I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 44

I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 44-Matriarch Chu’s eyes gleamed when she heard this. She smiled. “Don’t worry, you guys should rest quickly. It must have been a tiring journey here.”

Madam Yun pondered for a moment before saying, “Okay then.”

After they entered the room, Yun Zhengyang, who looked very cultured, asked. “Matriarch Chu seems to be hiding something?”

Madam Yun laughed. “It looks like my sister is very fond of her daughter-in-law. She doesn’t want to wash her house’s dirty linens in public because she is afraid I might look down on Little Ye’s mother if I saw the live stream.”

She took her phone out. “I initially wasn’t interested in this, but the more she doesn’t want me to know, the more I have to know.”

Yun Zhengyang wasn’t interested in the strange thoughts of women. He merely rubbed his glabella in response.

Madam Yun’s expression grew heavy when she saw that. “Are you not feeling well?”

“A little.”

“Rest well then.”

Outside the door.

After Matriarch Chu and her butler walked far away, she then instructed, “Don’t mention anything about the Shen Family before my relatives in the future.”

The butler immediately understood. “Noted.”

The butler then asked, “In that case, what should we do about the Shen Family…”

Matriarch Chu contemplated before suddenly speaking, “Go and tell Lu Cheng about his matter and get Cichen to take charge. I’m already old, how would I know what is happening to the Shen Family?”

The butler smiled. “Are you creating a chance for Young Master Chen and Miss Shen?”

Matriarch Chu rolled her eyes at the butler. “You are indeed very smart. Okay, go and help the Yun Family search for their missing person. You can investigate all women around 48 years old in the Sea City and check using the parameters that she was fostered, and her previous generation came from Ford City…”


In the study.

Chu Cichen sat on the sofa. Even when handling things at home, he was also dressed in a black shirt that showed off his lanky figure. His brows were slightly furrowed, and he looked imposing without being angry.

Lu Chen was still wearing his flora shirt, and he was sitting limply opposite Chu Cichen. “Bro Chen, who the hell is Prof. Z? I searched almost the entire Sea City, but I couldn’t find him!”

Chu Cichen narrowed his eyes and spoke coldly, “Trash.”

This word immediately caused Lu Chen to sit up straight. He explained, “It isn’t easy to deal with Lu Hui either. I invited him a few times to drink, but he is extremely tight-lipped. He only told me that Professor Z was busy with important things and had no time for us.”

He secretly cast a glance at Chu Cichen and asked probingly, “The Z Corporation is like a dark horse that suddenly emerged. Their development speed is actually equal to the Chu Corporation. Since they are so arrogant, why don’t we just buy the entire Z Corporation?”

Chu Cichen shot an icy look at him. “I’ve said that we must be low-profile when we are back in the country.”

Lu Cheng still wanted to say something, but Chu Cichen warned him, “Stop your gangster thoughts and go find him.”


Lu Cheng stood up and walked out. But just when he was at the door, his phone rang. He took a look and discovered that the butler had sent him a link. After that, he opened it up and watched it before glancing at Chu Cichen. “Bro Chen, look at this.”

The video link was the video of Matriarch Shen and reporter Little Xiang’s interactions. Because Jing Zhen didn’t open the door, they basically couldn’t enter Shen Qianhui’s house. So, Matriarch Shen made a scene and started crying. “Daughter, I know I’m wrong. Come home with me!”

All the comments below were one-sided ones.

——This old madam looks so so so pitiful.

——Although the old madam shouldn’t favor males over females, she is already so old. Just think about it, it’s very normal for people in our grandparents’ era to favor males over females. In addition, she raised her foster daughter to 43 years old. She has done enough.

——The foster daughter is simply too ruthless.

——She has not raised a daughter but a thankless wretch instead!

Lu Cheng looked at Chu Cichen and knew that he didn’t understand the situation. Hence, he explained, “Back then, when Shen Ruojing was pregnant despite not being married, the Shen Family found this very embarrassing, so they expelled Shen Ruojing and her parents…They had no idea that she was pregnant with the Chu Family bloodline. Now, before Shen Ruojing even joins the Chu Family, the Shen Family is already hankering for benefits. How ugly must their personalities be?”

Chu Cichen frowned and didn’t reply.

At this moment, the door to his room was pushed open, and Chu Tianye’s small figure rushed in. “Daddy, are you guys done? My mommy is here, and she wants to see you.”

After hearing this, Lu Cheng immediately spoke, “Bro Chen, she must be here to look for your help. Just sit and relax. I can handle such a minor matter~”

However, before he could finish speaking, Chu Cichen already stood up. He tidied his clothes and followed Chu Tianye out. “Where is she?”

Chu Tianye held his hands. “Daddy, you have to give me $50 if I bring you there. Also, when mommy asked me to come to send you a message, that is chargeable too. So, it will be a total of $100 okay~”


Chu Yu’s room was down below, so Chu Cichen went down with Chu Tianye. Lu Cheng then followed them and made a comment.

“Bro Chen, Shen Ruojing’s family background is even inferior to Lin Wanru’s. It’s really pitiful that the three children have such a mother and also a bunch of shameless relatives hankering after profits and benefits…How can Shen Ruojing be compatible with you?”

Chu Tianye immediately became like an angry cat with its fur standing on its end. “Who else is compatible with daddy then?”

He looked as though he was going to rush over and start biting Lu Cheng.

“Either someone from a prominent family background or a very capable individual.”

“In terms of family background, no other families in the Sea City can be compared to the Chu Family. Z Corporation can barely be considered one and…the Yun Family. However, the Yun Family is from Ford City. They are the wealthiest family there, so descendants from their family might barely be able to match up with Bro Chen.”

“Or maybe, someone like Professor Z. A capable person would always be able to obtain respect.”

Chu Tianye: “?”

His “fur” immediately smoothened.

He then nodded. “Hmm, you are very correct~”

He also felt that his daddy and mommy were very compatible!

When Chu Cichen heard Chu Tianye’s words, he frowned. He thought that Chu Tianye was despising Shen Ruojing because of her background and her not being capable enough.

Hence, Chu Cichen halted and suddenly turned to look at Chu Tianye, wanting to educate him. “Little Ye, children should never blame their parents. It isn’t easy for your mother to bring you and Little Meng up all by herself…”

Chu Tianye subconsciously said, “Right, my mother has to wake up every day to…”

(Eh? What excuse did I fabricate when I spoke to daddy before?)

(Sweeping the streets? Cleaning the toilet? Doing food delivery? Shifting bricks?)

Lu Cheng sneered. “You don’t have to speak up for her. I’ve checked the facts. Your mother wasn’t so hardworking. She simply stayed at home and lived off her parents. In these past five years, she lazed around at home and has never found a job before.”

Chu Tianye hated people despising Shen Ruojing the most.

He coldly laughed and looked at Lu Cheng. “You should go check your eyes. You are so young, yet why are your eyes so bad? Let me tell you something. My mommy is super impressive!”

Lu Cheng grinned. “Is living off her parents impressive? But then again, she’s really impressive when it comes to fighting.”


Chu Tianye looked at Lu Cheng and suddenly spoke. “Uncle, I’ll tell you a secret.”

“My mommy is actually…Professor Z!”

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