I Am Unstoppable Chapter 62

I Am Unstoppable Chapter 62– Together

Jonathan had strong vitality. His manly vigor and zest allowed him to restrain many evils. He placed his finger into Amber’s mouth, releasing drops of his blood that contained his virility. Meanwhile, the latter subconsciously consumed it at once.

The moment his blood entered her mouth, it instantly exorcised all of her hallucinations. Even her pain dissipated too. Amber’s eyes abruptly opened, and her vision settled on Jonathan.

His immense attention was on her skin, making the goosebumps and horrifying marks vanish from her body. Before he could relax and let out a sigh of relief, he noticed something was wrong; Amber was guzzling his blood.

Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows upon witnessing that sight. “Damn, do you think you’re drinking milk or something?”

It was then that Amber came to her senses and turned as red as a tomato. She stopped sucking on his finger. However, the next second, her vision dimmed to black again as she hallucinated that countless beetles were crawling on her body. That startled her as she began frantically devouring Jonathan’s blood once more.

It was only natural that Jonathan noticed her sudden change in reaction. He ranted inwardly at the feeling of his blood draining out of his veins rapidly.

Amber continued to devour Jonathan’s fresh blood. It seemed like his finger was a flowing faucet with a never-ending supply of the cure to her suffering.

Only when the blood was in the mouth, where it was in close vicinity to Amber’s brain, did it wipe out her hallucinations. The healing power faded as it moved down the throat.

What’s worse was that the blood was full of vitality at first. However, once it encountered any resentment aura within Amber, it got counteracted and lost its healing effect.

Thus, it was futile even if Amber held his blood in her mouth instead of swallowing it.

Amber was sober at the moment. She was aware that the blood was warm and tasted funny. However, she could not help but continue feeding on the blood like a drug addict.

“My gosh, Captain Johnson! Are you going to suck the life out of me and turn me into a mummy?” Jonathan exclaimed helplessly.

Amber felt utterly embarrassed. She could not speak, and her eyes were filled with anxiety as she silently cried for help from Jonathan.

Jonathan knew that Amber was not at fault for their current predicament. He looked up into the sky and wondered where Felicia was. His voice thundered, “D*amn it, Felicia. Get over here now! Show yourself!”

Just then, Felicia materialized out of thin air before him. She was wearing the same white dress and looked stony as before. Yet, upon close examination, her body seemed sheer rather than concrete.

“Felicia, how about you tell me who and where your enemies are so that I can help avenge you!”

However, Felicia ignored him and asked, “Didn’t you say that you aren’t in love with her? Why don’t you abandon her here and leave?”

Jonathan rolled his eyes and commented, “Not all relationships are romantic. There are responsibilities I have to bear. After all, I led Captain Johnson here. If I abandon her and leave, what kind of pathetic person does that make me?”

A sneer crept up Felicia’s pale face. “Tsk. Even in a marriage, it’s every man for himself. And yet, you’re saying that you’re saving her not for love but responsibility? Because you’re supposed to be this gallant man?”

Jonathan sighed, “Fine! Now that things have come to this point, I have nothing to hide. That’s right. I’m indeed an oddly heroic man.”

Scoffing, Felicia retorted sarcastically, “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe such a man exists. However, I’ll indulge you for a moment. If you let her drain every last drop of your blood and kill you, I promise to let her go.”

She then vanished, leaving not a trace behind.

“Damn it!” Jonathan cursed and glanced down at the ambivalent-looking Amber.

She grabbed Jonathan’s other hand and wrote on his palm: Leave me. Go.

Jonathan looked at her, tilted his head, and started pondering.

Amber was undoubtedly anxious as she, too, felt an internal conflict toward the situation. She did not want to drag Jonathan into this dilemma, but she was also scared of him abandoning her. Amber was not afraid of dying, but she feared Felicia’s terrifying presence and being left alone with the latter.

Little did she expect Jonathan to ask with a confused expression, “What exactly did you write on my palm? What are you trying to say?”

At that instant, Amber mentally facepalmed at the ridiculous situation.

Once more, She wrote slowly on his hand, letter by letter.

When she finished writing, Jonathan said in shock, “What? You’re asking me to have sex with you? Because you don’t want to die as a virgin?”

“What the heck!” Amber blurted out. She pulled his finger out of her mouth and scolded, “Quit pretending! I’ve only written a few words, and they’re not that difficult to understand.”

She did not have the chance to finish what she wanted to say before she blacked out and felt the endless bites of beetles. “Ahhh!” Amber screamed as goosebumps appeared all over her body.

Jonathan had no choice but to re-insert his finger into her mouth.

