In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 188

In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 188

Left with no choice, I had Molly help me settle the discharge procedures.

“Mrs. Fuller, even though the doctor has agreed to let you leave, he wants me to remind you to be careful! You need to rest more!”

Molly chattered away as she packed my things. “Look at how much your belly has grown! The baby is due soon. If it weren’t for you not wanting to stay in the hospital any longer, I would’ve recommended you to stay here. After all, it’s much safer!”

I was silent while I listened to her nagging half-heartedly. My mind was occupied with thoughts about Ashton. I wondered why he was not picking up his phone and worried whether something had happened at Fuller Corporation. It would seem like things were not going as smoothly for the company as expected. After all, it wasn’t an easy feat to establish a foothold here in K City.

He’s been leaving early and coming back late these days. It’s too bad that there’s nothing I can do to help him in my current condition.

Molly sent the bodyguard ahead with my things as she stayed behind to support me. “Remember to eat your medicine when you get back home!”

I nodded to show that I heard her. While we were waiting for the elevator, her phone rang. She answered it, giving me a much-needed reprieve from her chatter.

The elevator doors opened to reveal it crammed full of people. I was about to enter when Molly stopped me while in the midst of talking on the phone. “Mrs. Fuller, let’s wait for the next elevator. It’s not safe to squeeze in with so many people.”

I took a second look at the elevator and had to agree with her. Thus, we waited for the next round.

Molly ended her call right as the elevator came again. Holding my arm to steady me, she reported, “Mr. Fuller says that you shouldn’t be in such a hurry to leave the hospital. He thinks that it’s safer if you stay a few more days for further observation.”

I shook my head to dismiss her words. “That was him just now?”

She nodded. “He tried calling your phone but nobody answered. I guess you must have left it at home.”

I hummed in acknowledgment but did not say anything more as we entered the elevator.

The lobby was bustling with countless people. Worried that someone would bump into me, Molly stepped closer and lamented, “The hospitals here are nothing like the hospitals in J City. There are just too many people! If we aren’t careful, someone might bowl us over!”

I eyed the frazzled-looking nurses manning the various stations before I nodded in agreement. All the private hospitals in K City had a lot of people coming every day, let alone the government hospitals.

“Hey, isn’t that Ms. Moore? Why is she here?” Molly was looking in the direction of the Lab Department.

Following her gaze, I spotted Rebecca currently having her blood drawn. I stiffened in surprise. What’s wrong with her? Why would she need to get her blood drawn?

“Mrs. Fuller, I’m going to head over and say hello to Ms. Moore.” With that said, Molly guided me over to sit down in a nearby chair before walking toward Rebecca.

At first, it did not register in my brain that the Ms. Moore Molly was talking about was Rebecca. Then, I recalled that the latter had changed her name after being accepted by the Moore family.

But how does Molly know her? Not to mention they seem quite familiar with each other too.

The two of them were all smiles as they chatted with each other. Once Rebecca was done getting her blood drawn, she pressed a cotton ball to the needle site. Her gaze then flickered over to me.

She said something to Molly before they headed toward me.

“Scarlett, long time no see!” A smug smile played across her lips.

I had no idea why she was suddenly feeling so superior. Barely dipping my head in a nod, I focused my attention on Molly. “It’s getting late so we should be going.”

Molly seemed completely oblivious to my impatient tone. She smiled broadly and exclaimed, “You know Mrs. Fuller, Ms. Moore? What a coincidence!”

“Rebecca Larson, please head to Counter 4 for your ultrasound results,” the speakers crackled with an announcement from the Ultrasound Department.

Rebecca glanced at Molly with a smile. “Molly, could you help me get my results? I haven’t seen Scarlett in a very long time and I was hoping we could talk!”

Molly beamed at us and replied, “Sure, no problem!” With that, she trotted away to get Rebecca’s ultrasound results.

Since I had nothing much to say to her, I merely gave her a cold look before ignoring her entirely.

She did not seem to care about my aloof attitude. Moving over to sit down beside me, her gaze landed on my distended abdomen. Her smile widened. “Judging from the size of you, you’re due to give birth soon, right? I guess that means Ash won’t be bringing you with him to my birthday party.”

Birthday party?

“Just tell me what is it you want!” I snapped in a frosty tone.

There was no love lost between the two of us. Whatever she wanted to say must definitely have something to do with Ashton.

My response caused her to frown. However, she did not get angry. Instead, she grinned and drawled, “What’s the hurry? Technically, we could be considered old friends. It’s not very nice of you to be so repulsed by me. Who knows, our children might end up having to call each other siblings in the future!”

“What do you mean by that, Rebecca? What siblings?”

She merely chuckled, not saying anything more.

At that moment, Molly rushed over with a delighted expression on her face. She handed the ultrasound results to Rebecca. “It was only a short while back that I heard you were engaged, Ms. Moore, yet you’re already with child! Congratulations!”

She’s with child?

Rebecca took the results, her expression blissful and joyous. Thanking Molly, she turned to look at me. “Let’s catch up another day, hmm? I still need to tell my fiancé the good news!”

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