Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me Chapter 38

Chapter 38 1’ll Invest

What Nina wasn’t aware of was that John’s disgust was not directed at her, but at Mr. Zhu.

She somehow felt an inexplicable sense of loss in her heart, but it also disappeared in an instant. The feeling was so fleeting that she didn’t notice it at all and was still chuckling.

It would be worth it if John would really hate her, and as a consequence, he wouldn’t play tricks on her anymore in the future.

“Sure, no problem,” she nodded. Since Mr. Zhu wanted her to sit next him, she would do as he said. If Mr. Zhu harassed her, she would repay it with violence.

As Nina began to stand up, Adams threw her a worried glance and protested in a slightly indignant voice, “No, just sit here. Why will you sit beside him?”

If the one hundred million needed to be

exchanged with a girl’s virginity, then he would rather forego the chance and give up the investment.

“Adams!” Wilson, who was sitting next to him, was furiously glaring at him. “Mr. Zhu asked Nina to sit next her, and she has agreed voluntarily. Why are you stopping her? Who are you to interfere?”

Don’t you want to get the one hundred million? If you don’t, I don’t care. But I want to get the money at all cost, ‘ he silently mused.

Adams was so enraged that he felt a stuffy pain in his chest. However, he could not offend any of these people present, because he knew that each and every one of them would seek revenge mercilessly if they were offended.

It didn’t matter to him if only his future would be ruined as a result of his objection. But he had a wife and a daughter to think of.

He was so infuriated that he clenched his fists until blue veins stood out on the back of his hands. He was a thin and soft-spoken person, but right now, his appearance bespoke of that of an angry and indignant man.

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if I sit there. I’ll be fine.” Nina reached out her hand to reassure him and touched the back of his hand, where blue veins glaringly stood out. Then, she stood up and walked over.o

The people sitting next to Mr. Zhu all moved away astutely to give her space. Mr. Zhu put one hand at the back of the empty chair. If Nina sat down, he would be holding her in his embrace.o

If he was able to drink with such a beauty, he would have no more regrets.

John, who had been acting as an invisible person all the while, suddenly spoke. After hearing his forbidding voice, people were instantly quiet and nobody uttered a word.

Nina, who was already standing beside Mr. Zhu, paused in her tracks and blurted out in confusion, “What do you want?”

“I’ll invest three hundred million in this project,” John declared before anyone could react.

His unexpected announcement was beyond everyone’s expectation.

They looked at each other in surprise and could not believe what they heard.

What a wonderful development!

It seemed that the two men were both willing to throw in a lot of money for the beauty.

One was a big-time tycoon in the entertainment industry, and the other was from the Shi family, one of the three greatest families in the city. The people who had been flattering Mr. Zhu a while ago were now concocting other plans on their greedy minds.

Wilson couldn’t help but ask with disbelief, “Mr. Shi, are you serious? Are you really going to invest three hundred million?”o

That was a whopping three hundred million dollars! If they could get that much money,

they would be able to purchase modern equipment and invest on high-salaried and more professional talents. The first course of action, of course, would be to replace the husband and wife duo, Adams and his wife.

Wilson didn’t care anymore whether he would be offending Mr. Zhu or not. As long as one would invest, he would butter that person up. In a hurry, he stood up to express his thanks to John.O

“It’s still too early to express your thanks. Do you agree, little girl?” John purred as he lazily picked up the glass in front of him with a knowing smirk and looked at Nina.

The way he called her made Nina think back to the time when they met for the first time, followed by a series of interesting and unusual encounters.

Right from the beginning, he had always called her “little girl.”

The glass he was holding seemed to tell everyone that the three hundred million investment all depended on whether Nina would drink with him or not.

“Miss Lu, please make a toast to Mr. Shi,” Wilson urged as he filled the glass in front of Nina and handed it her.

In his befuddled state, Mr. Zhu finally realized that John was interested in this beauty.

But what was confusing for him was why John would ask him to invest in this project if he himself had taken a fancy to Nina. Furthermore, he clearly instructed him that he must make it a prerequisite to make Nina participate in the wine party.O

Nina was about to come and sit beside Mr. Zhu, but John stopped her.

