Loving You In Secret Chapter 1623

Loving You In Secret Chapter 1623-Avery scoffed. “You’re in no position to judge me since that’s how you manage to climb into Tyler’s bed, too. Plus, I’ve met too many bitter women like you.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Miss Avery.”

“Huh? How am I wrong?”

Vicky smiled gently. “You’re the bitter woman here because I was the one who didn’t want Tyler. In a way, you’re using my hand-me-downs.” i

Avery’s expression froze. She suddenly stood up and pointed rudely at Vicky.

“I warn you, Vicky Shaw! I’ll make sure you won’t ever make a living in Zendonia ever again if you don’t stop pestering Tyler. Have you forgotten what happened after people found out you’re his mistress? Tyler knew I tipped off the reporters. Not only did he not blame me, but he didn’t even question me about it!” i

Avery smiled sinisterly. “You’re nothing but a booty call to him! Don’t think you’re special to him just because you slept with him a few times. Stay away from him, or I’ll give you a fate worse than death!”

Vicky stood up, too. She was a little taller than Avery, so she looked down at her contemptuously.

“I should be the one warning you, Miss Avery.” A cold glint flashed across her eyes. “You know very well how your and Tyler’s engagement came about. Do you really think you can manipulate him forever? Forgive me for being blunt, but Tyler seems to be starting to suspect something. Not only did he find out I’m his ex-wife, but he even asked me whether we’ve met before.”

Vicky felt a rush of adrenaline when she saw Avery go pale.” In fact, I won’t be surprised if he suddenly remembers everything one day,” she added.

“So what if he did?” asked Avery with false bravado. “Have you forgotten all the things you did to him before you two got divorced? Don’t tell me you seriously think he’d want to get back with you after all that, right?”

Vicky looked straight into Avery’s panic-filled eyes and said emphatically, “I admit I didn’t treat him well before, but

you’re not better than me. I’m his ex-wife, and I dumped him. You, Avery Yeager? You…” i

She chuckled coldly. “You tried to control him through drugs and hypnotization. Do you really think he’d want to be with you anymore after he found out?”

Vicky stepped forward threateningly, causing Avery to back away.

“He hates nothing more than to be blackmailed and controlled. Once he finds out what you did, Miss Avery, the person who’ll be living through a fate worse than death

would be you. I suggest you stop causing trouble for me. I might just tell him everything if you don’t stop harassing me, even if it means I’ll have to go down with you.

“I’m well aware you’ve erased all your tracks back then, but since they’ve existed before, there’ll be some traces left, no matter how small. I’m sure with Tyler’s capabilities, he’ll be able to dig out some information somehow.”

The reason Avery came to the studio was to show off that there was progress in her relationship with Tyler and to warn Vicky to stay away from him. She was sure Tyler would not say anything if she did anything to Vicky.

Thus, she did not expect Vicky would gain the upper hand in the confrontation. The most difficult thing for her to accept was that she could not come up with a retort to everything Vicky said.

“Please leave now, Miss Avery,” said Vicky coldly. “And make sure I don’t see your face here anymore. I’m sure you won’t be happy if I suddenly slip something I shouldn’t in front of Tyler.”

“Vicky Shaw, are you threatening me?!” hissed Avery through gritted teeth.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Now can you leave?” 2

As much as Avery was reluctant to leave when she was losing, she had no choice but to do so. After all, she knew very well Vicky would carry out her threat if she did anything to make her unhappy.

That night, Tyler got back to the mansion not long after Vicky.

“Did you just come back from work?” he asked indifferently when he saw she was about to head upstairs.

“Yeah,” replied Vicky tepidly.

Tyler followed behind her. “Did you sleep well last night?” 2 Vicky stopped walking, and her expression hardened subtly.

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