Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 967

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 967-Pulling My leg “Oh? Why do you say that?” Emrys suddenly became interested.

The Dragon Soul Penitentiary has existed for an indefinite period of time. Even we can’t exactly recall when it was established or why we are here. All we remember is a voice deep within our memories, compelling us to stand guard here,” said Primusrax.

“Something like that actually happened?” “Indeed, it seems as though a part of our memory is missing. However, that voice has always been there. It was as if it was the divine decree of a god, not

allowing us to harbor even the slightest thought of resistance, nor daring to disobey its commands.” “Really? Why do I feel like you’re pulling my leg… Could it be that you’re spinning some. fantasy tale to dissuade me from assimilating you?” “Young man, I’m speaking nothing but the truth. Let me finish first.” The blood dragon soul with the longest beard continued, “Although we’ve forgotten many things, we’re certain of one thing. We’re guarding an ancient formation below us, and whatever is sealed within, if released, will undoubtedly lead to unimaginable consequences.” “I still don’t believe it.” Emrys shook his head.

Primusrax continued, “Your disbelief is understandable. After all, those ancient taboos aren’t something that people of your time can comprehend. However, there’s still something I need to say. Over two decades ago, a man sharing your bloodline actually visited the Dragon Soul Penitentiary. In the place we guarded, he left behind a fresh seal. The man stated the seal pertains to the activation of Mount Jacaster. Should any one of us depart, the seal would be undone, inevitably leading to the reactivation of Mount Jacaster.” After Primusrax finished speaking, Emrys finally fell into deep thought.

Two decades ago… The activation of Mount Jacaster… The man who shares the same bloodline as me… Without a doubt, that man must be my father. The closure of Mount Jacaster was indeed related to him. To be more precise, it should be related to me. Just as Ameera had speculated before, Mount Jacaster had abruptly shut down, adding an inexplicable durance vile to the entire world.

This constraint suppressed the cultivation of all cultivators to below Nascent Soul Stage, perhaps to protect certain individuals. I think I’m one of those individuals that’s being protected. Regardless of whether it was my own father or the cultivators from Heavenly Pilferer Sect, they all revolved around me, the most crucial piece in an elaborate game of strategy. Emrys was left bewildered, wondering what kind of secret he could possibly be harboring that would be worth their effort to isolate an entire world just to protect him.

Primusrax had previously claimed that they were suppressing an ancient formation, but Emru remained skontigal However, when Mount Jacaster was mentioned, Emrys couldn’t help but believe it.

The information shared by Primusrax corresponded perfectly with what Emrys already knew.

The control for Mount Jacaster was located within the Dragon Soul Penitentiary.

What a terrifying game of chess. Emrys fell into deep thought.

Without even considering whether there was actually some kind of beast being suppressed beneath the Dragon Soul Penitentiary, the mere act of opening Mount Jacaster demanded a cautious approach.

Once Mount Jacaster was opened, the existing order among the cultivators was bound to be disrupted.

At that time, the consequences that would be triggered were unclear to everyone.

The cost would be too high, so Emrys didn’t have the nerve to take that step.

After much hesitation, Emrys decided to abandon the idea of refining the blood dragon soul for the time being and felt gloomy because of it.

What should I do? I guess I’ll head to Jetroina first and let off some steam!

Emrys swiftly arrived in Jetroina, making a beeline for Hidden Fighters Alliance base.

His sudden appearance gave Matteo quite a scare.

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