Love At The Wrong Table Chapter 555

Love At The Wrong Table Chapter 555-“The surgery only succeeded because of your profound medical skills, Dr.

Lowe.” Rhea didn’t dare take credit, so she hurriedly lowered her head and muttered in response with flushed cheeks.

After hearing this, Emmanuel looked at her and scratched his head. Does she have some kind of social anxiety? Why does she turn red so easily? It was his first encounter with a woman like her, so he was slightly befuddled. However, he quickly regained his composure and concluded that regardless of her personality, all that mattered was her ability to be an effective assistant.

“Disinfect a silver needle for me, Rhea!” “Okay!” She immediately followed his instructions, though she couldn’t help but question, “Um… Dr. Lowe, why do you need a silver needle? Are you practicing modern medicine or traditional medicine?” She had so many questions to ask that they came out somewhat jumbled. He just performed surgery on her, which is clearly modern medicine. Why is he asking for a silver needle now? Is he a genius who is a master of both modern and traditional medicine?

Then, Emmanuel chuckled and explained, “Thanks to you, Claudette’s surgery went well. Now, her bodily functions should be normal. I want to use the silver needle to stimulate her brain, allowing her to regain consciousness!” Rhea’s eyes widened even more upon hearing this, and she muttered under her breath, Is this man going to succeed? Ms. Lenoir’s condition requires highly skilled expert in modern medicine to perform heart reconstruction surgery and a highly trained expert in traditional medicine to perform acupuncture. Surely this would be a medical miracle if she regained consciousness! “Here, Dr. Lowe! You must succeed!” While saying this, she passed the disinfected needle over to the man with a look of anticipation since she hoped to see a miracle today.

He nodded, and after receiving the needle, he closed his eyes and recalled the information from the Divine Valley Medical Records. According to the treatment listed there, he needed to press down on three of Claudette’s acupuncture points with his fingers–GB 20, GV 20, and EX–HNI. Next was to press the silver needle into the ST 8 acupuncture point. Turn it slowly and… Then, pull out!

In the meantime, his assistant was watching attentively. Dr. Lowe moves like an expert with decades of experience! How could someone like this exist?

Just where did he learn to practice medicine? At this point, she thought she caught a glimpse of Claudette’s eyelids fluttering ever–so–slightly, but when she blinked and regained her focus, the patient was still motionless.

Nevertheless, she noticed Claudette’s complexion had regained some life and color!

“Another needle!” “Oh! Yes. Right… Sorry!” After hearing Emmanuel’s voice, Rhea instantly remembered that she was slacking on the job again. Hence, she quickly disinfected a second needle and handed it over.

This time, she did not dare to stare at him for too long, and she quickly disinfected the third needle so as not to cause any delays.

Sure enough, he soon extended his hand to receive the third needle. Then, after the fourth through the eighteenth needle, he stopped asking for more, and she started to perspire from the strain of the task at hand.

Rhea finally looked up and noticed that Claudette’s head was covered in needles, resembling a porcupine. This alone was enough to convince her that her father, despite being an old expert in traditional medicine, was not as proficient as Emmanuel was. Every needle is precisely in place, and the patient’s complexion has improved even more!

“Why isn’t she waking up yet?” On the other hand, Emmanuel was dissatisfied and didn’t know whether he had done something wrong or if the medical records were incorrect. Is this the proper treatment? “Claudette, please wake up! I’m begging you, please!” There was nothing else he could do but grip her hand tightly. First, he wanted to determine whether her body temperature was normal, and second, he was driven to it by his emotions!

“If you wake up, I’ll be your personal doctor. I’ll come and see you every day. I’ll make sure you stay alive!” “No matter how powerful the Zelinsky family is, I’ll ensure Magnus Zelinsky pays for what he did to you.” “You said kiwis are very sweet, right? Wake up, and I’ll harvest them myself for you…” “I’ll sing happy birthday to you every year, okay?” n On the other hand, Rhea was a sensitive soul who was moved by Emmanuel’s genuineness. So, she asked, “How are you related to Ms. Lenoir, Dr. Lowe? Is she your girlfriend?” “She’s my patient. I was the one who had been treating her all along, but in the end, she shielded me from a bullet and saved my life!” Emmanuel said truthfully.

“I see!” She loved romance novels and films and thought his story was quite romantic. The hero sacrifices himself to save the heroine, who then risks her own life to rescue the hero. At the end of the day, he even put his life in danger to save her. What a touching love story this is! She sighed at this thought as she saw the man clutching Claudette’s hand with bloodshot eyes.

When will I get my own touching love story with some guy out there?

In the meantime, he kept talking to Claudette, but she showed no signs of responding. He had no idea what went wrong, but according to the medical texts his master had given him, patients with similar conditions to hers had awoken after receiving this treatment. Is it because her body hasn’t fully recovered yet? Or is it because the anesthesia hasn’t worn off yet?

Emmanuel was about to release his grip to double–check her body when the limp little hand gave him a light squeeze. Although the grasp was barely strong enough, he could tell it was Claudette’s reaction. “Claudette!

Claudette! Are you awake?” He quickly sat down again and leaned in closer to her ear.

Meanwhile, Rhea had a fright seeing his reaction. Has Dr. Lowe gotten so emotional that he started imagining things, or did Ms. Lenoir rise from the dead? The next second, she saw a miracle unfold before her eyes. “Oh! M–Ms.

Lenoir’s eyelids moved! They moved!” she exclaimed in shock. Even though she was there to witness it, she couldn’t believe a patient in that condition.

could regain consciousness. “You’re a miracle doctor, Dr. Lowe! You even novelbin managed to bring someone back to life!” she cried in awe.

He chuckled softly and stated, “There’s not a single doctor in the world who can bring someone back to life. It’s simply a case of the patient never giving up and the doctor finding the right treatment!” He wasn’t trying to be humble.

After reading the book Divine Valley Medical Records, he finally realized just how many incurable conditions there were.

At this point, if Claudette weren’t breathing on her own, not even the angels could help. Only in fiction would characters die and then miraculously return to life or have their bones regrow.

Afterward, Claudette’s eyes opened slightly, and an almost imperceptible sound escaped her dry mouth.

However, Rhea couldn’t hear what she said since the patient was still too weak!

Suddenly, Emmanuel chuckled melancholically. He heard what Claudette said, and she wanted him to sing her “The Wind Rises,” but he still wasn’t good at singing it yet!

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