Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1929

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1929

The caretaker beside Sarah was shell—shocked. She quickly extended her hands to hold Sarah. “Oh no! Miss Neeson, are you alright?”

“It hurts so much.” Sarah’s face contorted.

Thinking that Sarah was putting on an act, Freya pointed at her and criticized, “Go on acting. You’ve always enjoyed acting, right? How shameless of you to ask me why I’m not letting you go when you’ve done so many crazy things. Although Wesley didn’t expose you, don’t treat us as fools.”

“Sarah, it’s high time we settled our scores, ” Catherine said impassively, “Do you want to leave with us or wait for others to drag you away later?”

Sarah clenched her teeth, her tears streaming down pitifully. She roared with a hoarse voice, “I wasn’t involved with Wesley’s affairs. I’m not even close to him. Please let me go. I guarantee that I won’t

make a move against you two. Freya, I promise that I’ll stay away from Rodney. I won’t snatch him from you. Please.”

She got up arduously before falling to her knees.“

I’ve lost everything. All I want to do is live the rest of my life.”

Freya smirked. “Stop pretending— ”

“Sarah, what are you doing? Quickly get up.” Rodney’s tense voice sounded from behind.

Sarah’s face stiffened. Before she was brought to her senses, Rodney promptly lifted her from the floor.

Sarah instantly leaned on his chest with a helpless expression. “Rodney, let go of me.”

Rodney lowered his head, only to see her teary and swollen face. His eyes flashed with rage. “Your face_”

“I was the one who slapped her,” Freya said loudly. Her eyes were fixed on her husband, who was holding the woman she hated the most.

She had an overwhelming urge to kill this shameless pair.

Rodney looked at Freya with annoyance. “Why do you have such a fiery temper? As I said, she had her reasons. Some things aren’t as simple as you think. She’s also a victim in the incident related to Wesley.”

“Victim?” Freya’s eyes were full of sarcasm. “ Rodney, I’ll cut to the chase. Are you insistent on protecting her?”

“Freya, I can’t let you hurt her, ” Rodney said without hesitation, “I owe her a lot. As for you, you’re already the prime minister’s goddaughter. Moreover, my family is very fond of you. You can get whatever you want. The position of Young Madam Snow belongs to you too. Do you know how many people out there admire you? Whereas for Sarah, she has nothing. Don’t assume that there’s something between us just because I’m saying these things. Both of us are innocent.”

He believed that he had done a good job at conveying his message.

Nevertheless, Catherine anxiously grabbed Freya’s shoulder upon hearing it.

Apparently, his words almost made Freya go insane.

“It turns out that you think I already have so much.” Freya burst into laughter with tears rolling down her face. “Do you think I long to be Young Madam Snow? What a lame position. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant by accident and your sister hadn’t begged me to marry you, I wouldn’t have married you. You’re extremely disgusting, you know that?

I’ve never seen such a disgusting man like you. You don’t deserve my love. What on earth makes you deserve to be loved? You’re just trash.”

She began to insult him senselessly.

She could finally understand why many couples had a falling out and ended up as enemies when they divorced.

They had done the most intimate thing in bed, yet they began to attack each other with the cruelest remarks.

Rodney’s expression changed drastically. His eyes were filled with shame and indignation.

As much as Sarah wanted  to laugh,  she quickly stood up for Rodney and said, “Freya, you’re going too far. Rodney is just concerned about you. Why do you have to hurt him by saying such nasty words? He’s your husband, after all.”

“Please. He’s not my husband. I’m going to divorce him. I don’t want to stay with him any longer. ” Of course, Freya was aware that Sarah was trying to tear her and Rodney apart.

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