I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 

‘Why is Lorraine showing hostility towards me? 

‘I don’t seem to have a hostile relationship with her!‘ 

So far, the two had not spoken more than ten sentences with each other. 

Moreover, Lorraine came from the hidden sect, The Krums. 

The relationship between Somerland and The Krums was still very good. 

When allocating resources, David took special care of The Krums. 

Even if the two were not friends, they should not be hostile toward each other. 

However, his mind power would not make mistakes. 

David was puzzled. 

He could not figure out what would cause Lorraine to be hostile to him. 

‘Could it be… love begets hate? 


The two had only met a few times, and they only spoke less than ten sentences to each other, so why would she fall in love with him? 

‘Is my attraction to women so strong that even a woman like Lorraine, who is as gorgeous as humanly possible, is overwhelmed by my charm and is deeply infatuated with me? 

‘Did she start to despise me because she couldn’t get me?‘ 

David thought arrogantly in his heart. 

It had to be said that with the continuous development of the system and its growing strength, David began to become increasingly narcissistic. 

Just a hint of hostility that Lorraine accidentally showed could conjure up so much imaginative thoughts in his head. 

However, David ignored Lorraine. 

Instead, he said to Amadi, “Amadi, you mean that as long as I join Star Mansion, I can freely enter and exit the Iridescent Sect?” 

“Um… Not exactly. The Iridescent Sect consists of all women, so even if Star Mansion and the Iridescent Sect are friendly, we still can’t enter and exit it freely. However, as long as you have the Star Order from Star Mansion, you can still enter and exit frequently,Amadi answered. 

“What’s the difference between entering and exiting freely and frequently?” David asked curiously. 

He felt that those two situations were identical. 

“There’s a difference! Entering and exiting freely means you’re not restricted by the Iridescent Sect. Entering and exiting frequently means there will still be some restrictions.” 

“What restrictions are there?” 

“Let’s talk about the specific situation later! It’s too early to tell you. Anyway, you just need to know that Star Mansion and the Iridescent Sect are closely tied. Only by joining us can you frequently visit your 

lovers. Otherwise, it’ll be very difficult for forces to enter the Iridescent Sect.” 

“Celeste, is that so?” David looked at Celeste. 

“That’s true! Only by joining Star Mansion can you maintain a close relationship with the Iridescent Sect. You can enter the Iridescent Sect from time to time, and you can also marry a female disciple of the Iridescent Sect,” Celeste nodded and replied. 

The Iridescent Sect and Star Mansion were indeed family friends, and their relationship could be traced back ten thousand years. 

The two forces basically had marital connections from generation to generation. 

The relationship shared by this generation had also reached its peak. 

Now, could be said to be when the two forces were the closest. 

This was because the wife of the current head of Star Mansion, Amadi’s mother, was once a proud disciple of the Iridescent Sect. 

Meanwhile, Celeste and her were also good friends who had faced the risk of death together. 

That was why Celeste came out with Amadi. 

After all, Amadi was also regarded as her nephew. 

If not, she would not waste her time doing this. 

If Celeste could not recruit David, the lunatic, into the Iridescent Sect, she could at least make him join Star Mansion. 

That way, she would be sending a peerless monster to her best friend. 

If Star Mansion could improve, Celeste would also be happy for her best friend. 

Moreover, she also would gain some benefits. 

“Amadi, I understand. Let’s talk about it once we’re there. Since the Iridescent Sect only takes women and I can’t join, then I’ll consider Star Mansion my priority.” 

“Of course! I believe you’ll make the best choice. Star Mansion will also give you the best treatment,” Amadi said confidently. 

He believed when David arrived at his hometown and understood the situation, he would surely choose Star Mansion. 

Star Mansion was not the most powerful force, but because of its close relationship with the Iridescent Sect, it would be David’s best choice. 

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