‘Is he making fun of me?’ he wondered.

“Mr. Shi, you are kidding, right?” No matter how uncomfortable and unsatisfied he was by the turn of events, Mr. Zhu couldn’t afford to offend John. All he could do was smile with uncertainty.

“Are you kidding?” Nina echoed. To tell the truth, she could not understand what John was up to. This man clearly had a disgusted look on his face a few minutes ago, and he himself arranged for her to attend this wine party.

Other than him, there was no one else present who knew that she was friends with Michelle, and took the opportunity to threaten her.

“l am not a person who jokes around,” John said in a voice that sent shivers down their spines. In his heart, he felt inexplicably irritated.

She even dared to stupidly ask him if he was joking. If he were, would she be willing to give herself to a man who was way far inferior to him?

He would never give away something that belonged to him to others. Even if he didn’t like it anymore, his trash was still his to keep.

So why did he let other people have the chance to humiliate his little girl instead of doing it himself? And of all people, it had to be someone as disgusting as Mr. Zhu!

John felt as if he had lifted a rock to drop on his own feet.

“Drink this bottle of wine and I will give you three hundred million,” John challenged her as he put down his glass, and changed it into a bottle of red wine. Then, he handed it to Nina with a meaningful look in his eyes.O

He would like to see how much the little girl was willing to compromise for her friend’s

Nina didn’t take the bottle, and just stared at John. No one dared to make a sound, not even Mr. Zhu, who was the host. No one also dared to offend him.

“Since Mr. Shi wants to invest in this project,

At first, Mr. Zhu was unwilling to give up investing not because he was interested in the project, but because of the beautiful woman.

Normally, it was not such a big deal to give up a project or a woman just to please John. But this time, it was different because the woman they were betting on was Nina.

If she were to enter the entertainment industry, she would be able to earn plenty of money without doing anything. Her appearance alone would attract prospective clients. If he had her, not only could Mr. Zhu satisfy his private desires, but he could also make himself a fortune through Nina.

But alas, he was no match for Mr. Shi. What was he really up to?

Out of fear of offending John, Mr. Zhu could only grin sheepishly and scold Nina, “What are you still waiting for? Drink the wine and you will get three hundred million.”

Deep down, he was reproaching Nina as well as himself. He would never dare to take out three hundred million to just to play with a woman, but John dared to do so without batting an eyelid. Therefore, he could only watch as John snatched the woman away.

All of a sudden, the investor had abruptly changed from Mr. Zhu to John, and John was the one that Nina had to serve. Everyone was afraid of John, but Nina was an exception. She was very relaxed and showed no fear at all.

“Are you serious?” Nina asked in a tone that implied she didn’t believe him.

“Cut the crap! Just do as Mr. Shi asked. Drink the wine now,” Mr. Zhu reprimanded Nina. He had already weighed the pros and cons in his heart. Offending John for a woman was plain stupidity. It would be best to continue fawning on John to please him.

After all, he was able to have dinner with John today because John made the first move. Otherwise, he would never have a chance to have dinner with him.

If the news was spread that John had attended a wine party which was hosted by him, he would benefit a lot in the future.

“I’m not your woman. Don’t yell at me,” Nina scowled with irritation and fixed Mr. Zhu a deadly stare.

Before, she was willing to put up with him because the investor was him. But now that the investor had changed, things had also changed. He no longer had the right to

order her around.

“You…” Mr. Zhu stuttered. He was rendered speechless by a woman.

On the other side, John smirked with glee.

This was the little girl he knew.

“Go on, drink it, and I’ll invest three hundred million right away,” John provoked her.

However, he had no intention of letting her go even if she drank all the wine. He had to avenge himself for she had beaten him more than once.

Otherwise, the little girl might not only beat him, but also do something more crazy in the future.

Nina looked at the bottle of red wine with hesitation. Based on previous experience, she would still be fine if she only drank one or two glasses. More than that, she would get drunk because she had a low tolerance for alcohol.

And when she got drunk, she would lose her sanity. She used to beat people in a mad frenzy and set a house on fire after drinking

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