Life After Prison Chapter 1771

Life After Prison Chapter 1771-ester, and it’s becoming challenging to hide it from people.” Gilda frowned. “We’ll just have to come clean when it’s no longer possible to hide it. I’ve been avoiding public spaces anyway, so there shouldn’t be any problem if I remain at home.” “Frederick is a petty man, Wuhlricht said sullenly after looking at Gilda. “He refused to marry you when he found out you were no longer a virgin, and it’ll probably piss him off that you chose to keep the child.” Wuhlricht paused briefly before adding, “Though I’m quite certain that he wouldn’t dare to confront us, we still can’t tell anyone that Severin is the father.

Gilda was a little taken aback by that, but she immediately understood the ramifications of revealing the truth. She nodded and said, “I understand, Dad. You’re worried that the Horizon Sect might feel deceived and humiliated when they find the child’s father is from the same sect and I ended up marrying him. Your concern is that they might retaliate against us because of that, right?” “Correct,” Wuhlricht said. “They’ll feel as if we’re playing some kind of sick joke with them, and our claim that Severin had disappeared permanently would turn out to be a lie. If the Horizon Sect’s members discover Severin’s involvement, they might resort to extreme measures and attack our sect. That would be troublesome, especially since we’re not fully prepared to face them yet.” Gilda understood. “We’ll have to keep the identity of my child’s father a secret then. Hopefully, our great elder here can do us that favor too. It’s for the best if fewer people know about this. Once the child is born and our sect has grown stronger, we won’t have to worry about revealing the truth anymore.” “I’ll keep the secret, of course,” Felipe said, “but it does feel unfair to you and Severin.” “I don’t mind it,” Gilda said, “but I agree that this is unfair to Severin. He can’t even acknowledge that the baby is his.” Wuhlricht then said, “If we are to grow stronger than the Horizon Sect, we will need a fifth–grade low–rank alchemist in our ranks. That is the only way. Fifth–grade low–rank pills are good enough even for level three royal saints to make an easy breakthrough. Having more level four royal saints will surely bode well for us.” After some thought, Felipe grinned. “Elder Severin might be our only hope then, judging from the remarkable potential he has shown as of late. He was already a fourth–grade high–rank alchemist before he entered the Paradise Secret Realm, so he might just come out of it a fifth– grade low–rank alchemist!” Gilda rolled her eyes and said, “But the gap between a fourth–grade high–rank alchemist and a fifth–grade low–rank alchemist is simply too huge, and the difficulty in reaching the next level is several times higher.

We can’t place too much of our expectations on Severin. He’s under enough pressure as it is.” Felipe was amused at Gilda’s retort. “Look at you standing up for your man.” “I’ll leave you to your chess game, then. I’m going for a stroll in the garden,” Gilda said as she left the courtyard.

Once she was gone, Wuhlricht mentioned, “I wonder how Severin and the others are faring right now. Do you think they’ve found the miniature black tower? I sure hope they did. Without it, we won’t be able to reach that place‘, and the chances of us becoming supreme saints would be nearly zero.” Felipe gazed toward the direction of the Paradise Secret Realm and lamented, “The Paradise Secret Realm is coming to a close. We’d have to wait another six years if we don’t succeed this time around.” “We’re out! We’re finally out!” At that moment, those who had entered the Paradise Secret Realm were forcefully ejected and found themselves back outside.

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