Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Cute Essie

By the time they finished setting up, there was still some time until noon. Hence, Roxanne brought the kids to a place nearby to play. She had prepared many toys for them, especially for Estella.

Since Roxanne did not know what toys Estella liked to play with outdoors, she simply gathered some toys and brought them along. Before leaving the tents, the children each took their favorite toy out.

Archie and Benny each chose a water gun and a camera, while Estella picked a drawing board after much contemplation.

Roxanne could not help but chuckle when she saw the children’s toy of choice. After that, she led them away from the campsite.

The further they walked, the more types of flowers and plants they saw. It was all thanks to Roxanne’s influence that the children paid special attention to the plants in the wild.

Along the way, they would ask her about the names and uses of the flowers. Even the cameras they brought along turned out handy.

Since many plants in the world had medicinal uses, it was only natural that Roxanne was familiar with them. Thus, she answered each of their questions patiently.

Estella, however, was clearly quieter than the boys. Instead of asking questions, she followed behind them and drew on her drawing board in silence.

When Roxanne noticed Estella’s unusual silence, she thought the latter was feeling awkward. Hence, Roxanne stopped in her tracks and asked, “Are you having fun, Essie? I can take you back to the tent if you’re feeling tired.”

The boys, too, cast her concerned gazes, thinking she was being silent because she was not used to such settings.

To their surprise, Estella showed them her drawing board the moment Roxanne finished her sentence.

Estella’s brushstrokes were rather childish, but the drawing was recognizable. They were the plants Roxanne explained earlier.

“I think it’s fun!” Estella said, her eyes gleaming.

She loved the plants, and she was impressed with how Roxanne knew all of them.

Roxanne was relieved to see Estella so happy. Giving the latter a pat on the head, she then brought the children to sit on the grass.

They were surrounded by a field of flowers.

While Roxanne introduced the flowers to Archie and Benny, she casually picked some, occasionally glancing at Estella.

Soon, a delicate wreath was formed.

However, Estella was too focused on drawing that she did not notice Roxanne’s actions.

The boys, on the other hand, were stunned by the wreath in Roxanne’s hand.

Although she had made one for them when they were abroad, the flowers there were not as pretty as the ones they currently saw. Thus, the wreath Roxanne had just made was exceptionally pretty.

Before they could even gasp, Roxanne placed her finger to her lips to hush them.

Seeing that, the boys sealed their lips and grinned as they watched Roxanne place the wreath on Estella’s head.

“Ah!” It frightened Estella, for she thought something had fallen on her head.

When she returned to her senses, she saw Roxanne and the boys staring at her, which confused her even more.

Estella was dressed in a white dress and had two braids, each resting on her shoulders. Coupled with her cute features and the wreath, she looked like a little fairy that had popped out of a storybook, especially since she was gazing at them innocently.

Seeing how cute she was, Archie hurriedly took out his camera and snapped a picture.

When Estella saw that, a bewildered expression spread across her face, and she carefully touched the top of her head.

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