Divorce Anxiety (Kathleen and Samuel) Chapter 47

Divorce Anxiety (Kathleen and Samuel) Chapter 47

Christopher scoffed. “I used to set the boundaries too clearly.”

Hearing that, Samuel furrowed his brows.

“Samuel, do you know why Kathleen is head over heels in love with you?” After a short pause, Christopher added coldly, “It’s because she got the wrong person.”

“What do you mean by that?” Samuel was puzzled.

“As I expected, you have forgotten about it.” Christopher smirked and said, “About eleven years ago, we joined the school’s summer camp, and I rescued a little girl who was drowning. At the time, I was wearing your school uniform with your name on it. She was barely conscious, so she didn’t see my face clearly and only saw the name tag. Thus, she got the wrong person and thought that you were her savior. The person that she is truly looking for is me.”

Samuel was shocked.

“We are cousins, so we look similar to each other. I don’t blame her for getting the wrong person. Maybe it’s fate that she fell in love with you.” Christopher said coldly, “I thought she would live a happy life after marrying you, so I had planned to keep it a secret forever. However, since Nicolette’s return, I knew that you could no longer give her happiness. I will find an opportunity to tell her the truth. Once she is no longer infatuated with you, I can easily change the way she has perceived you for the past twenty years!”

With that, Christopher let Samuel go. Then, he turned around, got into his car, and drove away.

At that moment, Samuel felt his heart sink and found it hard to breathe.

Kathleen only fell in love with me because she was mistaken? What will she be like once she stops loving me?

For some reason, he felt uneasy. He hurriedly got into his car and rushed back to the Macari residence.

After Samuel entered the house, he looked at Tyson coldly and asked, “Where is she?”

“Mrs. Macari said she was feeling unwell, so she went back to her room,” Tyson replied hesitantly.

“You can leave now,” Samuel said without looking at him.

After a short pause, Tyson called out, “Mr. Macari.”

Upon hearing that, Samuel stopped in his tracks and asked coldly, “What is it?”

A moment of hesitation later, Tyson questioned, “Mr. Macari, have you ever gone on a proper date with Mrs. Macari even once in the past three years?”

Samuel frowned.

“Mr. Macari, I know that I shouldn’t interfere, but…” Tyson was anxious. He was worried that if he didn’t bring it up, it would be too late.

“But what?” Samuel was losing his patience.

“All relationships require maintenance.” Tyson pursed his lips and continued, “Mrs. Macari has loved you deeply for ten years. Once she is completely heartbroken, she will be able to cut off all her feelings for you and become heartless. Mr. Macari, once that happens, it will be too late.”

When that happens, there will be no hope for Mr. Macari, and it will impossible for him to gain Mrs. Macari’s love again. As long as there is hope, Mr. Macari will still be able to fight to keep their marriage.

Tyson was mentally prepared for a scolding.

Whatever. I had to try.

“Okay,” Samuel answered simply and left.

Hearing that, Tyson was stunned. Did I just escape death?

Samuel went upstairs and headed to Kathleen’s bedroom.

At that moment, Kathleen was getting some rest with her eyes closed.

When Samuel saw her, he instantly felt relieved.

He walked up to her and reached over to touch her face. It was still a little warm.

“Have you eaten any medicine?” Samuel questioned in a low voice.

Kathleen opened her eyes slightly and replied, “Yes.”

In truth, she hadn’t taken any medicine.

After she finished her sentence, she closed her eyes again.

Samuel’s eyes darkened. “Have you eaten anything?”

“Yes,” Kathleen answered indifferently.

In the past, she only ever spoke to Samuel in a soft and sweet voice, even when he treated her coldly.

However, everything had changed.

“Why don’t I cook something for you to eat?” It was rare for Samuel to be this gentle.

“Don’t bother. I’m tired.” Kathleen turned to the other side so that her back was to him. “You should leave. Stop disturbing me.”

Samuel’s gaze darkened. However, he continued to stand there.

Seeing that, Kathleen frowned and wondered why he wasn’t leaving yet.

Just then, she heard him taking off his clothes.

What is happening?

After taking off his suit jacket, Samuel walked up to sit down by the bed.

Kathleen pursed her lips and asked, “Aren’t you going to leave? Someone is waiting for you. Just ask Tyson to take care of me.”

“Is Tyson your husband?” Samuel was visibly upset.

“Even though he is not my husband, he surely knows me better than you do.” She said coldly, “Actually, I think anyone knows me better than you do.”

“Hah!” Samuel sneered disdainfully. “Who do you think you are?”

Kathleen pulled her lips into a thin line. “I am an orphan with no parents. Are you satisfied?”

Samuel’s expression became icy as he looked at her and asked, “Are you trying to pick a fight?”

“No.” She bit her lower lip. “I’m just annoyed by you, and I don’t want to see you! I’m not a pet you can order around as you please. Samuel, have you ever had any respect for me?”

Pursing his thin lips slightly, he replied, “I asked Tyson to come and pick you up.”

He thought that could be considered an apology.

In reality, he had been waiting for Kathleen to contact him for the past few days.

That was how it had always been.

Whenever he had a fight with Kathleen, he would go to work feeling upset.

However, when it was time to get off work, Kathleen would definitely call him to apologize and coax him.

Then, she would persuade him to come home.

However, this time around, Kathleen hadn’t done so.

She hadn’t called or sent him anything on WhatsApp.

Samuel even heard from Maria that Kathleen had never mentioned his name once.

He was furious but also vaguely uneasy.

Thus, he had been planning to have a talk with Kathleen when she attended the party that night.

However, she unexpectedly didn’t come.

Because of that, Samuel was in a bad mood.

At first, when Nicolette went to the Yoeger residence, she wanted to show off. However, because of Samuel’s lack of enthusiasm, she gave up the thought.

She didn’t dare to upset Samuel when he was already in a bad mood to begin with.

Hence, after allowing Nicolette to be at the party for a short moment, Samuel then had someone send her home.

Not having Kathleen around made him feel empty.

He had never felt that way before.

Thus, he sent Tyson to pick Kathleen up.

Samuel thought that doing so would make things less awkward for her.

However, he had forgotten that other guests would point fingers and judge Kathleen if she attended the party late.

“What were you and Christopher doing in the house?” Samuel couldn’t help but ask.

Even though he tried to control his jealousy, it still showed.

“We had dinner and watched a movie,” Kathleen replied coldly.

“Were you two enjoying your time together alone in this house?” Samuel’s tone sounded bitter.

Upon hearing that, Kathleen responded calmly, “He just pities me. Samuel, I’ll repeat myself once more. Christopher and I have more dignity and shame than you and Nicolette, so we won’t do anything inappropriate.”

“What movie did you two watch?” he questioned.

Kathleen frowned. “Why are you asking?”

“What’s the matter? Is it a secret?” Samuel asked in a strange tone.

“We watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” she replied.

Hearing that, Samuel grimly asked, “What is it about?”

“Go watch it yourself.” As Kathleen spoke, she pulled the covers over herself. She was feeling tired.

Samuel was silent for a moment before he started moving around.

Kathleen had no clue what he was doing.

Not long after, Samuel picked her up before moving her to the center of the bed.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a frown.

Instead of replying, the man leaned against the headboard. It was then she realized the projector was already on.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale was playing on the screen.

Seeing that, Kathleen furrowed her brows. “If you want to watch the movie, you can watch it yourself. Don’t force me to watch it with you. I’ve already cried once, and I don’t want to cry again.”

“If you become blind from crying too much, I’ll be your eyes,” Samuel coldly said.

Kathleen bit her lip. “You are a monster.”

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