you want to be an official or a beautiful woman. “

It was this East’s reckless pursuit and failure to listen to dissuasion that led to the death of more than a dozen soldiers here. And now, he is still constantly directing the soldiers to block the hairy blood corpse for him, while he is shrinking behind and constantly fleeing.

Hearing the voice, Chen Fei, who almost instinctively wants to make a move, sees Xiang Dong, but his action stops, and his eyes are a little cold.

So Xiang Dong called out, “come and help me.”

Xiang Dong can’t help but feel relieved because Chen Fei shows great strength.

And the last hairy blood corpse is still some distance away from him. Chen Fei can definitely come in time to kill the blood corpse.

As a result, only the last head of Xiang Dong they attacked the long hair blood corpse.

Chen Fei didn’t delay. He rushed over quickly and shuashed a few times. When company commander Huang and uncle Kang were almost unable to carry them, he immediately killed two hairy blood corpses.

Not to be surprised, the head of Coptis chinensis called out: “Mr. Chen, help.”

See Chen Fei end the battle and kill the old man in black robe.Although these blood corpses have no intelligence, their combat effectiveness can’t be compared with those in the same realm. But Uncle Kang, it’s still very difficult for them to deal with it, and they can hardly carry it.

At the moment, Geng Jie’s bodyguard Kang Shu, together with Huang Lianchang and others, is fighting against three long hair blood corpses.

Chen Fei turned to look at it and found that when he was fighting with the old man in black robe. The remaining three hairy blood corpses rushed towards the crowd.

It solves the problem of the old man in black robe. The strange smell in the mountain village disappears in an instant. But all kinds of screams and shouts are still going on.

Chen Fei pointed to the sword, and the Qi sword roared out. He chopped the black robed old man in two.

However, under Chen Fei’s command, he has no chance to escape.

Seeing this, the old man in black robe was shocked. He had no intention of fighting any more, so he turned around and ran away.

In an instant, the hot red flame pupil burned all the blood snakes.

But Chen Fei was not afraid. His eyes twinkled, and the flower like flames gathered in his eyes. Then he roared out and met the blood snake.

These blood snakes have a strong smell of blood, bad smell and toxicity.

The old man in black robe looked frightened. He waved his Scepter in a hurry and sent out scarlet blood gas, like blood snakes, winding towards Chen Fei.

“I want to escape!” Chen Fei hums coldly and catches up with him step by step.

There was a sound of bone fragmentation, and the old man’s right arm fell down. He changed color in a flash and stepped back in a hurry.

Even at this moment, Chen Fei’s experience is shocking.

Because, in the basement at the moment, there is a pool the size of a double bed. However, at the moment, this pool is not filled with water, but a pool full of rich blood.

What’s more terrifying is that in a pit behind the blood pool, there was a shriveled body. Judging from the clothes on the corpse, it should be the villagers of Erlong village.

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