Crazy Carriage: Chapter 2072 of The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 2072

“James must be scared to show up. That means one of Earth’s cities will be eradicated.”

“Tsk, tsk! One city has to be eradicated, right? I wonder which city it will be. I suggest destroying Sol’s Capital. There are countless beautiful women there.”

Many Outsiders gathered and discussed.

The Son of Heaven stood on the mountaintop.

The breeze blew toward him, and his long hair fluttered in the air. He waited quietly with his long sword on his back.

He also concluded that James was afraid to show up.

Even if James had the courage to show up, he was confident he could kill him. He would be fine as long as he dodged James’ deadly attacks. He thought James only had one lethal signature. martial art skill, Cosmic Destruction.

Without Cosmic Destruction, James would be nothing but a weakling.

Martial artists from Earth gathered in an open space at the mountain foot.

The strongest people on Earth, the Omniscient Deity, the Prince of Orchid Mountain, Tyrus, and some other martial artists were also present.

In short, all the powerful martial artists of Earth had gathered.

The battle’s outcome would decide a city’s safety, so they had to come.

All of them wanted James to defeat the Son of Heaven. Although they knew the chances were slim, none of them wanted James to lose the battle.

One of them asked, “Lord Omniscient, what do we do? James must be scared to show up.” The Omniscient Deity believed in James. Thus, he replied calmly, “Don’t panic. Wait a little longer. I trust in James. He’ll definitely show up on time and defeat the Son of Heaven.”

James had revealed his strength to the Omniscient Deity. Thus, he was completely confident in James. All he could do now was patiently wait for him to show up.

After James left the Celestial Abode, he walked out of the primary forest. He was currently within Mount Bane’s range. He did not know precisely where the battle would be held but spotted a figure after walking for some time.

A person was standing on the mountain in the distance.

He was none other than the Son of Heaven.

After seeing the Son of Heaven, James leaped into the air and appeared mid-air. He walked in the air and sped over. Soon, he appeared on the mountain where the Son of Heaven stood.

“Look! James appeared!”

“James showed up. I didn’t expect him to have the guts to come.”

“Kill him, Son of Heaven! Kill him! Kill him!”

“Kill James!”

Deafening chants came from around the mountain.

Those shouting were Outsiders. To them, earthlings were sinners and deserved to die.

The Son of Heaven looked at James, and a faint smile appeared on his handsome face.

“I didn’t expect you to show up, James. If you had hidden, you could’ve at least lived for a few more days. Since you just can’t wait to die, I shall fulfill your wish today.”


James chuckled and said, “It’s not certain who’ll be the victor.”

The atmosphere was tense before the battle even began.

Tristen and the others spectated in the distance.

There were some other powerful Herculean Outsiders standing behind Tristen.

Xain frowned and said, “Since James dared to appear, he must have a trump card. I hope this battle isn’t met with unexpected failure. I’m worried the Son of Heaven isn’t a match for James.”

Xain was well aware of James’ potential.

Although James was weak a few years ago, he inflicted severe damage on him and stripped him of his combat strength.

James showed up at the Celestial Abode a few years after that and displayed terrifying strength, even injuring the Son of Heaven.

Another two years passed, and it was unpredictable how much James had grown.

Tristen remained calm and said nonchalantly, “If the Son of Heaven is defeated, I’ll personally kill James. No matter what, James must die today. After he dies, Earth will be ours.”

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