I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 346

I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack chapter 346-Two Old Tricksters
The photo should have been sneakily taken by someone.

The young woman in the photo was bare-faced, and her clear peach blossom eyes exuded a little hint of arrogance. Her lips, which were slightly curled, caused everyone to know that she wasn’t a good target to antagonize with just a single glance.

Her looks alone could make her a celebrity!

A celebrity…

Shen Yuansong suddenly recalled the performance he watched at Ford City Music Academy.

She was Qing Dai!

Shen Yuansong’s gaze flashed.

Qing Dai was actually Shen Ruojing? Chu Cichen’s wife?

Shen Yuansong frowned. “I don’t remember that Chu Cichen is married.”

When Shen Zhong heard this, he started slightly. “They are not married, but they have three kids together. It is the same as though they are married. But Uncle, the main point now isn’t all these…the main point is that they bullied Wanying! Could it be that you are not going to help Wanying vent her anger?”

Shen Yuansong calmly looked at him. “What do you want me to do?”

Shen Zhong immediately stated, “Everything was actually caused by the dispute between the Bai Family’s first and fourth houses. We will definitely pursue the culprit. For now, it’s enough to chase the Chu Family out of the capital. As for the Bai Family, we will make them split their family and make the fourth house leave! After Zhongzhang’s position as the successor of the Bai Family is confirmed, we will forget about this matter.”

When Shen Yuansong heard this, he looked at him. “What about the things Shen Wanying has done? How are you planning to apologize for them?”

Shen Zhong was stunned and subconsciously asked, “Why should we apologize?”

Shen Yuansong was teased into laughter after seeing his nephew’s manner. “So, only Shen Wanying can bully the Bai Family, bully Matriarch Bai, and bully the small-time celebrity? If they retaliate, they must be in the wrong? What logic is this?”

Shen Zhong choked.

He almost forgot that his eldest uncle had always sought fairness when he handled things!

He subconsciously replied, “That small-time celebrity is fine, but Wanying is crippled!”

“In that case, do you know that if it wasn’t for me making a call to Old Bai, Shen Wanying would have died?” Shen Yuansong slowly continued, “For what she has done, even if she died because of her actions, I wouldn’t have any face to ask Old Bai to bear the responsibility.”

Shen Zhong. “…”

He angrily spoke, “But should our family just endure this matter and let it slide? They didn’t give our Shen Family any face at all!”

“That is true. They are too much!” Shen Yuansong angrily spoke.

Shen Zhong finally heaved a sigh of relief.

This matter involved the Bai Family. It was easy if Shen Zhong wanted to deal with the Chu Family, but as for the Bai Family…he couldn’t do anything to them. However, he also didn’t want his daughter to be crippled for nothing!

It was great that his uncle was going to help him vent his anger.

After that, he heard Shen Yuansong speaking with righteous indignation. “Old Bai didn’t give me face, so he has to compensate me!”

After he finished speaking, he took his phone out and called Old Master Bai.

Old Master Bai soon picked up the call.

Shen Yuansong angrily said, “My grand niece is a cripple now. The Bai Family ignored the Shen Family’s prestige in this matter, so you have to compensate me!”

Old Master Bai coldly snorted, “You still have the face to look for me? Your grand niece’s actions were too much. I have yet to talk about your side compensating us for psychological damages!”

Shen Yuansong coldly laughed. “Bai Wei, I’m not joking with you. I’m very angry now. Your actions caused my Shen Family to have no face. In the future, wouldn’t others think that they can trample on us casually?”

Upon hearing this, Old Master Bai’s aura immediately weakened. “If it wasn’t for me speaking up, my wife would want nothing less than to kill your grand niece. It is already very good that Shen Wanying is alive. You shouldn’t be too overbearing! At most, I will treat you to some wine as compensation and let the entire capital know that this is my apology!”

“You think it is enough with just wine?”

Old Master Bai immediately got angry. “Don’t even think about raising some unreasonable requests or meddling in the internal conflict of my Bai Family! This concerns the next generation of the Bai Family, so I won’t listen to your suggestion. Don’t act anymore, your grand niece almost froze my biological granddaughter to death! So on what grounds do you have to be angry?”

“Heh, I’m very angry. Unless you give me two calligraphy works of Madman, my anger won’t subside.”

Old Master Bai. “…”

Shen Zhong. “…”

Shen Zong couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

He didn’t expect that after so long, Shen Yuansong’s objective was the two calligraphy works?

As for Old Master Bai, he sneered. “You want them? Just go and eat my fart! I will only give you one at most!”

“Alright, one then. I’ll send someone to your place now to get it.”

Old Master Bai. “??”


This shameless old freak. From the start, his objective was only one, right?!

He was so old, yet he still wanted to play pranks!

Old Master Bai took a deep breath. But when he wanted to speak, he heard the other party laughing. “Old Bai, if you give me one of the works, the matter between our family will be settled. But if you give me two, I won’t pursue the in-laws of the Bai Family’s fourth house. How about it?!”

“I don’t care.”

Old Master Bai was about to roll his eyes. “Just one.”

As for the Chu Family…hehe. If Shen Yuansong was truly so narrow-minded to pursue them and offend Shen Ruojing, Shen Ruojing’s father, that major character, would surely destroy the Shen Family!

When he thought about how Shen Yuansong would rush over ferociously to teach the Chus a lesson only to return defeated…

Old Master Bai immediately grew joyful. “You definitely have to pursue things with the Chu Family! If you don’t pursue this, you are a dog!”

Shen Yuansong. “?”

The two of them were old men who could make the capital tremble as long as they stamped their feet. They might look solemn to outsiders, but when interacting in private, they were like two old tricksters.

Old Master Bai then hung up the phone.

Shen Yuansong touched his chin and pondered Bai Wei’s words.

Shen Zhong was so angry that he almost stomped his feet. He couldn’t tolerate it anymore and spoke, “Uncle, how can you let this matter slide so frivolously?”

Shen Yuansong looked at him. “Do you know how much one of Madman’s calligraphy works is worth? I was willing to pay $200 million, but no one was willing to sell. Don’t you think a single leg of your daughter is worth $200 million?”

Shen Zhong. “?”

With the Shen Family’s status, how could they measure their own people with money?

He choked and wasn’t able to say anything for a time.

After that, he finally understood. Shen Yuansong was never married and had no descendants, so he naturally wouldn’t know how angry parents would be if their children were injured.

“Enough, you can go out first.”

Shen Yuansong waved his hands.

Shen Zhong wanted to say something more, but after looking at Shen Yuansong, he ultimately didn’t dare to say anything. He could only leave in a rage.

Shen Yuansong pondered for a moment before he looked at his butler. “Contact Yun Yiheng.”

In the past, he didn’t know what the relationship between Qing Dai and Yun Yiheng was. But now, he understood. So, Qing Dai was Yun Yiheng’s cousin-in-law?

The matter of Shen Qianhui being the past Yun Family leader’s illegitimate daughter was kept a secret. In the video that Yun Zhengyang’s aunt left behind, she instructed that this matter must never be made known to anyone outside. Hence, Yun Zhengyang immediately removed all speculative reports about Shen Qianhui’s background and strictly warned everyone in his family not to leak Shen Qianhui’s identity.

This was why Shen Yuansong had no idea about Shen Qianhui or Shen Ruojing’s identity.

The call was soon connected.

Shen Yuansong asked, “Has your hand recovered?”

“Yes.” Yun Yiheng was a little nervous and he spoke concisely.

Shen Yuansong continued, “I heard that your cousin-in-law Qing Dai has come to the capital. When you arrive tomorrow, why don’t you bring her along with you to my place?”

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