Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1329 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1329

Wiltspoon Hotel was owned by York Corporation. Josh was the administrative executive and came in and out of the hotel every day, but he still wanted her to take him inside.

Josh said, “You don’t have to rush in. Your friend hasn’t arrived yet. I didn’t see his car parked at the entrance.

“It’s not just Zachary. I didn’t see the Stone family’s car either. They’re not as punctual as I am.”

Jasmine was not convinced. “Maybe their cars are in the underground parking lot.”

“If you don’t believe me, just ask the lobby manager.”

Jasmine pursed her lips and let go of Josh’s hand to take his arm instead, saying, “Okay, let’s go inside.”

Josh contentedly took Jasmine into the hotel.

Callum, an old acquaintance, was left standing at the entrance of the hotel. Josh did not say a word to him.

Callum was speechless.

Oh, the woes of being a bachelor.

No matter how close a friend was, once the said friend had a partner, they no longer cared about you.

Fortunately, he was just making an excuse.

It was not that he was not charmed by Camryn. He just did not want Mr. and Mrs. Newman to notice that he cared about her.

He returned to the hotel. He noticed that Mrs. Newman and his fiancée were chatting with the other ladies. Many guests were surprised that Mrs. Newman appeared with Camryn.

Smart people soon figured out why.

Camryn was twenty–six years old and was at the age to get married. Mrs. Newman suddenly appeared with Camryn because she hoped to choose a husband for her daughter.

Camryn looked pretty, but she was treated like she was invisible by her family. Furthermore, she was blind. In order to keep on living, she opened a flower store by herself and earned money to eke out a living.

The ladies disliked such conditions. No one was willing to marry their son to Camryn.

Most importantly, she was blind.

Callum found his mother in the crowd and whispered a few words to her. The woman looked at Camryn, who was being led away by Mrs. Newman, and said to her son, “Go handle your business. I’ll take care of my future daughter–in–law.”

If those ladies learned that Camryn, a blind woman they looked down on, had long been. designated as the second missus of the York family, their eyeballs would pop out of their sockets and roll on the ground.

“I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. York will appear together,” someone piped up.

Another person echoed, “We’ll know when Mr. York shows up later.”

“Maybe Mrs. York will come with Mrs. Stone again. If that’s the case…”

That person trailed off.

It seemed they were waiting to watch a show.

If Serenity, the missus of the York family, showed up on an occasion tonight with Mrs. Stone again, it would be a slap to Zachary and the York family’s faces.

“No matter how ignorant Mrs. York is, she can’t be that ignorant, right?” someone muttered.

“Why not? She grew up in the countryside and doesn’t know what the world is like. It’s normal for her to be afraid. Mrs. Stone is her aunt, so she won’t have to be afraid if she follows her aunt. A person like her won’t think that far.”

The person who said those words was obviously hostile toward Serenity.

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