Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1767

Magic Doctor CEO Lady’s Humble Husband

Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1767-The black robed old man looked at them and continued to smile with pity: “these two are pretty good, and their state and strength are not bad. It’s enough to make up for my loss. “

“If you want to turn me into a blood corpse, I’ll see if you have the ability!” Uncle Lai gave a cold hum, and his breath of Zhenyuan stirred up. He went straight to the old man in black robe.

On one side, uncle Kang didn’t speak, but he also inspired Zhenyuan and walked up from the side.

At the same time, a strong and bloody breath surged around him, which was very strange.

Just when they were excited, Chen Fei saw that the black robed old man had scarlet eyes and a strong dark red smell in the gradually dissipated smoke.

……… Qin Ziyu at the moment also complimented: “the Xiang family is really powerful.

The bodyguards are all prefecture level experts.”

Xiang Dong was full of pride and said in a voice: “Uncle Lai is not far away from the prefecture level realm some time ago. He can break through at any time.

Now break through, that old man is definitely not an opponent “Prefecture level warrior!” Seeing this, Geng Jie exclaimed.

At this time, uncle Lai’s momentum broke out again after taking the medicine, and his Zhenyuan breath was booming again. He even jumped from the original peak state of Xuanji to the initial state of prefecture level.

Although many soldiers were afraid, they had to step forward in the face of discipline and punishment.

“It’s a task, it’s what they should do.” Xiang dongleng drank, and continued to order, “give me up, who dares to retreat. All of them will be treated as deserters and will go back to the military court. “

Seeing this, Chen Fei was filled with hatred and said: “Xiang Dong, do you know what you are doing? You’re risking innocent soldiers. “

At this time, Xiang Dong had ordered the soldiers to start charging.

When Uncle Kang heard the speech, he showed a touch of gratitude on his face and came back.

Hearing this, Geng Jie’s face sank slightly. Then he sighed and said to Kang Shu, “Uncle Kang, come back to heal your wounds.”

But Uncle Kang said at the moment: “Geng Shao, it’s not that I don’t try my best.

It’s just that the opponent is much stronger than I expected. I’m afraid I’m not an opponent even if I fight to death, so – “

seeing this, Geng Jie looks at Uncle Kang and wants to say something,” Uncle Kang, you — “

at the same time, Xiang Dong says to Uncle Lai:” Uncle Lai, don’t keep your strength, go all out and kill that guy. The credit should not fall to others. “

“Dangerous? I don’t believe it. It’s just an old man. We can’t deal with him with so many people! ” Xiang dongleng snorted and ordered to company commander Huang, “company commander Huang, let all the soldiers listen to the order and attack together. If you can’t use force, use a gun. I don’t believe it. So many guns can’t kill him. “

Chen Fei said coldly, “it’s not a matter of credit. They are not rivals. If they continue, everyone will be in danger.”

Seeing this, Xiang Dong’s face sank and he said in a cold voice, “what do you want to do? Did you take credit? There’s only one opponent left. It’s a beautiful time for you to pick peaches. “

Having said that, Chen Fei stepped forward, ready to attack.

Seeing this, Chen Fei once again reminded: “step back, you are not the opponent.”

Uncle Lai also swallowed a pill in a deep voice and said in a deep voice, “he can still control the corpse and help him.”

Kang Shufei quickly took out a pill and put it into his mouth. He said solemnly:

“this old man in black robe is stronger than we expected. He is definitely a prefecture level expert.”

“Uncle Kang, are you ok?”

“Uncle Lai, are you hurt?”

Seeing this, Xiang Dong and Qin Ziyu, who were elated, couldn’t help looking surprised.

At the moment, the two men’s chest clothes were completely torn, and their chest position was blurred, as if they had been torn by a beast. The whole person turned pale, and blood was oozing from the corners of his mouth. He was obviously injured.

They all fixed their eyes and saw that they were not others, but Laishu and Kangshu.

But at this time, two screams sounded, and then two figures flew out.

A few people with a look of satisfaction, deliberately sneer at Chen Fei, and then look triumphantly at the smoke shrouded regiment, seems to be ready to welcome the victory of Uncle Lai and uncle Kang.

Xiang Dong also said with a smile: “Uncle Lai is by my side. He has shot nearly a hundred times and has never failed.”

Qin Ziyu hummed coldly: “what else can we do? Can Geng Shao and Xiang Shao’s bodyguards defeat themselves? It must be the old man who can’t do it! “

“How is the war going? I can’t see clearly at all Zhang Sen spoke out at the moment.

Under the strong impact, there was a roaring explosion, smoke and dust raised, directly shrouded the three people, only a faint sound of jumping.

It turns out that the three men at the moment have become a regiment. The spirit is flying, and the impact is together.

But the words did not finish, suddenly a boom burst up. All the attention was drawn to the past.

“You’re talking nonsense,” Xiang dongleng said.

Chen Fei looked coldly at the three men who were about to become a regiment.

He hummed coldly: “I remind you out of kindness that since you don’t know what to do, you should die by yourself. If you’re disabled or dead, you’d better not complain. “Qin Ziyu immediately sneered, “you’re a nobody who doesn’t know anything. Don’t disturb the real master here. Coward, you’d better go away. “

Xiang Dong was even more impolite. He glared at Chen Fei and said in a deep voice, “what’s the matter with you? Do you know how powerful uncle Lai is? It’s ridiculous that uncle is not an opponent. “

However, uncle Lai and uncle Kang turn around and look at Chen Fei, frown and show anger. With a cold hum, they obviously don’t take Chen Fei’s words seriously.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but remind him: “come back, you are not his opponent.”

“Arrogant and ignorant fellow, I will let you know my strength now.” The old man in Black said with a smile. He waved his scepter and sent out a black force to attack them.

Uncle Lai, with a smile on his face and confidence, said to Xiang Dong, “Xiang Shao, don’t worry. It’s just an old man. I haven’t paid attention to it yet.”

Uncle Kang nodded to Geng Jie, saying that he would be careful.

Geng Jie also reminded: “Uncle Kang, be careful.”

Seeing this, Xiang Dong said with a smile, “Uncle Lai, this old man is too crazy.

Give him a lesson.”

For a moment, the two were in a situation of attack. They surrounded the old man in black robe. Zhenyuan was agitated and ready to attack.

Seeing this, Chen Feifei felt very dangerous and called to the people around him: “back up, everyone back up. The other side is going to make a big move.

You are not the opponent. “

Although the soldiers trusted Chen Fei, they could not retreat in the face of orders.

Chen Fei didn’t care so much, so he picked up Sun Xi and ran to the rear quickly. After nearly a kilometer, he put Sun Xi down and left behind a big stone

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