Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1762

Magic Doctor CEO Lady’s Humble Husband

Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband 1762-Then, a group of people get off, Sun Xi leads the way in front, leading the people into the yard.

At first, I didn’t feel deep when I looked outside, but when I entered the yard, several people were surprised. It’s the price of the yard. It’s the design of the yard.

“It’s not like a public garden. The government can’t make such a luxurious yard.”

Xie Yudao.

Just when they were suspicious, Zhang Sen lit up his mobile phone and said in a voice, “I just checked online. This Sun family is very famous in Longjiang city.

It’s a mysterious force.”

Qin Ziyu frowned and guessed maliciously, “is it a play specially invited to perform?”

“This, this is really Sun Xi’s home?” Xie Yu still felt unbelievable and couldn’t help saying.

But now several people, looking at the exquisite and elegant large-area guest room, can’t help but feel a little dazed. They haven’t recovered for a moment, and they can’t seem to believe everything in front of them.

Several people in the servant’s lead, came to the guest room, put down their luggage, ready to rest.

“Yes, yes! Come on, take some guests down to have a rest. ” Sun Yongfei ordered.

Seeing that the atmosphere of the words was somewhat wrong, Sun Xi said in a voice: “Dad, we are tired all the way back. Let’s have a rest first.”

Sun Yongfei was stunned for a moment, then nodded: “I am Sun Xi’s father, sun Yongfei, and the current owner of the sun family.”

Qin Ziyu still didn’t believe it. Looking at sun Yongfei, he said, “you are Sun Xi’s father. Is this your family?”

Geng Jie was the first to come back to his senses. He quickly shook hands with sun Yongfei and said, “thank you for uncle sun’s hospitality. These days, please uncle sun When they were stunned, sun Yongfei had already come forward to say hello.

……… “Isn’t the master at home? Is Sun Xi’s father a housekeeper or something? “

“It’s impossible! Sun Xi usually can’t see such a family “Dad? Sun Xi called the man dad? Is this really her home? “

At the moment, Qin Ziyu was a little silly when he heard Sun Xi’s name.

“Since I’m Xiao Xi’s classmate, I’m sure I’ll treat her well.” Sun Yongfei said with a smile, and then came over.

While they were guessing, Sun Xi laughed and hugged the elders. Then he took his father sun Yongfei and said, “Dad, this is the Geng family, Qin Ziyu, Zhang Sen and Xie Yu. They are all my classmates. This time they will stay in our Longjiang city for a few days and live in our home. “

……… “Is the elder of the sun family the old housekeeper of this family. I stayed longer, so I treated her well. “

“Sun Xi and the owner of this family are so familiar that they seem to have a good relationship.”

Seeing this, Qin Ziyu could not help looking surprised.

……… “Sister Xi, I’m going to take the examination of Donghai University, too.”

“Sister Xiaoxi, how is Donghai university? How about learning? “

“Xiao Xi, I haven’t seen you for half a year. Xiao Xi, you’ve lost weight. Don’t you eat well outside?”

Next to a few elders also smile up toward Sun Xi came.

When the middle-aged man got up to greet you, he came back with a different smile Geng Jie looks at Sun Xi with a worried face.

Qin Ziyu didn’t speak, but with a sneer on his lips, he looked like he was watching a good play.

……… “If so, Sun Xi will be lost.”

“When the owner of the house comes out, he won’t be angry.”

Seeing this, Xie Yu and Zhang Sen can’t help being a little nervous.

When they entered the house, they immediately saw a row of servants. In the upper part of the living room, there were several middle-aged elders, each of whom was well-dressed and magnificent. They were obviously the owners of the house.

But seeing that Sun Xi had gone in, they didn’t say much, so they followed him in.

Seeing this, Xie Yu couldn’t help looking surprised and said in a low voice, “she’s a servant’s daughter, dare to go in from the front?”

“This way, come in!” Sun Xi greets a few people to enter, oneself walked directly into from the gate.

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