I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 481

I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 481-Shen Ruojing was thinking about explaining her identity in the Valor Gate.

However, she didn’t know where to start and Shen Yuansong suddenly spoke, “However, since there are disciples from Valor Gate who are uncultured and ill-disciplined, our Shen Family won’t be scared even if they try to bully us!”

After saying that, he looked at the third senior uncle of Valor Gate. “Mister, you reported this to the police for the sake of the Shen Family today. If the Valor Gate dares to find trouble with you, our Shen Family will definitely back you up regarding this!”

Shen Yuansong suddenly felt that his words were a little inappropriate after he said them.

Tonight, this person was the one who reported the incident to the police after apprehending the thieves, and Shen Yuansong said all that about Valor Gate because he didn’t want this person to misunderstand that the Shen Family was blaming him.

Since these new guards were guarding the Shen Family, Shen Yuansong naturally had to protect them to the end.

He patted the third martial uncle of Valor Gate on his shoulder and nodded with certainty at him. After expressing his admiration, he continued, “It’s already so late, you guys should go back to your rooms and rest.”

“…” Shen Ruojing’s lips twitched. She then exchanged a glance with her third senior brother before heading upstairs.

After she headed up, she saw Chu Cichen standing outside her room.

Chu Cichen was currently staying in a guest room. Since the two of them hadn’t registered their marriage, they naturally didn’t sleep together.

The man was clad in black-colored silk pajamas and was leaning against the wall. His gaze turned over upon hearing the sound of footsteps.

After the siren sound faded away, the Shen Manor finally regained silence. The man’s phoenix eyes curled up slightly and had a hint of innocence in them.

The neckline of the pajamas had two unbuttoned buttons, and this caused his exquisite collarbones and chest to be revealed…

Shen Ruojing retracted her gaze and asked, “Did the commotion wake you up?”


Chu Cichen stood up straight, causing his neckline to plunge, but he didn’t seem to notice it. “It’s pretty dangerous at night, so I decided to stay up tonight and guard you.”

Shen Ruojing. “…There’s no need for this, right?”

“It is needed.”

Chu Cichen didn’t listen to her any longer and directly entered her room.

A man and a woman were alone in a room together…

Shen Ruojing’s peach blossom eyes flashed as a smile appeared on her face.

The moment she entered the door, the man abruptly turned and stretched out his arm toward her…

The man’s aura abruptly closed in and this caused Shen Ruojing’s heart to beat wildly. She subconsciously tensed and even her breathing was slowed by half a beat.

Although the two had expressed their true feelings to each other, they only had intimate contact during that night those years ago. Now that Chu Cichen had found an excuse to come to her room, he probably wanted to…

Just as she was thinking, she saw the man’s hand bypassing her to close the door.

Shen Ruojing. “…”

Was there a need to make things so ambiguous when it was just closing a door?

She bit her lips and blamed herself silently for thinking too much. She then glared at Chu Cichen and just when she wanted to walk past him, her shoulders were grabbed by him, and he roughly pushed her against the door.

Shen Ruojing was skilled in martial arts and could clearly react in time to his sudden movements. However, it was unknown why she seemed to have lost control of her body at that instant and was actually forced into such a situation.

The man was half a head taller than her and his physique was way bigger. By trapping her like this, Shen Ruojing suddenly didn’t know what to do.

Just when she wanted to say something, Chu Cichen suddenly lowered his head and kissed her!

Shen Ruojing’s eyes opened wide…

She wanted to speak, but her arm was pressed down by the man, and her body was also pressed by his weight. She basically couldn’t move.

All these were so sudden and made her feel like her mind was about to explode.

She murmured, wanting to say something, but Chu Cichen basically didn’t give her a chance to talk…He directly controlled her lips…

Shen Ruojing. “…”

She felt that she was about to be suffocated. The air in her lungs was seemingly sucked away…

The silence in the surrounding area also seemed extremely loud…

Just when she felt that she was about to suffocate to death, the man finally released her.

Shen Ruojing breathed heavily and wanted to calm her emotions. However, the man in front of her suddenly carried her up and began walking toward the bed…

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