Edgar And His Destined Wife Chapter 439

Edgar And His Destined Wife Chapter 439-Charles immediately reached out his hand to stop Jean.

“I’m aware of their protocols. They really mean there’s no hope when they say that. You’ll only be putting yourself in danger if you go over.”

Jean’s eyes were fixed on Gigi in the corner. She opened her mouth a few times, but no sound came out.

Charles pulled her away as he told her, “Don’t be too upset.”

“I want to bring her away. Someone must be behind this. She didn’t need to seek refuge here; there’s no need for her to do something like that.” Jean said as she tried to level her breathing.

Gigi had just recuperated after giving birth and had gotten many love calls. She didn’t need to go down this road, even if she wanted to quit the film industry.

Was it Sam or Edbert?

“How about you calm down first? We can come up with a plan together.”

Charles swept his hair back and beckoned two subordinates. He spoke to them in the local dialect.

It was apparent the two men wanted to avoid getting close to that little hut.

“Mr.Charles, you can’t bring anyone away without Mr.Rothschild’’s orders”

There were rules and regulations in any organization.

Even a shady business like this had those.

Charles’ eyes were cold as he took a gun out from his waistband and pointed it at the man’s forehead. His countenance was frightening as he said something to them harshly.

“We’ll do as you say”

The subordinates replied while begging for leniency. We can’t take her to a hotel, nor can we let the embassy know.

Jean bit her lip as she watched the man carrying Gigi out.

There was hesitance on Charles’ face as he exchanged a few more words with his men.

Then, he turned and said to Jean, “Don’t be too despaired. There might be a way to save her.”

“What way?!”

Jean was filled with adrenaline; she added, “I don’t care how much it is, as long as she lives.”

Isn’t he a businessman? Using money is the easiest solution.

Charles squinted at her and said, “I have enough money. Anything you see in this country belongs to me.”

Jean raised her head, and their gazes clashed.

She suddenly thought about something that man had taught her; a person’s mannerism is the most important during negotiation.

Whoever hesitates first loses.

“Let me be frank; I must take her away. So, what is your request?”

Jean seemed to have changed into another woman right before his eyes.

Charles no longer wanted to share his thoughts. He turned around and said, “Bring her away. Don’t ever appear before me again”

Charles had more than one way to keep a woman beside him.

He just did not want to force her to stay.He did not want to be the culprit who snuffed out the light in her eyes.

“Mr.Charles, they’re here.” One of his men reported.

He was followed by a small group of people.

They went over to Gigi and injected her with a needle.

“I’ve arranged for a car to take you to the port, where a boat will be waiting for you. She will be down for about ten hours. When she comes to, she might be delirious and dangerous.Don’t let her hurt you.”

There was a hint of warmth in Charles’ eyes as he instructed Jean.

He beckoned and handed Jean and Gigi to the driver.

He quickly left after saying that, and Jean was left with just the image of his back.

His words left an impression on her as his voice carried a different tone from how he usually spoke.

When they got onto the boat, Jean paused for a moment before sending a message to Joseph.

She did not mention anything about Gigi and gave him a delayed ETA of three hours. She did not know that the three hours would save her life.

In the middle of the night, Jean leaned against the door as she watched Gigi sleep on the bed.She furrowed her brows.

There was one thing she couldn’t quite understand.

Why did Charles’ man say there was no hope for Gigi when there was? And why did everyone there avoid the hut like the plague? While thinking about these problems, Gigi woke up.

She sat up and stared at Jean.

“You…Before Jean could get anything else out, Gigi attacked her ferally.

Her hands scratched at Jean’s face, and the two fell to the floor.

They both suffered injuries from their brief scuffle.

“Calm down!”

Jean forced Gigi down.

Gigi was weak from days of hunger and being tossed around. She lost the strength to struggle very quickly.

Was this what Charles meant by her reacting dangerously? Jean stole the blanket from the bed and quickly tied Gigi up with it. As she glanced upon her ashen face, she had a forbidding sensation.

“Wake up”

She lightly slapped Gigi a few times.

Gigi had scratched her ankle on the bedpost when she attacked Jean.

Jean sighed grumpily when she saw that, “The Eyer family’s debt to you is mine too: She went to look for a first-aid kit and bandaged Gigi’s wound.Then, she washed Gigi’s face and changed her clothes for her.

When changing her, she noticed many scratches on her body.

It looked like she had scratched herself.

“What on earth happened…”

The boat docked the next morning.

Jean had a sleepless but productive night as she watched over the sleeping Gigi.

They had been clouded with hatred since the beginning.

After much difficulty, she had awoken from that hatred and wanted to dissociate herself from Gigi, but blood was thicker than water.

She couldn’t stand to the side and watch as people hurt Gigi.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry.I’ll bring her home.”

Jean only feared that Gigi wouldn’t recognize the Eyers as her family or her as her sister.

Fortunately, Gigi regained consciousness when they disembarked.

Although she was still in a daze, she could walk by herself.

Jean covered Gigi’s face with her shirt to hide the scars on her face.She hailed a cab and brought her to Eyer Residence.

Jean couldn’t leave her alone in the house in this state.

“Susan, could you help me out with something?” Jean called Susan and asked.

After settling Gigi, Jean hurried to the pier.

There was traffic on the road, and when she arrived, Joseph was directing some people.

“A truck crashed into the railing.No one was injured, and the driver only suffered light injuries.He’s been sent to the hospital.”

“Continue with the investigation.”

Joseph frowned as he looked at the boats at the pier.

“Sir, wasn’t this just an accident? Do you think there’s something fishy?”

One of the policemen asked.

“I hope it’s just me overthinking” Joseph said with a shake of his head.

He turned around and saw Jean standing in the crowd.He quickly went to her.

“Ms.Eyer, please follow me.”

Joseph brought her to a police car and showed her some photos, “Do you recognize anyone in these photos?”

“Nope” Jean said while shaking her head.

Joseph stared out the window and said, “It was too coincidental the time the truck went up in flames.It was the exact time you told me you’d arrived.I think someone is tapping into your phone.”

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