Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 1351

Even After Death

Even After Death by Lilting Champ Chapter 1351-Now that things had come to this point, Lisa knew that there was no use in debating it. Linus had probably investigated this matter thoroughly in the past few days.

Lisa could only kneel before Tatiana. “Mrs. Heath, please have mercy on Ms.

Heath, even if it’s just because I’ve served you faithfully for years. I wasn’t thinking straight when I did those things back then.

“She’s just an innocent baby. She doesn’t know anything about the intentions of the adults.”

“Lisa, what do you mean by this? What are you guys talking about? What did you do? Who’s the baby?” Krystal was panicking.

Judging by how the Heath family treated her, she knew that she was in serious trouble.

Tatiana, who used to clean up after Krystal no matter what happened, didn’t even spare Krystal a glance now.

Instead, she said in a cold voice, “Just because the baby was innocent didn’t mean that she could enjoy glory and wealth in my daughter’s place.

“It would’ve been fine if you had treated my daughter well, but what did you do?

You fed her poison for an entire seven years! She was just a child. How could you do something so inhumane?”

Krystal took a few steps backward, and she almost lost her balance. She finally understood what Tatiana meant by “I’m not your mother”.

She felt like there was an avalanche in her mind. Everything was blank, and she was stripped of her thoughts.

“Mrs. Heath, I had my reasons. We country people can’t compare to prestigious people like you. My life was at a dead end, so back then, I succumbed to evil thoughts and switched my daughter…”

With tears streaming down her face, Lisa tried to explain. “I didn’t mean to poison the child.

“My mom didn’t want to take care of the child, so she poisoned the child and tricked the child into turning back during the flood. I only wanted the child’s way of life, not her life itself.”

Before Lisa could finish speaking, Yale kicked her in the chest. He clenched his fists so tightly that veins were bulging on the back of his hands. He had a furious look on his face.

“How dare you make excuses even at this point?”

Yale flung a stack of transaction records at her. “I looked into all the transaction records of your mother’s account. In the seven years she brought up the child, you never gave her a penny.

“She hated you for that, and she took it out on Molly. She abused Molly and humiliated her every day.

“You were provoking her on purpose so that she would harbor hatred toward the child. You knew she would try to kill the child as soon as possible!”

Lisa pleaded, “Mr. Kingston, you got the wrong idea. I didn’t have much money back then, and I was already married, so I had my own family to provide for. I didn’t have money to spare for my mother.” “You didn’t have money to spare, so in those seven years, she never had new clothes or even powdered milk.

However, she was given a bottle of milk every day.”

Lisa was about to keep arguing when Olivia’s voice rang out. “I didn’t come too late, did I?”

An old woman was with her. The woman was decked out in jewelry, and she even wore five rings on one hand alone.

When Lisa saw the old woman, her face instantly turned ashen gray.

Meanwhile, when Molly saw the old woman, her face was filled with fear. She subconsciously tried to escape.

Yale hastily went to her side. “Don’t worry, Molly. With me around, no one will dare to bully you.”

As soon as Edna Todd saw them, she hastily went on her knees. When she opened her mouth to speak, she revealed her mouthful of gold teeth. “Please understand.

“Back then, I really had no idea about the babies getting switched. I thought that the damned girl—”

Just then, everyone in the room glared at her. Edna hastily corrected herself, “I thought that the girl was my granddaughter.”

“Madam Todd, just tell the truth.”

Lisa glanced at Edna. “Mom, you should think before you speak.”

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