Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 1562

Even After Death

Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 1562-Olivia was puzzled by the newcomer.

He was a stranger to her, but he seemed to be quite close to Jacqueline.

Avery had probably noticed the confusion in Olivia’s eyes.

He explained, “This is the son of the Procter family, Alexander Procter.

He’s also Jacqueline’s fiancé.

They were betrothed even before birth.” 2 The Procter family? Olivia suddenly felt like it was quite a small world.

She felt like she was going back to where she started.

Ethan’s mother, Janice, was part of the Procter family.

Back then, she cut off ties with her family for Kenneth’s sake.

Olivia didn’t expect Jacqueline’s fiancé to be from the Procter family.

When Alexander heard their conversation, he looked at Olivia as well.

“This is…” Wiping away her tears, Jacqueline made the introductions.

“This is Dr.

Fordham, the person I told you about.

She has exceptional medical skills, and she’s also Sean’s sweetheart.” Holding Alexander’s hand and pulling him with her, Jacqueline walked toward Olivia.


Fordham, this is my fiancé.” “Hello, Mr. Procter,” Olivia greeted differently.

“Hello, Dr.


I didn’t expect such a young woman like you to be a skilled doctor.

I’m impressed.” Olivia nodded.

She didn’t say too much.

Alexander shifted his gaze away from her as well.

He looked at Avery in concern.

“Mr. Fordham Senior is…” There was a wary look in Avery’s eyes.

Jacqueline explained, ” Sorry, Avery.

I was the one who told him.

He happened to call me, and he heard me crying.

I couldn’t help but…” Avery didn’t want any outsiders to know about this, but what could he do? Jacqueline and Alexander had always been close to each other.

The two families had planned to discuss Jacqueline and Alexander’s marriage this year, but now that this had happened to the Fordhams, the discussion had to be delayed.

“It’s alright.

Alexander is partly our family anyway.” Alexander was already here, so Avery couldn’t just tell him to go home.

Avery regained his calm, but his slightly trembling hands betrayed his emotions.

“The plane my dad was in exploded, and unfortunately…

he died in the explosion.” “I’m sorry for your loss, Avery.

Now, you’re the only one who can make the decisions in the Fordham family, so you mustn’t collapse.

I’m not very skilled, but if the Fordhams need any help, feel free to ask me.”

“Thank you.” Wiping her tears, Jacqueline said, “Grandpa has been in ill health the past few years.

If he hears about what happened to Dad and Mom, I’m worried that he’ll get too overwhelmed and then…

Avery, what do we do now?” Avery closed his eyes.

His vision went dark, just like the future of the Fordhams.

He couldn’t see any light of hope at all.

“All these years, Dad had been managing the various companies under our family on his own.

They might try to snatch all the shares and take his place.

Our family has to be prepared in advance.” “Jacqueline, you’re right.

Our family is powerful, and lots of trouble will come with that power.

Now that Dad is gone, the forces under him have no one to lead them.

They’ll definitely try some funny business,” Troy agreed.

Opening his eyes, Avery looked at Jacqueline.

Avery, you have to take charge of things at home, so I’m afraid I’ll have to take the trip.

Moreover, I have Alexander with me.

I’m sure he’ll be of great help.” 1 Troy nodded.

“Avery, I think Jacqueline is right.

Now, our family can only count on her.”

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