Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2583 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2583

“Is there anything to be angry about in Chester?” The disgust in Eliza’s eyes is almost unmistakable.

She’d never hated someone so much before.

Freya rarely saw such a clear look in her eyes, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Is Chester so annoying to you?”

“Please don’t insult and hate these two words.” “It’s disgusting.” Eliza told the truth.

Freya: “…”

Freya felt especially sorry for Eliza; it was too painful to be with someone who made her feel disgusted.

Freya stated, “Cathy, why don’t we three come up with a way to bring Chester down? You are extremely powerful, and you have the support of the Costner family.”


Freya’s words almost told Catherine. “Ms. Freya, thank you for looking down on me so much, I’m very moved.” She choked out.

Eliza said, “For the people of Australia, there are two mountains: the Snow family and the Jewell family. Australia is home to a plethora of high mountains. Our entire medical system is dependent on the Jewell family. The Jewell family has invested in private hospitals in the majority of the country’s cities. Every year, the Jewell family chooses a number of top doctors to study abroad. Not only will donations be accepted, but the Jewell family will contribute a portion of the funds each year to help some patients who are in desperate need.”

Catherine nodded, “The Jewell family is deeply respected by the Australian people, and to bring down the Jewell family, let alone ordinary people, The president Snow is definitely the first to object, and if there is no other person in the middle to take over the Jewell family, many people will delay the treatment of the disease.”

Freya stated, “I’m talking about Chester, not Jewell’s family.”

Eliza gave a bitter smile.

“You may not realize it, but Chester is the sole reason the Jewell family exists today. He has restored the Jewell family since taking over. Look at him in the medical field, not his personal style. People respect what he has done, whether it is cultivating medical school talents or donating money to treat diseases and save people.”

“That’s not all.” Catherine said, “Chester is also a figurehead in the entertainment industry. He invested not only in film and television companies, but also in movie theaters. He also has a good working relationship with major television stations. His influence can be seen in the work of many well-known directors. Furthermore, he has strong ties with international medical titans. Many people in this world are unwilling to squabble with those who control medical resources because everyone gets sick at some point.”

Freya was taken aback; she had not expected Chester to be so powerful.

“Let’s stop talking about it and drink some milk tea.” Eliza didn’t want her best friend to be concerned about herself.

Shaun called Catherine after half an hour, “Chase has arrived in the capital and we are having supper, do you want to come over?”

“Little Cathy, come here. It’s rare for me to come to the capital and let’s have two drinks. I heard, you and Freya are shopping, come together.” Chase exclaimed.

It was Chase’s words, and Catherine couldn’t say no. “Who else do you have?”

“Just us. You’ve made a new friend.” Chase stated.

Catherine understood, and Chester was present most of the time there. She said after thinking about it, “Let’s go shopping for a while and come back later. It’s not a problem; we’ll eat late anyway.”

Freya said, “I think I heard Chase’s voice.”

“Chase has come to the capital and asked us to come over for supper.” Catherine said helplessly.

Freya: “So let’s go together.”

Eliza said flatly, “I’m not going. Chester is definitely there.”

“I agree. Let’s go shopping first, and Freya and I will go there later.”

Eliza sat in the car and left at 9:30 p.m., and Catherine and Freya drove to the other side for supper.

Shaun’s table-reservation was on the second floor, with an open-air balcony. On the side, there were numerous plants and flowers. On the balcony, there were about five or six men. Some of them were friends and classmates in the capital who were close to Shaun and others.

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