Life After Prison Chapter 1949

Life After Prison Chapter 1949-Seven days later, Severin’s time in seclusion had ended. Once the sun peeked over the horizon and marked the start of a new day, he got dressed and freshened up before heading out to the courtyard.

Wuhlricht and others were already there, apparently having waited for some time. When they spotted Severin’s arrival, Diane came up to him and adjusted his clothes a little. She flashed a smile to him and said, “Ready to go, Severin?” Severin grinned and nodded. “Yeah. I’m confident I’ll win.” The group then rose into the air and transformed into a cascade of rainbow– colored rays as they headed straight for the Alchemy Tower on the Sixth Mountain. Upon reaching the Alchemy Tower, Severin saw thousands of disciples gathered in the area. A chorus of cheers erupted upon his appearance.

“Look! Severin is here!” “I get why our sect leader chose him as the sixth core disciple! I didn’t expect him to be that skilled in alchemy!” “He’s so handsome! He has a divine constitution, and he’s just as strong as Emery in alchemy!” To no one’s surprise, many female disciples gawked at Severin’s attractiveness.

He had it all–strength, talent, and good looks. However, their attention shifted to the four girls beside Severin. Despite their different attire, the quartet walked gracefully with him. With lace covering their arms, silk shoes adorning their feet, and green hairpins securing their luscious hair, they looked like angels from a masterly rendition of artwork and drew envious glances from the female disciples.

Shortly after Severin and his entourage arrived, a streak of light pierced the sky and landed. Emery had arrived in a green gown. Her black hair fluttered in the wind, and her mien exuded a spirited vigor that accented the determination in her eyes The open area erupted once again with enthusiastic cheers from Emery’s supporters.

“It’s Emery!” “You’ve got this, Emery!” “You’ll forever be the best to us!” After Emery’s arrival, two more rainbow–colored streaks of light flashed across the distant sky and landed. They Severin’s attention because they were clad in robes that were given exclusively to core Severin looked at the youngest man among them. The man donned in a green robe and had a tall, sturdy figure. Though his appearance seemed ordinary, a powerful aura exuded from him. The surge of his level nine supreme saint energy gushed forth like a raging river, and the density was so strong that it seemed to elicit a screech due to friction in the air. He stood there imposingly and commanded awe from those who sensed his presence.

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