Love At The Wrong Table Chapter 556

Love At The Wrong Table Chapter 556-Meanwhile, the sound of conversations grew louder in the hall. As the day progressed, many medical professionals invited by the Lenoir family began to feel antsy. They wanted to leave but lacked the courage to do so because Adolph had not spoken a word. They had been waiting since the morning, and Emmanuel and Rhea had not exited Claudette’s room.

“He must’ve killed Ms. Lenoir, right? Why else would he be too afraid to come out?” “That has to be it. We should send someone in to take a look!” “You’re absolutely right. We can’t let that brat escape!” They sounded completely confident that their hypotheses were correct. After all, they assumed that Claudette was beyond saving.

On the other hand, some of the sleazy men suspected that Emmanuel was using this opportunity to take advantage of both Claudette and Rhea. Since he’s a goner anyway, he might as well go out feeling good! novelbin The commotion became increasingly loud, and Laura became restless, so she turned to Adolph, whose eyes were closed, and suggested, “Why don’t we go in and take a look, General?” When he heard this, his eyes popped open, and he leaped to his feet. “Come with me, Colonel Yancy, and bring some men along!” “Yes, General!” The colonel in question, Gordon Yancy, immediately assembled a group of twelve armed men who marched behind Adolph.

In the meantime, Elizabeth was so anxious upon seeing her father march toward the room that her fists squeezed together. What should I do? I can’t let Dad kill Manuel!

Nonetheless, the crowds were eager to see the whole thing go down in flames. They couldn’t save Claudette, and in their twisted hearts, they hoped no one else could either. They would even be pleased to see someone lose their life for this cause. That way, they would appear competent and wise rather than incompetent and foolish.

Soon, a large crowd marched toward Claudette’s room.

“Get out here, Emmanuel Lowe!” When Rhea heard the commotion and shouting outside the door, she left the room immediately. “What are you doing?! The patient needs a peaceful environment to rest, don’t you know?” she scolded Gordon coldly, who was in the lead.

–“Hah! Rest, huh? I’ll bet she’s resting, and probably for good! Get out of the way!” After saying this, he shoved her aside without a care.

“Hey-” She lost her balance and fell, and when Juan noticed this, he rushed over to help his daughter up. “Hey! You can’t go in yet!” she continued to shout loudly.

“Stop it, Rhea! General Lenoir is already furious!” Juan quickly stopped his daughter since he didn’t want her to be the subject of Adolph’s anger.

“This way, General!” After clearing the path, Gordon stepped aside for Adolph.

Adolph snorted and was about to head in when Elizabeth quickly stood in his way and begged through her tears, “Dad, even if Manuel failed to save Claudette, please don’t kill him! I’m begging you, please!” “Move!” Adolph shoved her daughter aside. The more she was bewitched by Emmanuel, the more he wanted to kill him!

“Haha! We’re in for a good show now!” “That’s right. Do you think General Lenoir will kill that Lowe brat right on the spot?” “Serves him right. Who told him to be so full of himself? He asked for it!” The quack doctors were all secretly celebrating among themselves.

However, as soon as Adolph entered the room, he froze in shock!

On the other hand, Laura was also thunderstruck and couldn’t believe her eyes. “H–How’s this possible?!” Meanwhile, Gordon’s jaw dropped so low that it looked like he had seen a ghost.

At this instant, the other people outside the room were taken aback by his reaction. What’s going on in there?

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