In a Love Nest with the Aloof CEO Chapter 494 by desirenovel

In a Love Nest with the Aloof CEO Chapter 494 by desirenovel

Avery calmed herself down and responded, “We’ve talked about everything privately. As such, I don’t wish to answer similar questions anymore.”

Since Avery was reluctant to reply, Skylar answered on her behalf, “Because Avery’s parents overindulged her when she was young, she was inevitably capricious. Nevertheless, after cooperating with her in this TV show, I realized that she has grown up a lot.”

Skylar acted like a good person throughout the interview. On the other hand, Avery almost couldn’t control her emotions, and her smile looked worse than her crying.

After a while, she gazed at Largo helplessly. When their eyes met, Largo only flashed a gentle smile at her, implicitly telling her that it had nothing to do with him.

Earlier, when Largo had dated Avery briefly, he made a lot of promises before her. Now, he appeared like a total stranger to her instead.

After the interview, Skylar and Avery got into an MPV to leave the hall.

As Skylar wanted to enjoy looking at the scenery of Dellmoor from the window, she realized that the sky was gloomy and foggy.

“Today’s female lead was supposed to be me, but you snatched it from me,” Avery growled. Now that reporters weren’t around, she could vent her feelings out as she pleased.

“Just in case you forgot, you took a lot of things away from me before. Now that you only have to return them to me little by little, you should be grateful about it.” As Skylar glared at Avery, Avery pursed her lips as though she would cry at any second.

As far as Skylar remembered, Avery wasn’t that fragile. The spoiled brat was always arrogant and often told her friends that Skylar’s mom was a murderer and had seduced her dad.

Since Avery clenched her fists too tightly, her knuckles became pale-colored, while fingernails sank into her flesh. “Who do you think you will be if Tobias isn’t there for you? You got the female lead merely by selling your body. Hmph! I will never be that shameless!”

Nonetheless, Skylar wasn’t thin-skinned. Although the driver was peeking at them from the rearview mirror, Skylar replied composedly, “You don’t have to worry about how I got the female lead. As long as I’m here, you can only be a supporting cast.”

Avery yelled all of a sudden upon hearing it. Meanwhile, the driver was scared to death and almost slammed on the brakes.

Deep down, Avery swore that she would never let Skylar off the hook. Regardless of the costs, I will never lose.

When they arrived at the hotel, Cassidy was already waiting in the lobby to meet up with them. Skylar could tell that Cassidy was more emotionally stable than before.

Once they arrived at the lobby, Avery and Cassidy hugged. Skylar was shocked to know that they suddenly became good friends.

Perhaps the enemy of one’s enemy was one’s friend. Cassidy still held a grudge against Skylar because Skylar used to criticize her on the internet.

After the incident, Skylar had learned the lesson and refrained from talking too much.

“Cassidy, was your plane delayed? Have you had dinner? How about going to John’s Roast Duck tonight?” As soon as Avery hopped out, she behaved differently. The woman who was hysterical in the car just now didn’t resemble the Avery now in any way.

Cassidy replied in a local accent, “Sure. I’ll ask my assistant to book a room. Also, bring the director and Largo along to the restaurant.”

Avery felt a little uneasy once she heard Largo’s name.

Since Skylar was ignored, she chose not to disturb them. After all, they probably didn’t wish to see her at all.

On the other hand, Cassidy kept avoiding Skylar’s gaze. She was worried that Tobias had probably told Skylar about her dishonorable actions in the past.

Now, Skylar was only curious about whether Cassidy slept with Xander before. If that is the case, it means that Largo indeed introduced Cassify to Xander. So, wouldn’t she feel embarrassed to see Largo?

“Seriously! They invited everyone except you to John’s Roast Duck. If the reporters take pictures, they’ll make up stories, suggesting that you don’t get along with the crew.” Feeling that Skylar was wronged, Hannah got furious once she entered the room.

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