Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 313

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 313
Liam squinted his eyes. Those executives always pretended to obey his orders without actually executing them, yet they were as submissive as dogs in front of Shaun.

Liam’s thin lips twitched devilishly. “Brother.”

Shaun gave him a stony stare. “I was just planning to look for you. You were absent from the meeting this morning.”

“Brother, I didn’t mean to be absent,” Liam answered helplessly, “When I came from Sherman Mountain this morning, I saw an accident. I sent the victim to the hospital.”

“Next time, you need to inform the company even if you’re not coming.” Shaun lifted his long legs and walked into the private room.

“Alright, Brother. By the way, do you need to visit the victim? She’s the young lady from the Yule family. It’s the one who just returned, not Melanie.”

Sure enough, Shaun froze right after Liam finished speaking.

Shaun looked back, and his dark eyes settled on Liam. His gaze seemed to convey a turbulence of emotions. “Catherine?”

“Yup.” Liam’s face expressed pity.

Shaun shoved his right hand into the pocket of his trousers and bit his thin lip. “Is she badly injured?”

“I’m not sure about this. I came to the office after sending her to the hospital.” Shaun frowned. “But I heard that the brakes failed. It was quite risky then. When I went to save her, she was already unconscious.”

Director Shepherd, who was behind Shaun, gasped. “Isn’t it impossible to survive if the brakes fail on the road along Sherman Mountain?”

Shaun kicked open the door of the private room. “Let’s go in.”

After taking a seat in the private room, he gave Hadley a stare. Hadley grasped the significance of his stare within a split second and went to find out about the matter right away.

Shaun sat on the seat of honor, while a bunch of executives beside him kept chatting. Nevertheless, he did not pay attention to what they were saying.

He had managed to behave icily throughout these years.

At this point, however, he only had Catherine’s mischievous, sly, and embarrassed looks in mind.

Two days ago, she had even stood in front of him with a flushed face, allowing him to kiss her however he wanted.

Now, she had met with an accident, and it was uncertain whether she was alive…

Shaun’s heart ached badly.

All of a sudden, he rose to his feet. “I’m not going to eat as something has come up. You guys just carry on with your meal.”

The executives looked at each other as he swiftly left.

The assistant, who came from next door, walked toward Liam and whispered, “Elder Young Master has left the office.”

Liam chuckled.

Everyone was under the impression that nothing could weaken Shaun, given that he began to keep everyone at a distance since Sarah’s death. Surprisingly, a weak point of his had been exposed.

Shaun was speeding throughout his journey to the hospital.

He quickened his pace to the VIP ward. Just as he was about to enter, he suddenly caught sight of Wesley sitting in front of the bed and holding Catherine’s hand.

He immediately stopped walking and hid behind the wall instead. He heard Wesley asking gently, “Are you still feeling dizzy?”

“Yup, a little. I feel like vomiting.”

“The doctor said that it’s common for someone with a concussion to experience this. You really frightened the wits out of me. I initially planned to settle some issues in Melbourne before I came over here, but I couldn’t afford to wait. I’m not going back. I need to stay here to keep you safe so that I won’t worry about you.”

Holding her hand, Wesley placed it close to his face. Catherine looked down awkwardly. “You haven’t even recovered from your injuries—”

“I’m getting much better. I really don’t want to lose you, Catherine,” Wesley said affectionately, “Let’s get married this year. I’ll stay by your side in the future.”

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