Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1764

Magic Doctor CEO Lady’s Humble Husband

Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1764-Sun Xi trusts Chen Fei very much and can’t help persuading him, “Geng Jie, brother Chen is very powerful. He said it was dangerous, it would be very troublesome. Or let’s go back first. “

When Qin Ziyu heard the speech, he immediately gave a cold hum and objected to Sun Xi, saying, “Sun Xi, did you hear ah Jie say that he came here specially for this village! Do you want ah Jie to go back now for nothing? “

“Besides, it’s just a broken village. What’s the danger. Uncle Kang, ah Jie’s bodyguard, I also know that he is an expert in the highest level of Xuanji. What danger can stop him. I think it’s just your cowardice. ” Qin Ziyu was satirical.

On hearing this, Qin Ziyu’s sarcasm became more intense. “It’s a deserter. No wonder that guy is so timid. A broken village is so dangerous that he won’t let us in. Ha ha Xiang Dong sneered: “two days ago, he was a member of my team. But I’m afraid. I’m fired. “

“Brother Xiang, do you know him?” Seeing this, Qin Ziyu asked in surprise.

Suddenly, Xiang Dong’s face sank down and said with a sneer, “is it you? What are you doing here? “

He doesn’t know Sun Xi, but Chen Fei is naturally impressed.

“Who dares to cheat you?” Xiang Dong said with a smile, and then looked along the direction of Qin Ziyu’s eyes. Naturally, he found Chen Fei and Sun Xi at a glance.

Qin Ziyu, on the other hand, thought of something. He turned his lips and looked sarcastically at Chen Fei and Sun Xi. “If we hadn’t happened to meet brother Xiang, we would have been cheated by some cowards. It’s dangerous. You can’t go in or anything. “

Listening to Xiang Dong’s words, Geng Jie was relieved.

Xiang Dong looked disdainful and said with a smile, “it’s just a small village.

How dangerous can it be. What’s more, this time I brought a team of nearly 100 people and came to protect my uncle. No matter how dangerous it is, it’s nothing. “

Geng Jie said thanks, and then thought of Chen Fei’s warning, he couldn’t help but ask, “Xiang Dong, you are here to carry out the task, this village should be some danger?”

“Brother Xiang is really powerful.” Qin Ziyu smiles and compliments.

After hearing this, Xiang Dong waved his big hand and said with a smile, “isn’t it going to Erlong village? What’s the big deal about such a small thing. You just follow me in later. I am responsible for the task here. “

Geng Jie explained his intention to Xiang Dong.

Meanwhile, Xiang Dong has talked to Geng Jie and Qin Ziyu.

They were quiet, but Chen Fei could hear them clearly. I can’t help but feel a little shocked. I didn’t expect that Xiang Dong was also from Donghai City, and he knew Geng Jie and Qin Ziyu.

……… “Unexpectedly, three members of the Xiang family, Geng family and Qin family of Donghai City met here.”

“Xiang Shao was sent to the army for training by Xiang’s master a year ago. I didn’t see that he was transferred here to carry out the task.”

“Donghai Xiang family’s Xiang Dong Xiang Shao, unexpectedly can be here?”

Zhang Sen and Xie Yu are also surprised at the moment. He began to talk in a low voice.

……… “Brother Xiang, aren’t you training in the army? How now — “

” Xiang Dong, is it you? What are you doing here? “

Geng Jie and Qin Ziyu looked over and saw Xiang Dong’s face clearly. They were also surprised.

But without waiting for them to speak, Xiang Dong looked at Geng Jie and Qin Ziyu in surprise and said, “how did you come here?”

When the soldiers see Xiang Dong coming, they will report the situation.

But at this time, a young man in a military uniform stepped over. Chen Fei took a look and naturally recognized that Xiang Dong was the one. “What’s the matter with the noise over there?”

Qin Ziyu was so proud that he was about to get angry.

On hearing this, the soldiers immediately straightened up and cheered to Geng Jie: “this is a military blockade zone. You’d better leave at once. Otherwise, it will be dealt with by military law. “

Chen Fei said faintly: “I have nothing to do with them. I have warned them that there is danger here. I told them not to come, but they didn’t listen.”

Several soldiers looked at Chen Fei and Geng Jie, and asked, “Mr. Chen, these are –“

with such an opening, Chen Fei also confirmed their identities.

Obviously, Chen Fei’s day in the barracks left a deep impression on these soldiers. Now he recognized Chen Fei at the first sight.

Several soldiers heard the voice, looked over and found that it was Chen Fei.

They were surprised. “Mr. Chen, are you back?”

Seeing this, Chen Fei quickly walked over and said in a voice, “are you the people who are the head of Huanglian?”

At the moment, Qin Ziyu and his soldiers were arguing about something, and they were almost ready to fight.

Hearing the cry, Chen Fei stops and turns back. Before he took a few steps, he saw a group of soldiers in uniform and stopped Geng Jie.

………”Do you know who we are? How dare you stop us? “

“Why don’t you let us in?”

Then there came a quarrel.

But before Chen Fei had gone far, there was a loud sound of drinking, “all stop, this is not where you came from, go back quickly!”

Chen Fei doesn’t pay attention to it. He is going to leave with Sun Xi.

Qin Ziyu and several of them saw this and quickly followed up. When he left, Qin Ziyu did not forget to satirize Sun Xi and Chen Fei, “if you are timid, you will be timid. Why do you say so much. After all, people from small places can understand, ha ha! “

“Sun Xi, thank you for your care. I’ll thank you later.” Geng Jie nodded his thanks to Sun Xi, then walked towards the village at the foot of the mountain.

Geng Jie looked at Chen Fei with a firm face. He was puzzled and thought about it for a while. But he finally said firmly: “thank you, Mr. Chen, for your reminding, but I have a reason to have to go.”

After all, Chen Fei is not their parents and has no responsibility to protect their safety.

Had it not been for Sun Xi’s face, Chen Fei would not have come together. Now, he has done his utmost to remind them. If the other party still insists on taking risks, he won’t stop him.

With that, Chen Fei pulls Sun Xi and turns to leave.

What Sun Xi wants to say, Chen Fei directly said in a deep voice: “needless to say so much, I have already said what I should say. If you want to go in, please.

But Sun Xi and I will not go in. “

Even Geng Jie’s eyes to Chen Fei are slightly different now.

Chen Fei is not interested in defending Xiang Dong’s words. Instead, he looks at the soldiers who are surrounded by Erlong village and says in a deep voice, “I’m still the same as before. This village is strange. You’d better be careful.”

“I don’t care if you want to take credit, but you’d better be responsible for the personal safety of so many soldiers.”

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