Loving You In Secret Chapter 1634

Loving You In Secret Chapter 1634-Tyler had just left Orion and Valencia’s room when Avery approached him.

“Tyler.” Avery studied his refined features and whispered,” Did Uncle and Aunty want to see you?”

“Yeah,” Tyler replied.

“Was it something important?”

“It’s nothing urgent.”

Avery had come to delay Tyler as she assumed this was the time when Vicky and Lincoln started being intimate.

It was Old Mister Hart’s birthday banquet, and many dignitaries had come. If Tyler was to catch Vicky and Lincoln in a compromising position at such an important event, it would be met with public scorn. This would ensure Vicky could never marry into the Hart family!

Avery had once caused a scandal with a video, but it was not the same as catching someone in the act in front of everyone. If Tyler saw Vicky naked with another man in public, he would be so disgusted that he might never want to touch her again.

The more Avery thought about it, the more excited she became. She even secretly contacted reporters to report the scandal once she caught Vicky in the act.

Noticing her prolonged silence, Tyler asked, “Is something on your mind?”

Avery put on an expression as if she wanted to speak but was hesitant. “Tyler, I have something…l’d like to talk to you about it in private.”

Tyler did not suspect a thing. “Sure.”

Avery led Tyler into her room, where a delicate fragrance filled the air.

She invited him to sit before she made tea and engaged in some trivial conversation with him.

Tyler listened quietly, occasionally responding with a few words.

His presence was so familiar and mesmerizing that Avery felt intoxicated just being next to him. For some reason, her mind began to replay the night they shared together.

Avery’s body felt hot all over, and her mind started to wander. Since that night, he had not touched her again. They had even seen each other less frequently.

As she thought about it, Avery became increasingly restless. She had nothing to do at the moment, so eventually, she decided to seduce Tyler once again.

Avery wanted to take Tyler to catch Vicky and Lincoln in the act in front of everyone. If she seduced Tyler at this moment, however, it would be impossible to execute her original plan.

However, she had already arranged things on the other side. Since it was all about catching Vicky in the act, the Hart

family members could witness it. Whether Tyler was present did not truly matter.

The more Avery thought about it, the stronger the desire within her burned.

“What is it that you wish to tell me?” Tyler’s cold voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

Avery sobered and blushed. “Tyler, it’s been so long since we last met. I’ve missed you…” she said as she approached him seductively. “Tyler don’t you miss me?”

However, before she could get any closer, he pushed her away.

Shocked, she stared at him in disbelief. “Tyler?”

Tyler stared at her. “Is that why you brought me here?”

After being intimate once, Avery did not expect Tyler to still be so cold toward her.

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