Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1064

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1064


All of a sudden, this word startled Rodney for a moment.

Wendy said earnestly, “Yes. You might’ve only contributed a sperm, but the child is now around one centimeter long. You’ve probably thought of making her abort the child, but have you ever thought how much damage an abortion will bring to a woman’s body?

“It’s all too easy for you to say that because you’re not the one suffering the pain. A woman’s body will be damaged after going through an abortion. Some women even experience different kinds of complications or have difficulty getting pregnant again.

“Besides, have you thought that if her future boyfriend or husband finds out that she had previously aborted another man’s baby, how would they see her? Put yourself in her shoes. If you learn that your future wife used to be pregnant with another man’s child, will you be upset?”

Rodney kept quiet when listening to those words.

He was not inherently mean. After Wendy advised him in detail, a twinge of confusion and guilt crept into his mind.

Back then, he had thought about marrying a random woman to satisfy his parents’ wishes if Sarah and Shaun got married.

Later, Sarah and Shaun got a divorce. Rodney had sworn to make this woman happy.

Nevertheless, another woman was currently pregnant with his child.

What should he do now?

Old Master Snow said in a calm voice, “Rodney, I’ve always taught you that men must have a sense of responsibility. If you don’t even have a basic sense of responsibility, how are you going to earn other people’s trust and respect in your business and career? When it comes to relationships, you don’t listen to us. The bottom line is, we won’t accept irresponsible descendants.”

Rodney was shocked.

Old Master Snow had mentioned a few times that if Rodney ended up with Sarah, he would disown him.

Nevertheless, Old Master Snow had only said it out of fury back then. Right now, he was calm and determined.

Rodney knew that Old Master Snow had always hated irresponsible and unfaithful men the most.

“Between your child and Sarah, choose either one. If you choose Sarah, don’t ever step into the Snow family’s house anymore. We’ll have nothing to do with each other. You don’t have to contact or visit us during the holidays either. You don’t have to send us messages as well. We’ll also publicly announce that you’re kicked out of the Snow family.”

Finally, Jason said, “Anyway, your mom and I still have two other children, Jessica and Carson. Let me advise you beforehand that you shouldn’t use the Snow family’s name out there if you decide to choose Sarah.”

Wendy said, “Make your own choice.”

No one from the Snow family spoke afterward.

Rodney stood there in a daze, and nobody could be bothered about him. He had no choice but to walk out alone.

When he stepped out of the house, his legs were both trembling.

He turned around and glanced at the Snow household’s gate. Never had he thought that he would one day fall into such a state?

He could not help but go to the hospital to vent his anger on Chester. “Why didn’t you tell me about Freya’s matter first? Instead, you let my family members know about it. Do you know how miserable I am right now? Are you still my buddy? Sarah grew up with us. Don’ t you want to see her happy?”

Chester was looking down and flipping through a medical record when he said, “Rodney, I’m your body so of course, I won’t frame you. Freya is a better match for you.”

“You must be… crazy.”

Rodney said in a huff, “If she’s a good woman, why don’t you get together with her? Is it because Shaun badmouthed Sarah?”

“Freya is pregnant with your child.”

Chester closed the medical record. His eyes behind his glasses carried a sense of tranquility. “Rodney, men don’t use their brains when they’re in love.

You think that Sarah is nice in many ways. But if she’s nice, why isn’t she willing to return even a penny to Shaun now that he’s in a difficult situation?

“It’s… It’s not because she doesn’t want to return it. It’s just that she has placed all the money in a closed-end fund and can’t withdraw it.”

Rodney responded evasively, “What’s more, she hates Shaun deep down. Why should she return the money to Shaun when he has wasted more than ten years of her youth?”

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