I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 69

I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 69-“How is that possible?” Li Zhuo exclaimed in shock. “Teacher Anonymous has retired and has not produced any new songs in five years. How can you have two of his songs?”

Jin Chi`en was also looking at her with disbelief.

Shen Ruojing ignored the two of them. She then turned to Jing Zhen. “Father, prepare yourself. Yang Zhiqin should be done soon.”


Jing Zhen looked at Jin Chi`en. “I know you always want to sing a song from Teacher Anonymous. However, it’s a pity that I’ll be singing it first. See you on the chart next month.”


After speaking, he stood up. When he walked past Jin Chi`en, he helplessly sighed. “Say…I just want to focus on acting and not sing anymore. Why would Teacher Anonymous choose me and want me to sing his song no matter what? Sigh…”


Li Zhuo and Jin Chi`en: “…”

The two of them had anger on their faces and after Jing Zhen entered the recording studio, Jin Chi`en looked at Li Zhuo unhappily. “What should we do now? This was all caused by you! If you hadn’t forced him, he might not have wanted to sing!”

Li Zhuo frowned. “Something is wrong with this matter. Why would she have two songs from Teacher Anonymous? Let us try contacting Teacher Anonymous!”

Jin Chi`en: “Do you think I’ve never tried contacting him before? I have sent him countless emails and private texts during these few years. I also made posts on his Weibo account, but he didn’t even log in! He has completely retired!”

Back then, Teacher Anonymous rose to fame on Weibo. His first song was given to various music platforms and entertainment companies, but no one felt it would do well. Hence, he posted it on Weibo himself.

In the end, the popularity of his song skyrocketed and he received endless invitations.

So, Teacher Anonymous did have a Weibo account.

Li Zhuo furrowed his brow. “Don’t worry, I know how to handle this matter.”

While revealing a ruthless expression, he said, “These two songs shouldn’t even think about becoming popular!”

Shen Ruojing followed Jing Zhen into the recording studio.

She was initially worried about her father, uncertain whether he could enter the correct state of mind to sing or not. However, maybe because he was stimulated by Jin Chi`en outside or because Shen Qianhui was present, his singing was actually not bad!

It had been over twenty years since he last sang, but he was still able to hit his notes perfectly!

Jing Zhen’s voice belonged to those types that sounded nice when they were singing low notes. So, the song Shen Ruojing specially wrote for him completely focused on his strengths. The tempo was quick and sounded a little like rapping, but it wasn’t really a rap song. The arrangement of the music notes was done very meticulously.

The feeling that this entire song gave people was just two words – top standard!

[Life is a Game] was a song that portrayed Jing Zhen’s life. It seemed unbridled and slacking, but it had its own persistence…


Jing Zhen’s song finished recording in just three tries. When he left the recording studio, the gaze that everyone looked at him with seemed wrong.

Yang Zhiqin had a shocked look on her face. “Teacher Jin, it is a loss to the entire singing industry that you quitted singing and focused on acting! Your voice is too pleasant to listen to!”

Lu Cheng flashed a thumbs-up as well.

Shen Qianhui’s eyes brightened and looked at him. She smiled. “I have no idea all this while that you are such a good singer!”

Jing Zhen moved closer to her and lowered his voice. “I’ll sing only for you after we get home later.”


Shen Ruojing, who had just moved closer to them, heard her father saying this.


(Oi, please pay attention to the surroundings, okay? Can you guys stop displaying your affection in public?)

The recording studio that they actually rented for half a day was only used for two hours. Yang Zhiqin and Jing Zhen’s efficiency was too high. They exuded the air of a heavenly king and queen.

The music editing was then left to professional staff, and their group left the area.

Lu Cheng lowered his head to look at his phone as he handled some work stuff.

At this moment, Yang Zhiqin directly walked to Shen Ruojing’s side and gently spoke, “Teacher Shen, if you are free in the future, you can always come to my house to relax.”


Shen Ruojing nodded in agreement.

Yang Zhiqin heaved a sigh of relief. She was worried that Shen Ruojing might be angry because of her earlier actions where she had dismissed the song. She didn’t expect Shen Ruojing to be so magnanimous despite her young age.

The group of them reached the exit and just when they were about to split, Lu Cheng suddenly frowned. “Oh no.”

“What’s wrong?” Yang Zhiqin asked.

Lu Cheng: “My post earlier gained traction after I sent it into a group chat.”

Because of Royal Ocean Entertainment’s matters, Lu Cheng specially created a group chat so it was easier for them to send the news to each other.

Shen Ruojing then took her phone and opened the Weibo app. When she clicked on the link shared in the group, she saw——

#Teacher Anonymous’s chaotic personal life#

Content: According to an insider, Teacher Anonymous has a secret relationship with the infamous Miss S. whose reputation stinks in Sea City. This was why after he retired, he gave Royal Ocean Entertainment two songs directly!


Miss S: “…”

Why did she not know she had a secret relationship with herself?


Someone had also done a detailed analysis in the comments below.

The main thing was because Teacher Anonymous hadn’t released any songs for five years, yet Shen Ruojing actually took two of them out suddenly. This caused the imagination of many people to run wild.

Lu Cheng frowned and looked at her. “Shen Ruojing, do you really have a secret relationship with Teacher Anonymous?”

Shen Ruojing pondered and touched her chin. “A little.”



Lu Cheng’s expression darkened, but he had learned how to control his emotions better now. “How do you plan to do public relations for this? You can let us know first in case I did something to worsen the situation despite my good intentions.”

Shen Ruojing answered, “You don’t have to care about it. I’ll make things clear.”

It seemed that she could only lose her sock puppet account.

How troublesome.

Lu Cheng: “…”

A few minutes later, Lu Cheng rushed to the Chu Corporation building.

It was currently morning and Chu Cichen was still in office.

He then entered the office, asking permission at the door, “Bro Chen, Shen Ruojing seems to have a connection with Teacher Anonymous. They are planning to make things clear to everyone now. Could it be that they are going to admit they are lovers?”


When Chu Cichen heard this, he coldly looked at Lu Cheng. “Hmm.”

His expression was indescribable. No one could tell how his emotions were right now.

Lu Cheng didn’t understand. “Huh? Bro Chen, she is the mother of your three children. If their relationship was made public, your reputation would surely suffer.”

Chu Cichen lowered his head and continued with his work. He calmly spoke, “I’ve said that I won’t marry her. Since she has someone she likes, I can prepare a set of dowry for her because of the three children.”

Lu Cheng: “?”

At this moment, he received several messages from the management of Royal Ocean Entertainment on his WeChat. The rumors grew increasingly intense and were now at the third trending spot…

Lu Cheng frowned and sent a message to Shen Ruojing. [How are you planning to handle this exactly? Are you sure you can cope…?]

Shen Ruojing: [Don’t be anxious, I’m currently searching.]

Lu Cheng: [Searching for what?]

Shen Ruojing: [The Weibo account’s password. I found it.]

“…” Lu Cheng lifted his head and looked at Chu Cichen. He asked in a probing manner, “Bro Chen, I think she’s going to get Teacher Anonymous to make a post right now to officially declare their relationship…”

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