I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 874

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 874

He would marry Celia and then have a bunch of kids. 

If Celia could not give birth to his children, then he would listen to Celia’s advice and accept Selena. 

However, he would also have to bring Pearl along. 

In the end, they would find an uninhabited island to enjoy the final years of their lives. In the afternoon, David had planned to fly directly to Springfield to visit Pearl. 

However, after thinking about it, he contacted Amelia first to meet her. 

This meeting could be considered a farewell. 

David had mixed feelings about this goddess classmate whom he had some skin-to-skin contact with. 

Amelia was thrilled when she met David. 

However, her eyes darkened after a while. Before this, she only thought that David was someone from a super wealthy family. 

As one of the three campus belles of South River University, she was entitled to pursue him. 

However, after seeing David on a global live broadcast the 

other day, Amelia discovered that David’s identity was far beyond her imagination. Even the legendary figure Mason Stefani, the Chief of Staff of Somerland, needed to be polite to David. 

David was such an influential person, so was she still suitable for him? 

Obviously, no matter how she viewed it, she was no longer worthy of David. 

Amelia cried for several nights because of this. 

It was as if a dream she had held onto for a long time was suddenly smashed mercilessly. 

She struggled to accept this reality for a while. “Amelia, long time no see!” David greeted her with a smile. 

“Long time no see, D-Dav…” 

For a while , Amelia did not know how to address David. 

If she addressed him with his first name, with David’s current status, it would make her appear rude. If she did not address him this way, then Amelia did not know how to address him anymore. 

“Amelia, you should just call me by my name. Just pretend I’m the same David I used to be, no, I am the same David I used to be. Nothing has changed at all, so 

don’t be too polite. We even had a little skin-to-skin contact back then, and it was your first kiss last time, right? I am the one who took your first kiss, even if it was forced,” David teased with a smile. 

Amelia did not expect David to say such a thing. 

She thought David would be serious and unsmiling since he was a big shot now. 

However, as she looked at David’s warm smile , Amelia was relieved. 

David was still the same David. 

It was just that she had become a little too concerned about status. 

“Alright, David, long time no see! By the way, how did you know it was my first kiss?” Amelia asked curiously. 

At this moment, she let go of many things in her heart. 

She stopped fiddling. 

Since she had made an effort, it was enough. 

If she could not obtain it, she should still give it her blessing She loved this man who was as dazzling as the sun, and she had no regrets in her life. 

“Well… Um… You were inexperienced, and… You bit me!” 

“Well… Do you want to try again? This time, I promise I 

won’t bite you. Instead, I will make you feel good,” Amelia licked her lips with her tongue and tempted him. 

“No thanks. Please sit down.” 

The two sat down together and started chatting. 

Amelia told David what happened on campus while David told her about martial artists. 

The two were like old friends. 

They talked about a lot of things, and at last, when they were about to part ways, Amelia suddenly said, “David, do we still have a chance to be together?” 

David was just about to say no when he saw Amelia, who was still smiling just now, suddenly burst into tears. 

David could feel the determination in Amelia’s eyes. 

This woman genuinely liked him. 

What right did he have to deprive others of hope? 

David sighed and said, “Amelia, let’s go with the flow, okay? None of us can predict what will happen in this world tomorrow. You have watched the live broadcast, so you should know about the catastrophe. It is real, and I am not confident I can get through it.” 

“Okay, thank you, David.” Amelia wiped away her tears and smiled. 

She knew this was the best answer she could get. 

David walked Amelia out. 

He did not dare to show up at the university entrance brazenly now. 

Hence, he could only walk her here. 

Amelia turned suddenly, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed David’s lips. After that, she quickly turned and ran away. 

The wind blew her tear droplet away, and it landed on David’s lips. 

David tried to lick it with his tongue. 

It was cool and salty.

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