Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 1595

Even After Death

Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 1595-Olivia’s voice was trembling. “Dad, I’m just happy I got to see you guys again when I’m still alive.”

“Olivia, I didn’t think that Jacqueline would be so evil. Not only did she repeatedly try to get you killed, but she even destroyed our family!”

“Olivia, you don’t blame me for having prejudices against you a while ago, do you?”

“Even though I didn’t know your true identity, I had never blamed you for anything.”

The scene of the family union was touching enough. Only Leia had a look of shock and disbelief on her face.

“How could this be? No way. She lied to me. How could she have lied to me?”

Leia’s beliefs were instantly shattered. She could no longer hold her composure.

Seeing that they were still on their knees, Avery asked them to get up.

“Ms. Miller, are you alright?”

Leia swatted his hand away as she dropped her knees in front of Olivia. She said, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

She was someone who wasn’t scared of death. She didn’t even flinch when Ethan cut off the tendons on her limbs.

But at this moment, she banged her head against the ground madly. It wasn’t to ask for Olivia’s forgiveness but to repent her wrongdoing.

After just a few times of doing so, her forehead started bleeding profusely.

Everyone could hear the sound of her skull knocking hard against the floor each time.

“Ms. Miller, please don’t do this. Get up and talk instead.”

Leia didn’t listen to Avery at all. She lunged over and grabbed Olivia’s wrist.

Blood trickled down her face along with her tears.

“I’m sorry, Olivia. I only did all those vicious things to you because I was fooled. I don’t expect you to forgive me. Kill me, just kill me!”

She knew that it would be too shameless of her to continue being alive, so her mind was set on death.

But Olivia didn’t fulfill her wish. She looked down at Leia’s face, which was full of regret. “You do deserve to be killed. But you saved my dad. You’re both my enemy and my savior.”

She hated Leia so much back then. But when Leia was finally at her disposal, she didn’t have the heart to do anything.

There were tears in Leia’s eyes. “I’m sorry for putting you in this position. I know what I should do.”

Before Olivia could react, Leia had let go of her wrist and dashed toward the balcony. When Olivia realized what Leia was trying to do, she quickly pulled Leia.

“You need to calm down.”

Blood had blurred her vision. Leia knew she must look really ugly now.

She had imagined countless times how she’d look dazzling and well-dressed in front of the man she loved. But she couldn’t care less at this moment.

“Mr. Avery, I’ve failed to live up to your expectations. I hurt your sister in the past, and I’m sorry for that.”

All the children in the Miller family had inherited their mother’s psychotic illness.

They would act in extreme ways in certain situations.

Avery had no choice but to hug Leia tight.

“Stop it, Leia.”

But it was all tainted by her blood.

Frantically, she wiped away the blood stains on him. “I’m sorry for dirtying your shirt, Mr. Avery.”

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