Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 846

Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 846

Seeing the kindergarten she had just selected about to slip away, Diana wished she could silence this woman.

Why did she have so many enemies in Richburgh?

What’s more, she didn’t recognize a single one of them!

Diana grew even more concerned about her amnesia.

She bit her lip, clenched her fists, and stared intently at the enrollment officer.

“What’s wrong with disabled children? They’re also angels! They’re the hope of a family, and they’re equally precious. Why won’t you accept them?”

“Ms. Winnington, please don’t misunderstand. We don’t accept disabled children because it’s a rule in Richburgh. Children with special conditions need to go to special schools, which is better for them. As for families, that’s a rule set by our founder and headmaster. The headmaster is a foreigner who values good familial relationships.”

“My daughter isn’t disabled,” Diana said. “She’s just going through a temporary phase. She’s a bit closed off and wouldn’t come out of her shell.”

The enrollment officer was aware of it. “The child’s current condition aside, is it true that you come from a broken family?”

This was the most stringent requirement.

A broken family wouldn’t qualify for enrollment.

This kindergarten was suitable in terms of faculty, teaching environment, tuition fees, and distance.

If Diana couldn’t get her children enrolled here, she wasn’t sure she could find another suitable kindergarten before autumn. She had to make sure Sean and Betty could start school smoothly.

The doctor told Diana that Betty should have more contact with peers in a safe environment. That would be beneficial to her recovery.

“That’s not true,” Diana said.

She thought for a while. Then, she took a deep breath and looked firmly at the enrollment officer. “My children has a father, and we live in a happy family.”

The enrollment officer smiled. “That’s good. Next Monday, you and your children’s father are welcome for an interview with the children.”

When both parents and children pass the interview, Sean and Betty could enroll in the kindergarten.

“About my daughter…”

“I’ll explain the situation to the headmaster in advance, but the final decision will be based on his assessment during the interview.”

Kiki mocked Diana in front of the enrollment officer.

“Just wait and see!” she sneered. “I don’t believe a divorced woman like her can put on a show of a happy family.”

Unless Diana married Simon within this week.

As it stood, she had too many enemies.

After what happened with Zachary, Diana wouldn’t act rashly without understanding her opponent’s background. This time, she resisted the urge to retaliate against Kiki and left quietly.

As soon as Diana left, Kiki immediately called Simon. “I just ran into Diana. You should thank me this time! I’ve helped you again.”

She explained the situation, and added confidently, “Within this week, Diana will definitely bring up the topic of marriage with you again.”

When Diana left the kindergarten, she instantly regretted her actions. She shouldn’t have tried to show off. She couldn’t even begin to guess how Julian would react to the latest paternity test. And yet, she still pretended she had a happy family.

She had to bring the children’s father for the kindergarten interview next week.

And the father of the children was none other than Julian Fulcher.

No, she couldn’t wait any longer!

She had to show him the paternity test results.

She decided to visit Julian. To be safe, she didn’t take the

two children with her. Nina offered to look after them after hearing about her problem.

“Julian doesn’t believe in your amnesia, but I do,” Nina said.” Before you lost your memories, we made a deal that I’d be your children’s godmother. Now that you’re busy, it’s only right for me to take care of them.”


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