Deep Affection Honey Come Back To Me Chapter 579


Deep Affection Honey Come Back To Me Chapter 579-On the way, Vicente asked while walking, “It’s September now. Three years had passed. When will you go back to the Lexingport City?”

“Are you reluctant to leave me?” Nina raised her eyebrows.

“No, no, no. the ones I am reluctant to leave are Van and Don, not you.” Vicente said duplicity.

Without debunk Vicente, Nina nodded, “Yes, yes.”

“I remember your wedding will be held at the end of October, right? I have postponed the meeting at the end of October.” Vicente said.

“Have you made your choice?”

“What?” Vicente rolled his eyes and looked away.

Nina patted Vicente on the shoulder and said, “Don’t pretend. I had printed out the pictures I sent to you. I’ve just sent them to Mimi and asked her to choose her favorite dress. You’d better pick it quickly so that it can be customized according to your size.”

“No. I dare not.” Vicente pursed his lips.

Nina comforted Vicente, “Don’t be afraid. After putting on your wig and makeup, no one can recognize you. Moreover, you are in the Lexingport City, not in the C Island. What are you afraid of?”

“I’m just afraid.” Vicente hadn’t worn women’s clothes for more than 20 years. Now Vicente suddenly ha

of energy.” Nina smiled with relief

The two kids said goodbye to their grandparents and stood aside hand in hand obediently.

Anne walked up to Nina and held her in her arms, and a thousand words had become a word “Nina”.

After getting along with her mother for three years, the relationship between the mother and daughter had long been harmonious. Nina knew what her mother wanted to say.

She patted her mother on the back and said, “Mom, I will take good care of myself and won’t let myself be wronged.”

“Okay.” Anne let go of her daughter and smiled.

“My dear daughter, you often call me and your mother by video,” said Bruce with a smile.

“I’ll take the kids to video chat with you often. Say goodbye to your grandpa and grandma.” Nina touched the children’ head and said.

“Goodbye, Grandpa and grandma.” The two kids waved their hands.

After they got in the car, Vicente drove farther and farther away. They could still see from the rearview mirror that Bruce and Anne were waving their hands. The children went out from home and their parents worried.

Nina didn’t tell anyone that she took her children back to the Lexingport City in advance.

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