I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 194

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 194

“You know my brother?” Gunther asked unnaturally.

David was taken aback. He did not expect Morris and Gunther to be brothers.

Then there was nothing else to say. Although he and Morris were both core members of the SCC, Morris and Bill were at odds with each other, and he was the person whom Bill added, so naturally, he would be at odds with Morris too.

In addition, Morris had displayed strong hostility towards him. Since he was an enemy, he had to be taken down destructively.

Moreover, even if Morris was not hostile to him, with what Gunther had done, David would not be able to reconcile with him.

Money was a small matter to him but disrespecting the people around him would be violating his bottom line.

“Does your brother Morris know what you did? Would you like to call him to tell him about it? You can tell him that my name is David Lidell.”

David’s remarks made Gunther instinctively think that he might be in trouble.

Anyone who dared to state their name in front of his brother meant that his brother would also know them, and the two parties might be on the same level.

Even if they were not, they would be not much worse than his brother.

He concluded that the issue might have become a bit troublesome now.

He could not afford to offend the people that were on the same level as his brother.

Gunther shivered at the thought of possibly causing trouble for his brother.

Even he would be scared when Morris flew into a rage.

“W-Who are you?” Gunther asked, acting a little unnaturally,

“Didn’t I tell you? My name is David Lidell. As for who I am, you can ask Morris.”

“Since you and my brother know each other, let’s forget about what happened today. I still have something to do, farewell!” After Gunther finished saying that, he prepared himself to leave.

He needed to go back and learn more about David’s identity.

As for calling Morris now, he did not dare to do so.

He would wait until he found out who David was.

If he really could not afford to offend him, then he would just apologize. A great man knew

when to yield.

Even great heroes had been humiliated before, much less him.

At the end of the day, he was scared.

However, just as he got up and was about to leave, he was blocked by Wayne and Gordon.

“David, what is the meaning of this?” Gunther asked, turning his head.

“What do I mean? You suspended my project, and even tried to disrespect me. Do you think I’ll just let this matter rest just like that?”

“What do you want?”

“What do I want? Isn’t there a plaza in front of this place? Go over there, kneel, and apologizet o Miss Pearl and then I’ll put this matter to rest.”

“No way! David, don’t be dissatisfied with small gains. It won’t be good for anyone if this matter blows up,” Gunther growled.

Asking him to kneel and apologize in public?

This was simply not possible!

This would not only ruin his reputation, it would ruin the Daniels’ and his brother’s reputation in Springfield.

If he did this, the first person to look for him would be Morris.

Morris valued his reputation above everything else.

If he knelt, this would represent not only himself, but his entire family kneeling.

“No? Then don’t even think of leaving today. Call Morris to come to pick you up,” David said.

Today, he wanted to be arrogant for once and have a fight with Morris.

He wanted to make people who wanted to disrespect him understand that they would need to pay a price for doing so.

He and Morris were both core members of the SCC, and he expected the organization to solve this through mediation.

Still, he was also a core member who only just joined, while Morris was a veteran of the SCC, S o it was possible that the SCC would still favor Morris.

However, he was not afraid. He had just joined the two most powerful organizations in the country. This was the perfect time to see if they worked.

It was not his fault. He was just following the normal procedure and it was the other party that

was deliberately causing trouble for him.

He was the reasonable one, and according to the rules of the organization, the organization would still side with him.

He would use this opportunity to show his prestige in Springfield so that he could spend the next large amount of money smoothly.

‘Sigh, every day I open my eyes and think about how to spend money. I don’t think anyone else has the same problem as me.’

“David, don’t go too far! It won’t be good for you to push me too hard! You are an outsider after all, and if you want to gain a foothold in Springfield, you still need to rely on the local forces. So, you better show some respect so that both sides can get out of this,” Gunther advised.

“I am going to force you today, and what can you do about it? Take the three of them down and have Morris come and pick them up,” David said casually.

As soon as he said that, Wayne and Gordon attacked both of Gunther’s bodyguards at the same


The four of them quickly engaged in a fight. Although the two around Gunther were not bad, they were still a bit far behind Wayne and Gordon, who had gone through life and death in foreign countries for many years..

Both of them were top-tier first-line masters and they were only one step away from the Tiger Rank. After only a few dozen moves, they knocked the two brought by Gunther to the ground and Gunther’s men immediately lost their fighting strength.

Gunther did not expect the other party to be so powerful.

They were the people he handpicked in Morris’ underground boxing ring.

If they could be defeated so quickly, this also further confirmed that David’s identity was not t o be trifled with.

In the blink of an eye, only Gunther was left standing alone.

David got up and walked over.

“David, what do you want? Listen to me, if you really do anything to me, then the Daniels’ will fight to the death with you! I advise you to think about the consequences,” Gunther said nervously.

Now, he was really afraid that David would do something to him.

“Fight to the death, huh? From the moment you started having ideas about Miss Pearl, we have already started this fight. Now, I will just be charging you some interest from first.”

David finished saying that and slapped Gunther in the face.


With a scream, Gunther flew several meters away.

Several teeth were also sent sailing through the air.

David’s slap was very heavy. Half of Gunther’s face instantly swelled several times and half of his teeth almost fell out.

And this scene happened to be seen by Lester Cox, who had just pushed the door open.

As Morris’ right-hand man, Lester was confident in his own strength.

After receiving a call from Morris telling him to bring someone over to check on Gunther, he came over by himself.

In his opinion, if he could not solve it, then it would be useless to bring more people.

When Lester saw Gunther flying backward after being slapped, Lester did not need any more reason as he rushed directly to David’s side to punch him.

The second son of the Daniels was injured so badly right under his nose, how would he explain it to Morris if he did not cripple the other party?

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