Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 400

Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 400-Chris was still in the castle. Ethan didn’t want to cause him trouble at such a critical moment.

So he didn’t provoke Leia.

Now that he had met her, the mixed feelings that were churning in his stomach eventually morphed into disappointment.

He couldn’t understand how the adorable girl from his childhood had turned into this kind of person.

“Did you get plastic surgery?” Ethan questioned.

Compared to Leia, Jodie the Millers more.

He had too many questions he needed answers for.

“Yes,” she coolly admitted. As long as he was the one asking, she wouldn’t hide the answers from him.

“Why?” She avoided his gaze. “I have nothing to tell you. You shouldn’t be here for too long. Leave. Pretend that you never met me.” He blocked her way. “It’s fine if you don’t want to come home and don’t want me as your brother. But you should at least tell me why you hurt Liv.

“Why did you hurt innocent people? When you were young, you couldn’t even eat for days after your kitten died. How could you become like this?” He could still remember how upset Leia had been at that time. That was why he had stopped Olivia from bringing Snowball with her.

Snowball reminded him of that sad incident.

Leia smiled faintly. “Are you sure that I was sad because the kitten died?” She raised her chin and smiled. “I fed it sleeping pills because it kept meowing at night. It was so annoying. It was a pity that it died so soon. I had only fed it sleeping pills for three days.” He had never seen her smile so coldly before.

Now, she seemed like a total stranger to Ethan.

That was why he hadn’t been able to recognize her, even though she had been so close to him all these years.

“Why did you kill it? You could’ve given it to someone else if you didn’t like it.” “Who was going to keep me company then? You were busy, and Mom sometimes acted out of character due to mental illness.

“Don’t bring up Dad. He rarely came home. That kitten was the only toy I had to kill time.” Chapter 400 2/2 She referred to the kitten as a “toy” instead of a “playmate”.

“Ethan, have you always thought of me as a lovely sister? But I’m not. Haven’t you always wanted to know what kind of person I am? I’ll tell you now.” She smiled coldly and continued, “Our family is the top elite family, but it’s uncommon to have a mentally ill mother. And why didn’t Dad ever show up?

“Grandpa was preoccupied with maintaining our family’s position, while Grandma was his best helper. This family has always been cold.

“You were the only person who treated me well. But you had so many lessons every day. You couldn’t look after me.

“I knew that I was different from my peers since I was young. They were like kittens and puppies. Delicious food and toys were enough to make their day. But what did I experience?

“I witnessed my mother attempting suicide when I was three years old. And it wasn’t just once.” At this point, tears were glistening in Leia’s eyes.

She slightly raised her head to stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.

“Ethan, back then, Mom was covered in blood when she hugged and strangled me. She also told me that I wasn’t supposed to be born. Do you know what that felt like?

“Everyone keeps saying that mothers love their daughters. But why did she want me dead?

“While you were away, she tortured me a lot of times. She loved torturing me until my last breath whenever we were alone.

“That was how she could get a good night’s sleep. The next day, she would wake up and hug me tightly, apologizing and promising not to do it again.

“Domestic abuse and cheating are similar. There’s no stopping it once you start.

She would torture me whenever she acted out of character. And I was used to letting the steam off by torturing the kitten.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Ethan couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Their mother had suffered from mental illness for a long time. But he had never known that Leia had been inhumanely tortured when she was a child.

Leia answered, “Would that stop the torture? I could only end it by leaving the family,” He looked at her in disbelief. “You mean you left of your own accord that year?”

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