Again, Amber regained her sensibility and opened her eyes to look at him.

He chuckled and said, “Captain Johnson, I’m only messing with you. Don’t be upset, haha!”

Amber was speechless. She was dumbfounded by how he still dared to joke under such dire circumstances.

What shall we do? Amber continued to write on Jonathan’s palm.

He replied, “I don’t know. All we can do now is wait for a miracle. Perhaps Felicia will show mercy to us.”

She wrote: Impossible.

A sigh came from him. “Well, that’s true.”

She then replied: Then you should go. It’s better if I die alone rather than letting us die together.

Jonathan shot her a suspicious gaze and asked, “Are you sure about that?”

Mixed feelings overwhelmed Amber, but she still nodded after gathering every bit of her courage in her. “Well, I did think of leaving. But if I leave, I will look down on myself.” Jonathan chuckled, paused momentarily, and continued, “You ought to know that Felicia is merely playing a game. My finger is in your mouth, so we’re technically connected. Thus, Felicia can kill me through you if she wants to. She has made it so that either I leave alone or die here. If I try to escape with you and cheat in her game, she will kill us both.”

Amber began to understand his thought process and wrote: No one will know what happened here if you leave alone. No one will look down on you, and I won’t blame you.

Jonathan smirked. “Do you think I care if someone looks down on me? Why would I care about what people think of me?”

That stunned her for a second. She soon realized what he cared about most was guarding his clear conscience.

He was a righteous man, and if he did not do anything wrong, he would not kneel to apologize even if his life was at stake.

Time ticked by slowly as drops of blood drained from Jonathan’s body. Soon after, the flow of his remaining blood was not enough to keep Amber conscious. He watched as she suffered more and more. Running out of choice, he cut another part of his hand and fed more of his blood to Amber.

The blood was too much for her to swallow, and it overflowed from her mouth after a while.

Seconds passed before the duo became drenched in blood.

As blood continued to drain from Jonathan’s body at an alarming rate, his face turned paler.

At the same time, dizziness started to engulf him, and he could feel himself getting weaker over time. He was an expert who had good insight into the state of his body. Thus, he could feel his strength fading away.

Everyone knew that blood and bone marrow provided strength to one’s body.

Excessive blood loss would undoubtedly weaken one’s body.

Jonathan’s advantage over ordinary people was due to the blood-purifying effect of Ultra Sun Moon Mantra, which also strengthened his bones.

The power and density of his blood were much superior to most people.

Therefore, it was no surprise that his strength weakened once he lost his blood.

Amber was so sad to see Jonathan getting weaker and his face turning paler that she had the urge to push him away. However, every time she had such thoughts, the sensation of beetles biting on her body kicked in.

She gritted her teeth and pushed Jonathan’s hand away forcefully. Tears flowed from her eyes as she wept with a mouthful of blood, “Go. Leave me alone.”

“The heck with leaving! I’m all worn out now. I don’t think I can leave. I might as well die and let you live,” Jonathan said.

Before Amber could retort, the hallucination started again. Millions of beetles were munching fervently on her body.

Her face contorted at once. An ear-piercing scream slipped from her lips as she scratched all over her body. She even had the urge to scrape her eyes.

Seeing that, Jonathan immediately placed his bleeding hand into her mouth.


Amber guzzled the fresh blood and could react sensibly again.

She wrote on his palm while sobbing: I’m sorry.

Jonathan sat on the ground feebly while Amber nestled in his arms. The two seemed like a couple. “Damn, if someone sees our dead bodies, won’t they think we died together for love?” Jonathan murmured out of the blue.

Amber replied on his palm: Isn’t that a good thing?

Jonathan said, “Of course not. I’m a Casanova. I won’t settle down for a woman, let alone die for love!”

A scoff-like expression crossed Amber’s face. What a killjoy. Can’t he play along? We’re clearly in an emotional setting. Jonathan was just not the type of man who played by the rules.

At that moment, he was tired to the bone. He shut his eyes and felt like slipping into an endless slumber.

“Wake up, Jonathan. Don’t sleep!” cried Amber, who saw what was happening. She could tell his vital signs were plummeting. Jonathan was the one supporting and reassuring her all this while. However, she knew Jonathan was on the brink of collapse at that moment. His exuberance, arrogance, and carefreeness were no longer visible.

Jonathan awoke to Amber shaking him. He smiled softly and said, “Looks like I’m doomed this time.”

Tears started running down Amber’s cheeks. She clenched her teeth and decided not to take in Jonathan’s blood anymore. Instead, she tore a piece of cloth from her sleeve and wrapped it around his wound.

Much to her surprise, the hallucination did not return this time when she stopped feeding on his blood.

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