Life at the Top Chapter 1172

Life at the Top Chapter 1172

After all, not everyone was brave enough to risk being sued by the gaming company and potentially face life imprisonment just to steal a source code.

However, anyone who was even slightly familiar with technology could code.

Jack looked embarrassed when he heard Jasper’s question and replied, “We’ve already gathered the relevant reports and handed it over to the technical department for urgent repairs.

“Being constantly on guard is a waste of resources and has no guarantee. Just contact the legal department and suspend all accounts that used the cheat code once they’ve been detected. We’ll sue everyone that wrote the code. Do I need to explain something so simple to you?” Jasper asked distastefully.

Jack smiled wryly and replied, “Mr. Laine, I don’t know if you know this, but it costs almost nothing to write a cheat code. However, it costs a lot for us to protect our rights.”

“We can only use technical methods to suspend accounts that are using cheat codes, but we have no right to trace the physical addresses of the players who used the codes. We’ll have to contact the police for this and have them investigate the matter. You know how difficult this is, Mr. Laine.”

“I am confident that I can do this.”

Another voice suddenly rang out on Jack’s side of the video call.

The camera turned and Jasper saw a familiar person appear on the screen.

Dane Warren.

Sena’s previous chairman and its true founder.

After completely losing against Jasper in a fight for shareholder rights, Dane opted to stay in Sena’s internal ranks when the former gave him the choice to.

It was an act that required a lot of courage, but Dane continued bravely despite the weird looks the other employees gave him.

Jasper initially worried if the man had ulterior motives, He even asked Jack to keep a close eye on him.

Yet, the truth remained that Dane truly wished to make Sena into something great. Even if this Sena was not the same one he had founded.

Dane had worked diligently all this while and he did not contact any of his previous confidants. He carried out his own role clearly and well.

Dane must have possessed his own strengths and capabilities to create Sena by himself and turn it into the best web portal in the country.

He might not have been an outstanding chairman, but he was an exceptional senior executive.

Dane looked nervous in the video call as he looked at Jasper intently. There was an almost pleading look in his gaze.


Jasper did not know how he should refer to Dane.

It had been a long time since he paid Dane any attention. After all, the difference in status between the two was just too large.

“I’m currently the manager in charge of maintaining the web portal’s forum,” Dane said calmly with a wry smile.

“Mr. Warren,” Jasper nodded. Pondering for a bit, he asked, “This is a difficult and ungratifying job, something that you could put tons of hard work and effort into only to come up empty-handed. Are you sure you’re willing to do it?”

Dane replied sternly, “I am. Please give me a chance, Mr. Laine.”

After a moment’s silence, Jasper answered, “You still have a small portion of the initial shares when it was previously diluted. I can give special approval for you to cash all of it out at Sena’s current market rate.”

Jasper’s words implied that Dane could become a multimillionaire at any given moment.

Dane replied calmly, “Money isn’t the most important thing to me anymore.”

Jasper nodded and said, “Alright. Then I’ll pass this responsibility over to you. I view all capable people the same. so as long as you do well, I won’t be stingy with your dividends and bonuses.”

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