Loving You In Secret Chapter 1455

Loving You In Secret Chapter 1455-While speaking, Old Mister Hart’s assistant handed him a document. “Vicky, take a look at this,” he said.

Vicky gazed at the document Old Mister Hart handed over, her gaze wavering. After a few seconds, she silently accepted the papers.

As she unfolded the first document, she realized it was a share-transfer agreement. Vicky casually scanned the names on it and signed her name without any hesitation.

This share-transfer agreement was meant to transfer the shares in her possession back to Tyler, to which Vicky had no objections whatsoever.

Observing her decisiveness, a hint of admiration flickered in Old Mister Hart’s eyes.

He never disliked Vicky as Valencia had. From Tyler’s perspective, Vicky was to blame for their breakup, but in Old Mister Hart’s eyes, Vicky was clever to have made such a choice.

Neither Vicky nor Tyler had the leverage to resist the Hart family. Had she insisted on staying by Tyler’s side, they would not have been able to marry as anyone with power could have stood in their way.

Her agreement to the breakup and her willingness to cooperate spared them a great deal of suffering. On top of that, it eventually caused the Harts to let their guard down, allowing them to get married in the end.

Vicky’s choices, as wrong as they may seem at the time, led to favorable outcomes in the end.

Though she appeared to lack the powerful background and ruthless tactics of someone like Avery, she possessed a strong intuition.

After signing the share-transfer agreement, Vicky moved on to the second document, and the words ‘Divorce Agreement ‘ appeared before her. Her eyes widened.

The calm mask she wore began to crack, revealing her inner turmoil.

She froze, and Old Mister Hart did not interrupt her. Instead, he simply sipped his tea in silence patiently.

After a while, Vicky finally moved and started reading the terms of the divorce agreement. Once she finished reading, she picked up a pen and crossed out all the compensation clauses.

“I don’t need these.” Vicky lowered her gaze, her long hair concealing any expression she might have. “I have my studio, and I make decent money. I don’t need compensation.”

Old Mister Hart smiled. “Apart from the house and cars, a hundred fifty million dollars is enough to sustain a luxurious lifestyle for the rest of your life.”

“I don’t need it,” she said. “Marriage isn’t a trade.”

Old Mister Hart did not object or insist.

Vicky studied the agreement for a while longer before signing her name on the designated area, leaving the area where Tyler was supposed to sign blank.

Old Mister Hart’s assistant took the two documents away, and Old Mister Hart said, “Would you like to see Tyler one last time before he leaves?”

Her lashes fluttered. “He’s leaving?”

“Yes. I plan to take Tyler to Molivia for treatment.”

Vicky scowled. Before she could protest, however, Old Mister Hart continued, “Judging from Tyler’s current condition, he can’t take control, and anyone can easily harm him. Even a wench like Avery managed to set him up… He won’t be able to recover unless he returns to Molivia. I understand you don’t really trust me, so Tyler’s doctor, Isabella, can come along. What do you think?”

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