Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1051

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1051

Shaun looked around. He lived here for three years, but on his way here earlier, Hadley told him that this was the place he used to stay in with Catherine before. It was also the place where Catherine accompanied him when his illness acted up.

“This is my home.” Sarah could not figure out the look in his eyes.

“It must be quite fun to stay in a place that belongs to another.” Shaun advanced forward, step by step. Underneath his eyes were bags as dark as black ink. “You proposed to live here because this is the place where Catherine and I stayed before. Do you feel particularly accomplished by robbing someone else’s love nest?”

Sarah’s head exploded.

Her worst fears came true. Shaun actually discovered it.

How on earth did he find out?

“Shaun, I don’t know what you’re talking about. ” Sarah tried to calm herself down. “We’ve already

broken up. Are you saying these things to humiliate me?”

“You’re quite good at acting. It’s no wonder Chester, Rodney, and I were played into your hands.” Shaun laughed and sized her up as if it was the first time he was meeting her. “ Sarah Neeson, have you ever loved me before? Was the love you mentioned referring to my money or the power I had?”

“Shaun, we’re over. I’ve been hurt enough by you. I just want to move on…”

Before Sarah could finish, Shaun grabbed her arm.

He pulled her close to him. If looks could kill, Sarah would have been skewered a thousand times by his eyes. “Back then, I trusted you, but you hypnotized me against my will when you were treating me?

“That kind of vicious method could’ve turned me into a fool, but you didn’t care about that at all. All you cared about was getting what you wanted and if you couldn’t get it, then you’d destroy it.”

“What hypnosis? Are you crazy?” Sarah yelled. “If I hadn’t cured you, you might have gone to a mental hospital by now.”

“I’d rather bloody go to a mental hospital. At least my wife and children would be there.” Shaun’s eyes were filled with a menacing scarlet red and the hatred felt in his heart nearly drove him berserk. “ I’ve never seen such a vicious woman like you.

What do I owe you?”

“Yes, you went missing in the States, but did I tell you to go missing? Ever since we met, you keep asking me for things and I’ve given you everything. I showed you all the patience and care and heck, I’ve never been so good even to Catherine.”

“I thought Thomas was bad but at least you were principled and uncorrupted. Haha, in the end,

you’ re worse than Thomas. It’s enough that you hypnotized me, but why did you lie to me and say that Catherine was crazy? You made me lock her up with my own hands, you evil woman.”

The more Shaun spoke, the more he could not repress himself, and he dragged her and threw her into the swimming pool.

Sarah came to the surface in fear, but Shaun grabbed her neck and choked her until her face turned red. “Sarah Neeson, you don’t have to explain yourself. I’ve gone to Melbourne for a checkup. My memory is entirely different from what I experienced. You tampered with my memory when you were treating me.”

“You said that Lucifer forced you before, but that was a lie too, wasn’t it? You ran to him because I couldn’t satisfy you, and when you wanted to get married, you got someone to kill him, right?”

“Shaun… Shaun, I didn’t. How could I possibly hurt you…” Sarah cried and shouted hoarsely.

“You won’t hurt me?”

Shaun burst out laughing until tears dropped. “ Haven’t you harmed me enough? What did I do in my past life to be unfortunate enough to meet you? When I broke up with you, I still felt indebted and gave you hundreds of millions in breakup fees.

Sarah, are you proud of yourself?”

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