Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 1785

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 1785-Amur did understand her situation. However, he had feelings for Luca, which was why he disagreed with what she was doing now.

“Haven’t you considered that we can’t fight against the whole Island of Despair if it’s only you and me?” Amur reminded her.

It did not matter if he was discovered. The worst they would do was throw his body into the ocean. However, Luca had so much to lose. Was she really going to take the risk for Luke, that useless man?

What would happen to Nyla if something happened to her?

A little girl growing up on the Island of Despair. There was no doubt what kind of person she would become in the future if she was left alone there.

That was why Nyla needed Luca’s company.

“I’m sorry. That was rather sudden…” Luca was startled. She did not expect Amur, who had always supported her, to be against it so much.

Sure enough, judging from Abel’s power and influence, not everyone dared to stand against him.

Amur listened to Luca’s tone and let out a sigh. “Forget about it. There’s no point talking about this now. I’ll help you look into Watson Biopharmaceuticals and also T Corporation. I’m guessing Abel must have placed his people in both companies. I’ll try to track them down and get their identities.”

Luke was a capable man, but he had so many companies under him. He was not responsible for the recruitment either, so it was easy for Abel to arrange for a few of his men to join Luke’s companies.

Once those people who had gone through the training on the Island of Despair were recruited by Luke’s companies, they would rely on the abilities they had attained during their training to help them

excel in their work and get promoted.

Those who relied on their capabilities alone without being affected by the others would not arouse Luke’s suspicion.

“Thank you, Amur.” Luca did not expect he would change his mind to help her.

“You can’t fight Abel alone. I don’t want to see Nyla losing her mother at such a young age,” Amur replied stubbornly on purpose.

Luca knew he cared about her. When she met him for the first time, she knew she had to save this lad.

“I have to thank you no matter what. It’s late. Don’t drink too much. Get some rest. I have something to do tomorrow. I’m going to sleep first.” Luca hung up the call after that.

Amur felt melancholic while he listened to the busy tone coming from the other side of the phone. Even though he lied to her, she was definitely able to tell. Why was she unable to see Luke’s true colors, then?

Luca hung up the phone. Someone knocked on the door when she was about to sleep.

She walked to the door. She saw Luke standing outside the door and was startled for a moment. “Mr. Crawford?”

“I was thinking of getting a glass of water for myself, but I saw that the lights in your room were still switched on. Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” Luke asked.

Luca looked at the coffee mug that he was holding in his hands. He always used different cups for coffee and water. Luke was holding a coffee mug at this hour. He probably wanted some coffee…

“I’m going to sleep.” She did not expose him.

Luke nodded. “Goodnight.”

As Luca watched him turn around, she took a deep breath and could not help but say, “Mr. Crawford, drinking coffee at this hour is bad for your health.”

Luke had her back turned to her, and he gave a faint smile. She still remembered all the small details about him as well as his habits.

“I might have to stay up all night,” said Luke.

“It’s bad for you to drink coffee even if you’re staying up all night. It burdens the body. I remember there’s some milk in the fridge. Why don’t I heat it for you?” Luca could not put up with it. She refused to see him drink coffee to keep himself awake all night.

“Sure,” Luke said nothing more than that. He handed her the coffee mug.

Luca took it from him. She knew that she had slightly given herself away just now.

After all, Luke claimed that he was going to get water, but she pointed out that he wanted coffee instead.

She could not be bothered that much, however.

She went down the stairs with the mug in her hands. Luke watched her figure disappear down the stairs. He turned around and walked into his bedroom, waiting for his milk.

Luca was still the woman she used to be. She remembered every little detail about him, and she was willing to make him a glass of warm milk this late at night.

Luke smiled. He would love to hold her in his arms and have a hot make-out session with her if he was allowed to do that.

Luca strolled to the kitchen, took out the milk, and put it in the microwave to heat it. Then, she poured the milk into the mug.

She looked at the milk in the mug and shook her head. She felt like she had made a mistake.

However, this meant Luke would not be drinking coffee tonight. He would be able to sleep for a while after he finished his work later. That would be great.

Luca headed to the second floor with a mug of milk. She knocked on Luke’s bedroom door.

The door was not closed as though he had left it open for her. When she was standing at the door, she was able to see the man who was busy with his work.

Luke lifted his head to look at the person in front of him and said, “Come in.”

Luca placed the coffee mug on his table.

Luke chuckled when he saw the steaming milk in the coffee mug.

Luca heard this and could not help but ask, “Mr. Crawford, what are you laughing at?”

Luke lifted his head. His deep eyes concealed his love for her as he calmed his emotions. “I suddenly thought of my wife.”

Luca’s hand shook a little, and she took a step back unconsciously.


“Previously, whenever I had to stay up at night to work, she would snap at me if she saw me drinking coffee. Then, she would pour the coffee out and pour me a glass of warm milk instead, just like what

you did.” Luke looked at her as he recalled the plain yet sweet memories of the times he spent with Bianca in the past.

Luca unconsciously turned her face away, pretending to look at the books on his bookshelf instead. “Mrs. Crawford must have thought that drinking coffee at night is bad for your health too. She did that because she was worried about you.”

“Are you the same too?” Luke picked up the mug.

Luca pretended she did not understand what he meant. “Same as what?”

“You’re concerned about my health too, right?” Luke asked.

Luca’s heart trembled, and she deliberately put a serious expression on her face. “Mr. Crawford, I have some medical knowledge, and I think drinking coffee at night is bad for your health. That’s why I got you some milk instead. And in this sense, both Mrs. Crawford and I know that drinking coffee at night is bad for your health. However, it’s because I have some medical knowledge that I can’t bear to see others ruin their health. Meanwhile, Mrs. Crawford was simply concerned about your health.”

As he listened to her, it became clear that she did not want him to misunderstand her.

Luke felt helpless. When would she stop pretending?

“Is that it?”

“Of course. Oh, Mr. Crawford, I’m heading to Watson Biopharmaceuticals tomorrow.” Luca noticed that there was something wrong with their subject of conversation, so she took the chance to change the subject.

“Why are you going there?” Luke asked.

“Dr. Albus needs some help for the clinical stage of his research. That’s why I’m going there to see if I can lend a hand,” Luca explained.

Luke was surprised that she was willing to help others.

At first, he disagreed with the idea of her helping someone else. However, considering that Watson Biopharmaceuticals was one of his assets, it seemed weird if he was against it. It was normal for colleagues to help each other in the workplace. He had no choice but to nod his head and reply, “Sure.”

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